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From London to Korea Pt 5

Yay! Part 5 has been completed and just in time for school to start! So I may be a little late on my next update, banking on having a ton of homework.

I tried to ignore her comments and keep doing my thing, but what she said had reinforced my own beliefs. I’m never going to make it. And that left me off my game. But thankfully all we had done today was learn the steps for our dance audition. Tomorrow it’s D-day, and I had to go back to my room to get some sleep and triple-check that everything was correct.
I don’t even want to think her name. Marlene. It left a sour taste in my mouth. I never asked her what it was, she just made it known. She’s that person in class who thinks they’re always right, and is always blurting. You don’t even have to force yourself to remember their name, you just do from teachers saying it so much. And she has the sweet-southern disposition, but it’s only to hide how much of a jerk they are.
Oh, how she’s got it coming to her. That attitude may have worked back in the states, but incase she hasn’t noticed, she’s flown halfway across the world only to be a jerk. I sure hope she hasn’t befriended any Korean-wannabes, because if she has, then they have a completely negative view of us.
Every other wannabe was taking their time in packing up to leave, since it was almost dusk and we had had a long day of grueling practice. They seemed to be forming friendships. For their sakes, I hope they all make it or not at all, because that would suck if some did and some didn’t. I guess I was kind-of smart in choosing to wait until I knew what was in store for me, instead of talking to the other foreigners. I just don’t want to get hurt again. Or manipulated by others.
I walked out of the building, stuck in thought, until I noticed someone was trailing me. Now, that’s terrifying. I’m in a foreign place, can’t speak the language too well, and it’s night time. Maybe if I just walk fast enough to the hotel he’ll go away.
To do that, I had to maintain my calm, and not look at him. So, I started to speed-walk to my room, and was able to enter the building before running into someone. Apologies started to sputter out in Korean, since politeness was a major thing here, and began to enter a deep bow. All of a sudden, I heard a laugh that resembled a lion’s roar. Glancing up from my bow, I noticed it was none other than Jung Nam. I stayed in my current position, and switched back to English, continuing to apologize.
“No harm done, Carrie. I’ve been needing a good laugh for awhile now.”
“Are you sure, sir?”
“Yes, I’m sure, Carrie. See?” He remarked, while glancing everywhere for any signs of harm, “not a scratch.”
“O-okay then.” I couldn’t speak much, because I began to remember what had caused
me to collide with him in the first place.
“Now,” he seemed to enter into a fatherly demeanor, “would you explain what had you so startled?”
“Well, I, um, had left after practice, and saw someone following me, and I was terrified, because back home so many bad things would occur in those situations. So I basically was trying to not run back here and into my room.”
“Oh, that’s right. I forgot to tell you.” Jung Nam turned his head to the side, as if trying to recall something. “I assigned him to be your guard. Marlene may have thought she was being sly, but your face told it all. We could tell she was going to do something, so I wanted to ensure you would be safe. Just go with whatever she says, and avoid fights or arguments with her. I’ve seen many wannabes like Marlene, but it all depends on tomorrow. Now go, shoo! Off to your room! Get some sleep and make me proud tomorrow!”
“Yes sir!” I reply with a smile and scurry off to do as I’m told.
Just outside my door, I meet my guard. I want to talk to him, but don’t know how much English he speaks, and I butcher my Korean way too bad to even try. So I just smile and nod at him as I enter my room.
After getting ready for bed, I do one last check around my room to make sure my good-luck charms are in place. It’s the night before an audition, and I’ve gotta follow my superstitions. After seeing them all in place, I go to bed, falling asleep quickly.
My dreams prove to be unhelpful, seeing as Marlene is there. I’m standing on a stage, performing a solo when I blank on everything I’m supposed to do! Even though she’s not right next to me, I feel like she is.
She notices me stalling, and begins to laugh maniacally! I blink, and the next thing I know I’m sitting in the middle of a spinning spiral with her head swirling around! It gets bigger with every cackle, and I feel myself shrinking at the same rate.
Quickly, I’m out of that spiral and back into the previous setting, except a few things have changed. I’m watching Marlene do the solo I was previously doing, and she’s so graceful about it!
I look where I’m standing, and I’ve got a cast on my leg, leaving a sinking feeling in my stomach. Instantly, I knew it had something to do with her. But there was no proof.
Before it could get any further, I managed to wake up. Thankfully, it was still night, so I popped some sleeping pills and went back to sleep, without the nightmares.
Hope y'all enjoyed!
Love you guys! ~Elayne
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