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Hellooo! Hellooo!
Welcome to another episode of this T. O. P. petal! Get it? TOP petal? ^^ #youlaugheddontdenyit
Warning~ This is another short episode>< Things have to start off a bit slow but it's only for the beginning!<3
In case you're wanting something lengthy, read the other petals! :D
But if you wanna catch up on TOP's petal before things get hectic, I gotchu! :*
I hope you all enjoy!
Episode 3~
Your body quivers to life with the need to sneeze. As you tear your eyes open and sit up, pressure instantly floods your forehead and nasal cavity, making you groan in frustration.
<<Out of all times in the world, why the hell am I sick?>>
You yank off the blankets and place your feet on the floor, flinching the second your skin made contact with the cold surface. Standing up only made your symptoms worsen. The pressure in your face remained as the throbbing ache from your injury began to expand to all corners of your head, building up the intensity for the migraine of a lifetime.
“Oppa,” you call out.
When silence responds, you call out again, greeted by silent respond once more.
<<Thought you said you'd be just a call away. Liar.>>
Little by little, you follow the hallway and turn the corner away from the living room, ending up in the kitchen.
<<Good. Maybe a glass of water will help. Tylenol, or Advil, anything. I just hope he has something that can settle this raging war before it gets worse.>>
With luck on your side, you find a small bottle of Tylenol in the first cabinet you reach for, then grab a glass of water and chug down the pills, leaning against the sink for a moment to let the pill sink in and slowly do its work.
You stand up straight and massage your forehead, trying to work out the congested areas before giving up and leaning back down against the sink. The groggy sensation over your body still lashed on with a tight hold, regardless of the evaporating migraine.
Hands rubbing your eyes, you retrace your steps back to the hallway and slip into the bathroom to splash your face with water. Fully awake and aware of your surroundings, you look around the bathroom, noticing the scattered clothing and towels.
<<Does an animal live here or something?>>
You pick up the clothes and toss them in the laundry bin in the bathroom, then exit, only to almost trip over the random shoe that revealed your presence hours earlier.
<<Seriously? How did this get here? Aishh....>>
You kick it to the side besides its other pair, detecting a misplaced paintbrush laying beside the other shoe. Picking it up, you examine the thin piece of wood as you step into another smaller room at the opposite end of the hallway, coming to a sudden halt when your bare toes touched something wet and slimy.
Fresh paint laid scattered across the floors, some of them had dried as molds from the shoe print that was embedded into the spot before it had a chance to dry, showing obvious signs of recent humane activities.
Canvases leaned against the walls, some in stacks, others by themselves. Brushes and pallets covered the stained table, a hint of acrylic slipped its way into your stuffy nose, making you cringe at how the harsh scent overwhelmed your sensitivity.
You set the brush down on the table and grab one of the many blemished cloths on the table to wipe off your foot before squatting down and cleaning off all the wet paint off the floor.
<<It doesn't take much to clean after yourself you know, especially in your own home.>>
Once the paint was wiped off, you begin to pick at the dried splotches, attempting to remove the messy evidence without scratching the wooden surface. You cough into your arm when you smell bits and pieces of the lingering acrylic scent, cursing under your breath for getting sick.
Minutes later, the paint continued to show no sign of wanting to get removed any time soon, making you throw in the towel and stand back up to organize the disaster on the table.
“What are you doing!?”
You jump, dropping the pallets on the table, causing some of the paint to bounce up and get on your hands.
Your eyes look up to meet TOP's shocked expression. “I-I was j-just clea-”
“Are you sick? Oh god, you're sick aren't you!”
In two strides, his long legs carry him across the living room, standing on the opposite side of the table. His hand reaches up to touch your forehead and cheeks.
“Why are you up? I told you to stay in bed, you're burning a fever and you're still up and about and-”
“Yaah!” You cut him off, smacking his hand off of your face before even more heat could flush it and give him the impression that your symptoms somehow got worse. “It's not a fever, it's just a cold. I already took some medicine for my headache-”
“Headache? Yaah! Why are you out of bed when you have a headache!? You should have gone back to bed!”
You turn around and ignore him, grabbing the pallets and taking them to the kitchen sink to rinse them out.
“Leave that there and go back to bed,” TOP repeats, trailing after you.
“Why is your living room so messy?” You ask to dodge his command.
“Because that's where I paint, now go bac-”
“But it wasn't like that when I first stumbled in, was it?”
“You went into the living room, my studio at the back of the apartment-”
“So you have two living rooms? Except one is for creating a disaster and the other is for actual living?”
“Yaah!” TOP reaches out for the clean pallets but fails when you quickly turn and walk around him, heading back towards his studio.
“I got most of the paint off but still, cleaning up the mess will keep the colors from mixing-”
“I clean when I finish with my projects! There. Now quit being stubborn and go to bed! Look! You're even bare foot! No wonder you got sick, you're not suppose to walk around without shoes!”
You sense him following you closely behind.
“But still, I mean, don't you get tired of stepping on paint and tracking it all over the floors?”
“That's why I have my paint shoes lying around, I put them on when I work and take them off when I'm done for the day.”
“You mean the shoes that keep trying to kill me because they're lying in the middle of the hallway? Maybe you should keep them in a box somewhere so people don't fall-”
You stumble forward, throwing the pallets across the room after stepping on another paintbrush covered in paint. TOP extends his arms and pulls you back before you had a chance to fall forward, steadying you against his body.
“Go back to bed until your body fully recovers, hun. You're more accident prone now than ever.”
You turn around and look at him, “I am not! You should clean up your studio before I hurt myself or something! I feel like your stuff is out to get me!”
He grins, “fine, whatever it takes, just rest properly while I clean up.”
Entering his room, you eye the small stack of boxes in the corner of the bedroom for the first time.
“Resting means laying down and closing your eyes, you know, just in case you didn't know,” he chuckles lightly.
“Huh? Oh, yeah. I'm going,” you dip your head to thank him then climb back in.
“Call if you need anything. I did everything I had to do so I won't be going out anymore.”
The door closes, leaving you inside his room with spiked curiosity. You crawl out of bed carefully to prevent any kind of sound and approach the boxes. Carefully and steadily, you open the first one after eyeing the incomprehensible Hangul on the sides.
<<Wait a second.>> You pause then pull out a couple of photo frames. <<This is mine.... What is it doing here? Why is my stuff here?>>
Sleeping beauty has finally awoken! ;O
Time to kick this party up a few TOP notches! ;D
Guess you'll have to stick around to see what I mean.... ;)
Again~ I wanna apologize real fast for the short chapters this week! >< The beginning is kind of slow story wise and plot wise but things will return to regular lengthy passages in the next chapter and forth on!^^
Thank you for baring with me and Tabii's messy apartment! :D
See you all on Monday! <3
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Well damn!!!!! I can see him pushing him to get back to bed but dang, I just wanna know more about the art!!!
Gotta love his eyebrows 😍
Sneaky boy! He got her stuff to his apartment 😆.
wondering where the paint would come in. now I see. clean up your mess seung hyun before I kill myself!!
I'm in for it! because... well, I just have a hard time "listening" ,even if it is for my own good!
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