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1. How did you get into Kpop?

In 2009, I started watching Inuyasha on tv, then I read the manga. Then I read a manga called Hana Yori Dango, I realized there was an anime for it, so I watched. When I would look up episodes of the anime, I noticed episodes of a Korean Drama called Boys Over Flowers kept popping up,which is based off this manga. I thought what the heck let's watch it. I loved it, I liked the music in the drama so much I looked it up. I got into SS501 and Shinee, now there's so many more groups I'm into now. I live, breathe and eat Kpop

2. Who are your biases?

My Top Male Biases Are: JIMIN JONGHYUN BAEKHYUN JINYOUNG My Ultimate Bias is JIMIN! He is sweet, kind, cute and sexy af He kills me every time he SMILES, TOUCHES HIS HAIR, DANCES, BREATHES! Oh sorry getting off topic a bit, but yeah.

As for Female Bias


enough said

she's the only one who can make me feel so much emotion when hearing her sing, she's made me cry, I just love that little cute perverted dork
3. Anything fun and Interesting: My name is Ana, I'm a single mom of 3 Beautiful girls, who love Kpop as well. We are a Kpop family! I'm a bit weird and random cause let's face it normal is boring I like to draw and color, I know these are things a 5 year old likes to do but I like them to. I also like to sing and dance Kpop songs with my girls its lots of fun, not to mention exercise. Anyways I also started writing fanfics for them as well among other stories.


OK I'M DONE @kpopandkimchi
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