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Most people thought that i couldn't write a story. well, now i proven them wrong and have up to sixteen pages and thirteen more chapters to write as most would say this is my topic today the book called the legendary legion coming soon by yours truly. for some time now i have been looking for beta readers who would like to tell me what exactly needs fixing as i try to fit a couple of epic fights in here one of them being close to the end of chapter 2
for my idea to get the reader, you hooked on to the story i put together this introduction of the story together when i blurted it out of nowhere while watching souten kouro. There were people sent from the future of 2038 back to the 1930s to save humanity from its downfall, gathering the greatest warriors from the past and present. We are hand picked and hand selected through every country that existed through time before the downfall. From the strongest athlete, fighter, and strategist we stand together as one and fight the darkness that made the fall of man begin. We banded together with the Angels, and fallen angels to fight humanity's casualties and that of those who resurrected them For we are the legendary legion That have lived through time and for our purpose to have peace
now this is the real kicker we have our protagonist Mathias Carver. commander and founder of the 163rd, 401st, 23rd armored, and 126th division in the 1940's with 16 others. after they went through harsh experiments in berlin from the world leaders who in secret were allies to see through a project of harnessing demonic power to improve oneself lead to success through those years to kill off the darkness hiding within the battlefield total 5,000 and in the end going from 5,000 to 2,500 to 1,000 in just four years it lead to great sacrifice for peace and prosperity. After world war 2 ended just before anything happened, the antagonist of the story comes in killing all scientists that did the experimental process to Mathias and his 200 man unit. He then killed off the others that were still conscious and resurrected them turning them into demonic humans with no mind except for one specific thing, kill off humanity. That's when the world leaders come into play asking the president of the United States to A-bomb their lives back to the afterlife.