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Sup guys my names Yomary aka KpopQueen1 and I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to do a intro card for all the new peeps.
1)The first time I ever heard kpop was back in 2012, when my cousin's showed me a Suju, 2ne1 , and a BigBang mv and I was immediately hooked.
2) My ultimate male bias is none other than Kim Minseok aka Xiumin from Exo. Omg when I first saw him I instantly fell in love lol. My ultimate female bias (cause I feel like you should have one) is none other than the llama of kpop Ms.Amber J. Liu, when I saw Amber I was like finally someone from the states who speaks english (I was still new to kpop, so I didn't know much)
3) Anything else...hmm welp -I'm turning 17 this month on the 28th -I share my birthday with shindong from siuju -I'm Dominican and I'm overjoyed that Nct is going to have a Latin American unit. -I'm from NY. -I love cake haha and that's it lol ~~~⊙ω⊙¤⊙ω⊙ and yes the pics you see is me.
XIUMIIIIIN!!! I genuinely want to be his best friend hahhahahahha
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@kpopandkimchi I kinda want to kidnap him but being his friend sounds cool
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