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Hello and welcome!
Welcome to the final petal in my BigBang novel!
I saved the Bingu for last and I hope it will TOP your expectations! :3
If you need a recap on what this novel is about, please follow the very first episode to catch the adventures of our Foreign Flower!
If TOP isn't your bias but you're curious about the other petals, here is Season 2, as each member have their own version of how the relationship would have worked out.
This is indeed TOP's petal, meaning it is about to uncoil before your very eyes.
Missed the first episode? I gotchu fam! <3
Well my dearest garden, shall we commence the beginning of the final petal?
Please, enjoy!
Episode 2~
The numbness in your toes slowly made its way up your body, muting you completely. The pounding in your head intensified as if an imaginary force had taken a the liking to striking you multiple times in the same place without mercy. Without a voice, you couldn't scream. Without feeling, you couldn't cry. You relied on your ears once your conscious began to return, listening to all the shuffling, the low murmurs, and your own steady breathing.
Minutes after your conscious started to return, a warm sensation draped over your body, eliminating the numbness in an instant but after every attempt to try and open your eyes, you give in before your energy diminished completely.
A burning sensation lay steadily on your cheeks, making you want to shake away the strange feeling, and like answered prayer, the sensation disappeared as fast as it had appeared.
“Is she sick, mommy?” A small, high pitched voice enters your head.
“No sweetie, she is just sleeping. Come here, we have to let her rest.” A softer feminine voice replied.
The burning sensation returned, only to gently glide across your forehead before disappearing once more.
“She sure sleeps a lot, mommy. Are you sure it's not sick? She feels really cold. Can we add another blanket?”
“Yaah,” a deep voice chuckled. “You'll give her a fever with too many blankets, child!”
"But uncle! She's not waking up! I read something about this once at school. Maybe if you kiss her, she'll turn into a princess like in my book!”
The deeper voice chuckled again, causing your skin to tremble with a cold flash.
“You can barely take care of yourself, can you really look after her?” The soft voice asked.
“I'll be fine, noona.”
“I'm not worried about you, SeungHyun. I'm more worried about this poor girl. She doesn't know what she's gotten herself into.”
“Yaah! Are you doubting my abilities, noona? That hurts my feelings!” The deeper voice whined playful.
“Come on, Yeon Jun, we have to stop by the store before going home.”
Little thuds on hard wood floor echo out of the room with the voices decreasing in volume until silence took over once again. You manage to raise your hand, only to drape it over your eyes to block out the light from surpassing your eyelids, making you fall back asleep in seconds.
Soft music fills the room, stirring you awake with a haze covering any and all connections to your memories anything prior to blacking out. The blood rushing to a throbbing ache in your head made you instantly nauseous the second you pried your eyes open and rose up. The intensity had lowered but kept pulsing as if had a beating heart of its own.
You touch the warm spot and hold your head as you slowly remove the blankets and place your feet on the floors, wincing at the coldness actually triggering the senses in your feet. With a gentle push off of the bed, you stand up, steadying yourself first before taking a small step towards the door.
Relying on the hallway walls for extra support, you make your way towards the primary source of the music, stopping every few seconds to glance at the different art pieces along the way. The room was grand and open, decorated with bookshelves and more artwork on the wall.
<<Where am I?>>
You take another step, entering the bright room to further investigate your environment, accidentally kicking a random shoe lying on the floor.
“Yaah! You! Right there!”
You freeze.
“What do you think you're doing out of bed?”
You turn towards the source to see TOP standing up from his chair with book in his hand. “W-wh-wha-”
“Go back and rest!”
You continue staring at him, blinking twice to make sure he wasn't imaginary.
TOP grunts and sets his book down, making his way to place his hands on your shoulders and turn you around to guide you back to the bedroom. “You've got a lump on your head, doctor said to make sure you get plenty of rest so it doesn't swell up more. How are you even up? You should be knocked out for a few more hours after all that morpheme, but that's what you get for putting up a fight.” He sets you down on the bed. “Go to sleep and don't get up, even if you don't want to sleep anymore.”
You keep staring at him, trying to stabilize your voice before opening your mouth.
“What?” he grins. “Is my handsome face too much for you right now? It's okay, just go to bed and I'll work on being less handsome so your eyes can work on getting use to it.”
An eyebrow shoots up for a split seconds before coming back down. “Oppa.”
You moisten your lips and clear your throat. “W-whhy am I heere?”
“Because I'm looking after you.”
“W-whher'em I?”
“My apartment.”
“Because I'm looking after you, I already answered that. Are you going to keep repeating yourself? I think the bump on your head effected more than just your pretty skull, maybe you knocked away some of your nerdiness.”
Before you could glare at him, bits and pieces of your memory flashed across your mind, giving you enough information to recall getting attacked in your very home and passing out just as TOP arrived.
“Go to bed, you need to rest-”
“Whaat happened?”
“Bed, now-”
He presses his lips into a thin line and exhales through his nose. “Your home was broken into, the intruders looked like they were going to kidnap you but you put up a pretty good fight. I got there before anything else bad could take place, but don't worry about that right now. Like I said, you have a small bump on your head because of those bastards so rest plenty, doctors orders.”
You shiver violently, recalling clearer images of that night.
“Don't worry, you're safe now. Just make sure you rest okay?”
“But Ummot tiired,” you respond, afraid to close your eyes and relive those terrifying moments.
He smirks. “I don't care, I'll lock you in my room just so you don't go off passing out somewhere.”
You re-pick up on the music coming from down the hall. “Wwhat arre you listenning to?”
His smirk deepens, “I see what you're trying to do, it isn't going to work. Go to bed, I'll be in the living room in case you try to escape again.”
You smile shyly, “bathroom?”
“What? Oh no, if you try to escape through the bathroom window, I'll tell all the members that you cried like a baby because you were in so much pain and made me sing to you.”
You try to shake your head but stop when the swooshing blood made you nauseous. “No. May I use yourr bathroom?”
“You really just wanna get out of bed, huh?”
“Oppa, please.”
He snickers, “go ahead. Just remember that I'll embarrass you if you try to leave through the window.”
TOP leads you to the bathroom then disappears back to the living room once you close the door. Inside the bathroom, you stare at yourself in the mirror. Narrowing your attention to the dark circles underneath your eyes against how pale your skin had become, and even examining the little bump on your skull that you received after trying to fight for your life.
Brushing your finger over the top of it made you wince in pain, but the fully regained memories made the bump seem like a mere scratch compared to what could have happened to you if TOP hadn't shown up in time.
You take a deep breath and release it slowly.
<<At least the worst is over, right?>>
And so the Bingu-ness begins :3
I hope you're all ready for this, even though this was a short chapter, I promise the rest will be full of Bingu and a little exta TOP ;)
This is the final petal, so to those who have been with me since the beginning, I want to thank you with all my love, and those who joined along the way, I love you just as much! <3
Join us back on Thursday to unravel this petal! :D
Thank you for reading!
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So excited! Our man is the cutest ever! And I love his nephew wanting to help. (And hearing TOP say noona, even if it is to his actual sister, is the best thing ever!)
Omg.. Noona and Yeon Jun.. This is gonna be good. #seeyouthursday my sweet tabi 😍😍😍😍😍💯
Top is good with kids 😍
I like this!!! You're forgiven for the GD petal.... for now. lmaoooooo
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