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Just comment below which one is the smartest and if possible give a reason as to why you choose the certain character! Cheers!!
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Teacher, in James Gunn's short story "Kindergarten". Teacher is more intelligent and experienced than the young cosmic creator known to humans as God.
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Sherlock homes
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well he is smartest cause all other characters are based in a fantasy world and anything they say not proven so technically it's all gibberish well on the other hand everything Sherlock Holmes says is rational and admissible in our world
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Sherlock Holmes; he is a mind reading genius and a high functioning psychopath who enjoys solving impossible puzzles
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I think the answer is pretty obvious. It's Sherlock Holmes. Then comes Tony Stark and Bruce Banner of course. ✌️✌️
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sherlock Holmes because everybody else has a unrealistic story or a large amount of money if sherlock had that I don't think anybody would be able to compete against sherlock
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