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Scarlet Heart: Baekhyun/ Acting good or bad?
Okay so many people are saying that baekhyun acting in Scarlet Heart is bad. I feel that's is perfect for the role. Here why.
1.) He is playing the tenth prince okay. If you have watch the Chinese version then you should know that tenth prince is not the smartest person. See he have a mind like a teenage boy. you can see of you watch it.
2.) This is his first acting job that I know of and he doing a good job.
3.) I don't know but I feel as if some people want him to play a sexy person or something but he got the best part he can act like a kid and not be in trouble for it
So I think he is a good act and give him a break he so cute acting all big and bad prince but he just a little baby lol @AimeeH @amandamuska @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @BBxGD @MichelleIbarra @Bitterlimelight @KpopGaby @Kpopandkinchi @AimeeH@amandamuska@BBxGD@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@Bitterlimelight@MadAndrea@AmoBigBang@SabrinaSakura@Amberg171997@UnnieCakesali@AmberRelynn@Lilbr0wneyes@BTSgotshinee@dayashel@CreeTheOtaku@Destiny1419@DominiqueThomas@KpopandKimchi@SugaonTop@B1A4BTS5EVER@Tinaechle@Scarletmermaid@Elisa@PretttyPatriciaS@Jen19gar94@Roxy1903@SarahVanDorn@moonchild03@Originalijacqui@Kyokeo@Saraoritiz2002@SierraBecerra@thatoneoutcast@oann99@zinzin123@Hurdkpop@KpopGaby @amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind@RedChord@AmberFranco@SierraBecerra@Lizzie26@Jupnoor@SugalessJams@AndreaImnida@JessicaFigueroa@Twistedeto@merryjayne13@MsLoyalHeart@SarahVanDorn@Karinajune1017@Orihemay@NiahriTaylor@Sammie9952@Sassymaknae@Koinii
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I honestly love this part for him it matches his personality. He was wonderful in EXO NEXT DOOR. he's great in this drama. People need to stop trying to make him into something other then himself he's talented and they need to chill.the hell.out
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I like it! The show is good so far
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I think it's not bad considering he's a newbie actor and he's supposed to be a teen boy in Scarlett Lover. I don't see why he can't act his age lol
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me thinks he's doing an awesome job so far
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@JacksonWangxme honestly he is making me want him to end up with IU just because of how adorable and sweet he is being
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