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Here we are again with another awesome game brought to us by @AimeBolanos Um so mine came out a could say. Well I'll just let you see for yourself!
1st off my girlfriend is the damn beautiful Bitch-Sensei a.k.a Irina Jelavic. I'm all for that...well for now..!
Heres my bestfriend, Manami Okuda! Love it! I'm sure we get along great!
Okay here's where it starts...She's my girlfriend so of course her seduction techniques "rubbed" off on me!!
My teacher/target....well she did teach me her techniques so I might as well put them to use...great...this means I'll be single after this again!
This was another fun one....kinda strange how my life worked out for this one wouldn't you think!? Well can't wait for the next one!! @hikaymm @otakudemon10 @SAMURXAI @biancadanica98 @AimeBolanos
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O.O omg.... xD Thanks for playing the game!
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@assasingod 😭😂😂😂