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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Chapter 3 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Y/N's POV "Whoa!" You said excited as you watched confetti blast during Block B's performance for their song Thank you. The song had you and the guys dancing back stage. At one point Heechul had wrapped his arms around your shoulders from behind you and you two hopped around in sync excited. Your performance for Excuse me was coming up next and although before you were a nervous wreck, you were completely mesmerized by Zico and the rest of Block B's performance. Hae-il expressed the same amount of excitement as you, if not more when you all watched them perform. To be this up close to them and watch them perform with this kind of enthusiasm was inspiring. The audience was all for Block B there was no way in hell you were going to beat Got 7 or BTS; you guys were already out ranked. When the song ended, all of you clapped and cheered in the background the guys got off the stage and you all moved back so that you could give them room. The Emcee's were talking at the moment and all of NTERNational was congratulating Block B. You turned to Heechul and Haneul, "I'm so nervous." you smiled. "I know, your wisdom teeth are showing." Haneul said. The large smile you had was a sign of nerves. No matter how many times you performed it was too hard not to get a little nervous but when you were performing right after Block B you were beside yourself. It was almost time for you all to head out. The guys got in a circle and you put your hand out and they all stacked their hands on top of yours. "Alright let's put on an amazing performance for our Runways we can do this and don't forget to have fun boys." You gave a quick wink. They all quietly said. "Yeah." "On three: Hana, Dul, Set." you said. In unison you all said, "NTERNational! Fighting!" "Alright let's go out there and get some bodies moving." You said. The guys lined up behind you and you could feel a hand grab onto yours making you look back. Zico had grabbed your hand to get your attention. His thumb was lightly rubbing your hand. All nerves came back and it hit you like a tidal wave. Zico smiled and said, "Good Luck. You guys will be great." he said. He walked away letting your hand go with a gentle wave. You waved back feeling yourself turn red. If you weren't back stage you would've screamed. Zico touched your hand! 'Hold on there Tiger you're about to perform get focused.' you thought to yourself. The lights went down and you all made your way to your positions carefully. You had a mic as well as Haneul. Hae-il had the ear piece mic and so did Jihoon and Heechul. You guys made a V formation in which you were in the middle right in the back then Haneul and Hae-il a little further apart but right in front of you. Then at the very front even further a part was Jihoon on your right and Heechul on your left. Jihoon wore a black puffed jacket with the word Runways across it. He had black baggy dance pants on and they shined in the light. He had a silver and gold chain around his neck both were thin. He had his earrings in as well. Heechul was wearing mostly gold but he had hints of purple in his jacket. It was just like Jihoon's jacket on the back Runways was on it in purple. Haneul had a black denim jacket on, the cuffs of his jacket was white with a black stripe in the middle. Runways was written on the back in white. Hae-il was in silver and his Runways was written in black. You had a black tank top on and you all had matching white seekers with clear bottoms that lit up. Your pants had Tiger print which went with your stage name. You had your flimsy jacket tied to your waist it was also purple and the lining of the jacket was in gold the Runways was covered but the audience would see it later. It was written in gold too. You also had a black cap on with the NTERNational's logo on it. The single spot light hit you and your crossed arms came undone as you looked up and you began to stretch like you were tired. Tiger: Attention! Attention! Ladies and gentlemen there is a Tiger in the building. She does not need your crap, she just wants to roam free, if you want to escape her wrath then you must. The lights shifted to light the entire stage. Excuse me! The music began to play and you moved into your next position. There were about four bars after your solo intro before It was time for Jihoon to sing. G.O: Today I feel so good. Feel like a power house. I want to dance all night. Don't let them turn me down. Tonight I am the boss, y'all have to listen to me. Feel like I can run the world. No one can stop me. 10k: I see her dancing there I feel so confident. Oh baby come on over here and be with a real man. She surrounded by her girls but I know how to get in. Hae-il: (Yells) Everybody say! All: Excuse me Da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da da da da. Wang: Just say Excuse Me! All: Da da da da da, da da da da da, da da da da da da. Just say Excuse Me. The crowd was screaming when you all hit the chorus it was amazing, it gave you all so much energy. You were having so much fun. This song really was the best because you got to go all out with the dance and it was just so much fun. It made you confident. You loved the guys contribution in the song and the flips Jihoon and Heechul pulled off. Hae-Il: Woke up this morning, feeling like the Sunshine. I smell like a million bucks. Just throw it in the air. I see that lady with all her girls. In a room full of dancers, it's time to make move. Oh Boy here we go! G.O: We owned the world me and the crew. Don't get in our way we'll take you down. 10 k: That's how we do, we run the show. Get out our way we already said. All: Excuse Me As the chorus rolled on the boys circled up around you and Wang in the middle. Your back up dancers were now out and helping to fill in the circle. Wang's rap came up first then it was yours. You were sitting under the light but your body moved with precision. When you performed, it