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Natsu Lucy Cana Wendy Gray Juvia Erza Jellal Elfman Markorov Happy Charla Rouge Sting Lyon Mirajane Lisanna Ultear Ul Mavis Zeref Laxus Bickslow Freed Evergreen Gajeel Levy Melody Silver (i think that was his name??) Chervi (Somethin like that) Flare Michelle Lucys Dad Princess Hime (i think that was her name xD) Gildarts Romeo Mystogen PantherLily Mirvana Millieana? (Somethin like that. Cat chick) Syo (Guy from tower of heaven) Simone (I still cri) Doranblot Angel Cobra Jiggle Butt Gang (XD) That reporter Guy with blonde hair. Starts with a C? Igneel Aracnolgia Anoka (Adorable child with green hair) Whew, thats all i can think of atm. This took me about 15 mins, and i am PROUD OF MYSELF *u*
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Laki Jet Droy Levi 💖Gajeel Wendy Happy 💖 Carla/ Charlie Nastu 💖Lucy Lily Asuka Bisca 💖Alsack Grey 💖 Juvia Erza 💖 Jellal Master Mavis 💖 Zeref Master Jade Master Macorov Lisanna Mirajane Elfman Bixslow Freed Evergreen Luxas Mystogan Mest/Doranbolt Laar 😢 Jackel Eileen Sting Rogue Lector Frosch Minerva Ok im tired so that's it
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