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Wtf is this?
Wtf! Its like one thing after another with these poor boys. I wish SM would let them rest for a bit just to mentally and physically heal. Its like if they aren't dead then no matter how sick or hurt they are they must perform/work. Just let them rest for a bit for fricks sake!
I hate that he got hurt. I just hope he did it being his goofy self and having fun and NOT because of work. I mean if you are going to get hurt, you might as well get hurt doing something fun.
Someone said that an sm employee got drunk and pushed him into a pool, hurting his arm...:"( idk if it's true but I sure hope not..
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I honestly don't know what happened I just hope he heals quickly
cant any of these idols get a break? 😦😦😦😓
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yeah i heard about that :c its terrible
Damn. I'm like 60% liking SM and I know people don't like them for how they treat idols, but I'd say its the employees
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