wasn't about nerves anymore you were focused. You were also having fun. Wang's part came up and you two were made to look like you were flirting with each other which was shades to your music video. Wang: A king's in the building. So just bow down. My boys they run the show but it's me with the crown. Hey sexy lady I see you don't steal the show. Come to me I can make you queen of the world. Tiger: I don't dress to impress I dress to be me. I am the Tigris a Queen. So baby boy just behave. How can you claim to be the King when you can't even make it rain. Got more bills than I can count, more attitude than you can grasp. I run this show so capable of bringing the house down. Wang: Baby girl come close to me. Look how we can be. I can call you my queen. Tiger: Baby boy dont step to me Think carefully, independent woman don't need a man to take care of me. Wang: We can rule world. Tiger: All the boys want me. Wang: So sexy, my destiny Tiger: (Spoken) Wait a minute wait minute. You're missing one thing. Then music stopped and the guys looked around. Tiger: Just say Excuse me! The lights went off and the crowd went wild as your sneakers lit up the dance floor. The reaction kept you smiling hard and the lights came back on but had a quick flashing effect where some lights went off on one side then came back on and went off on the other side. The strobe lights continued as the confetti cannon went off and you guys all danced in unison. You were having so much fun on the stage at this point it didn't matter if you won or not. This performance was powerful enough that it would've left something behind. NTERNational was more than just a young group that had been out for two years that had a few fans. You all were performers and exciting ones at that. You all left the impression that you should have so many Runways you didn't know what to do with. You did a summer sault with no hands between the guys. You had your jacket on by now once the lights went off you put it on. You all came to the edge of the stage and flipped your hoods on. You turned your backs to the audience to show the Runways fandom name. The audience screaming while you were out of breath was awesome. The song was over and it was time for the voting to get done. Block B came out and stood near you guys. You were holding onto Jihoon's hand and Heechul's hand. Haneul had a hand on your shoulder and his other arm wrapped around Hae-Il. Bts followed out with Got7, the guest Emcee's were Baekyeol from Exo and Hwasa from Mamamoo. You were still panting from the furious dancing moments ago. You guys waited for the results of the votes to come in. You out beat BTS and GOT7. You ended up cursing and Haneul covered your mouth from behind you. You laughed into his hand and you guys waited for the votes to be completed for NTERNational and Block B. "And the winner is- NTERNational with Excuse Me!" Baekhyun and Hwasa said it at the same time. Your eyes opened wide, what in the world you guys beat Block B! You stood there for a second in shock while Jihoon and Heechul jumped up and down still holding your hands. They hugged you together and Haneul and Hae-il hugged behind you. Hwasa came over and gave Jihoon the small award and you turned around and hugged Haneul. You couldn't believe it, even as they passed the award to you, you passed it to Haneul. Heechul gave you the microphone so you could speak. "Um, Thank you guys so much. I'm still really shocked. This is so cool! Thank you Runways!" you said excited. You handed the microphone to Jihoon as he spoke you snuck up to Haneul's side. Hae-il was freaking out because P.O and B-Bomb hugged him. The others shook his hand. You hugged Haneul, "You did an awesome job." You told him. "So did you." he said. They ended up playing the beat to Excuse Me again and you all of you danced to it with the three other groups up there. When the show was over, you guys went back to the dorms to get changed and shower. Hae-il was exhausted though so right after his shower he went to bed. You all went out for drinks, "I can't believe we got more votes than Block B this is freaking incredible." You said ecstatic. "Excuse Me is probably the best dance song we've released so far. The choreography is extremely difficult though." Jihoon said. "Well the others learned it, me and you make up the entire dance line and there's nothing wrong with that as long as the others can learn it too." you said. "Did you hear how crazy the crowd got on our solo's." Haneul said. "Somehow I feel like the crowd went crazy during that part because they saw Haneul Oppa's abs." You laughed. "Wang Hyung is so sexy." Heechul teased. "Sexy, sexy, sexy." You, Jihoon, and Heechul said while dancing in your chairs. "You guys are such nerds." Haneul said. You all laughed, you looked down when your phone buzzed in your lap. You opened it up to see Zico had texted you. He had your number by now because you had asked him when was the best time that Haneul and you could get some mentoring from him. Zico Oppa: Hey you guys did great tonight I was impressed. Your eyes got wide, you held the phone up to Jihoon's face as he was eating. "Y/N I'm ea- whoa! Zico said that to you! Awesome!" he said "Said what?" Haneul asked. His deep voice sounded unnaturally aggitated as he leaned over and you showed him the text. He nodded and leaned back in his chair, "That's pretty cool of him to say that. Why didn't he just tell you in person though?" Haneul said. You had passed your phone to Heechul by now to show him. You looked at Haneul curiously. "I don't know, we did kind of get out of the building in a hurry. I'm sure he probably tried." you said. Haneul nodded and took a sip of his drink. He was acting a little weird for the rest of the dinner too. What had gotten into him? You guys just did something amazingly fantastic in your careers as entertainers. Sure you only out beat them on the show but that was huge. When you all went back to the dorm, Haneul stayed up with you to work on your song together. "Okay how about this 'Fantastic moments