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9) Interstellar(2014):This movie focuses on an astronaut who is send along with a group of other astronauts for an expedition into space .This movie is on 9th position on my list because I firmly believe that the casting would have been better(apart from Anna Hathaway).It is a true delight for Sci-Fic fans because of its great direction along with an awesome plot and climax. 8)Planet of the Apes(1968):A movie which is simply astonishing!It portrays an astronaut who due to certain issues lands up on a planet of Apes. The planet has its dominating specie as Apes unlike earth. The casting is perfect,sounds could have been better and one must appreciate the make up along with the sets as the movie was shot in 1967.The movie does teach a moral-We humans are vile,but we need to take care of other species as well! 7)Inception(2009):Leo,hats off!This movie is quiet tough to understand so it need full concentration hence its on the 7th rank .I won't be explaining the plot much because of its unique climax and anti-climax.In a nutshell,its a milestone in the Hollywood movies and one must watch this movie ASAP if haven't! Stay tuned for No.6,5,4!!
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the really good movie.