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Yes yes, it's that time again and unfortunately, the last time for the Foreign Flower series. Dx
Seungri has a completed petal.
Daesung has been completed.
Taeyang blossomed beautifully.
And Ji-Yong.... Well... ^^
I guess that leaves us with the obvious missing Bingu..... right? ;)
TOP~ I'm heeerrrreee
Yaah! Oppa! Chill a little bit, will ya? XD
TOP~ *pouts*
Oppa! I didn't mean it like that! DX
I just don't want you to get too exhausted before your big day! :c
TOP *sticks tongue out and chuckles*
Even my own oppa is mean to me. *hides under rock and cries*
I'm going to stop loving you! Dx
TOP: You can't, you love me too much.
.....Aishh.... >< I do! Wae!! </3 Wae must I love you so!?
TOP: I attract other bingus<3
e.e That you do, Tabii-oppa, that you do.
Well ladies and gents, the time has come to release TOP's petal! :D
I hope everyone is ready to conclude this season and finally have answers to questions! ;O
Thank you for supporting me thus far!
I hope to excel your expectations in this last petal! <3 :D
See you all Monday!
Tagging~ My amazing garden! <3
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
If you do see your name on here and wish to be removed, let me know.... :c
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Even just this petal announcement got me excited 鉂わ笍
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OK I MISSED ONE! I NEED TO FIND IT AND READ IT BEFORE OPPAS DEBUT!!! well in the Petal series! Donsaeng this is so awesome of you and I am so fortunate to be a part if this wonderful adventure. Gomo woyo!!! from the bottom of my "snarglies" Gomo woyo! "y"
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that's great! Its TOP's turn 馃槅
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馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍Yesssssss!!! It's my baby turn.. I'm not gonna make it.. I will die multiple times and I will love every minute of it! When tabi says it's time it's times.. Can't wait to start my journey with him馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍 #UlitmateBias #LOML #TOP
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