between us. I wish I could forget every touch every kiss. You got me rolling around in circles. So dizzy I can tell what's up or down. And I'm nervous because every time I said I loved you, it broke me down, to give my all to you but you still don't see me now. Lover boy a tiger's strong but I feel weak now. Ice cold breath like its been snowing.' That's all I've got." "No." Haneul said. You smiled and gave a chuckle and you said, "No? That's it?" "Y/N you're being too safe. You're the same girl that told me you grew up with six older brothers, each of which held you down when you were ten and proceeded to moon you and fart in your face. You got so upset at them that when they woke up the next morning not only did you sell three of your brothers most expensive watches you also broke your eldest brothers figurine, set fire one's guitar and you set your brother's pet iguana free. That is something a psycho child does. You took martial arts just to make sure you could kick their asses if they ever did it again." You laughed, "What does that have to do with the rap?" you asked. "As a person you're really badass. Look at all the things you've accomplished, look where you've lead us to today. You and Jihoon choreographed Excuse Me. You produced the music for that song. You are hardcore and multi talented so why are you holding back on this song? This is a song about pain and losing the one you love, you wrote well for Hours so what's stopping you from writing well now?" "Well let's think about it like this I don't really know what it's like to fall in love or even to get my heart broken. I've never dated before the closest guy I've ever been with was Jihoon and I've never felt that way about him. I mean I've been infatuated by a guy, I've had crushes on guys but I've never really been in love. So writing about this stuff is hard. I basically bullshit my way through Hours." Haneul chuckled, "Wow you really are just a virgin aren't you?" "No! Shut up! Your mom's a Virgin." you said defensive. Haneul started laughing more, "That doesn't even make sense." "You shouldn't make fun of people it's not nice, I'm just saying." You said chuckling. Haneul sat up straight and took your hands in his. "Okay here I'll help you. Close your eyes and think about your ideal guy. This is the guy that you could see yourself falling for. Think of him, picture the dates he'd take you on, the way he'd stare into your eyes, or whisper your name. Think about the inside joke you might have with him and his jealous reaction to you hanging out and living with men. Think about the video for Hours being left alone, knowing you would've given your all for this one person if they would just look at you... they could see it for themselves. Think about the way he'd say- I love you." The sudden change in his voice made you open your eyes to look at him. He cleared his throat and looked at his lap for a second while letting go of your hands. You wondered why he seemed so nervous. "Haneul what's up?" you asked. "Nothing. Um, I think it's time for bed we can work on all of this tomorrow." Haneul said standing up. You grabbed onto his arm and you felt him tense up immediately. You let him go looking at him oddly and surprised. What was going on with him? You smirked, "Were you thinking of your ideal type when you were telling me too?" "What?" he asked confused. You giggled, "You're packing heat aren't you Haneul, you were thinking about your ideal girl. I bet she's pretty, long black hair, really cute. Maybe a bubbly personality with a lot of energy. You're having total guy problems right now just thinking about her." You laughed a little harder until he lunged forward grabbing the arms of your chair and scaring you. You looked at him wide eyed but the smile didn't leave. He looked intense though, "What about you?" he said. You stifled a laugh, "What about me?" you asked. "Who were you thinking about huh? Was it Zico?" he asked. The tone in his voice struck you as odd, like he was annoyed with you. It was the same one he had when you went out drinking. Was he still drunk? Either way he wasn't wrong Zico had been the one that came to mind but you didn't see why Haneul would be so bothered with that. He was a fan of Block B as well. Granted you were pretty sure he liked P.O over Zico but still what was the attitude for? "Why would you think I had Zico in mind? I'm not even his type honestly and we barely know each other. I'm just a fan of his." you said. "I saw him grab your hand before you went out on stage. You two barely know each other but he can get touchy like that? Then he didn't bother to say congrats in person but he sends you a text saying he's impressed by you. You were really excited about that." Haneul said. "Wang are you still drunk or something? That isn't enough evidence to say that either one of us like each other. Honestly I'm a huge fan of his I think anyone would react like that if that received a text from their idol saying they were impressed by them." you said. Now you were getting a little annoyed yourself. What was he doing making accusations like that? He was being mean and you didn't like it. Haneul had a hard look in his eye and he stood up straight not breaking eye contact once. He put his hands in the pockets of his sweatshirt and then turned to head for the door. "You should get some sleep Y/N. I'm tired myself, I think I'm saying some really weird stuff." he said. With that, he walked out of the room leaving you to wonder what the hell just happened between you and one of your best friends?
Ut-oh....Jelly much!!!?? Oooohhhhh he likes her!!! I can't hardly wait to see what happens next!!!
Oooohhhh!!!!!! Somebody's jelly!!!!!!! He likes her, he wants to KISS HER!!!!!
The clue bus needs to hit her....
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omg I think my stupid word corrector switched it because I added both names to the dictionary but I've Baekyeol a lot. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you I'll change it
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