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Here are just mvs that you all might have missed out on Check these out and Give them a chance Everyone :).
Ok So first is Nuest, LOVE Paint. Their new comeback , I was actually hesitant on sharing this MV because some of you should know about them and must have seen this but yes they are really underrated and can easliy be ignored and some you must have missed this. So yes I think this is just too beautiful to be missed out.
I absolutely love this , They all look soo gorgeous and beautiful , Ren is gorgeous with the pink hair I can't even. !My junior is killing me with his new look I absolutely love his gray hair he just looks soo HOT.
Nuest Boys Fighting Please show them you love and suppport Everyone.
24 K still Dance Version
I absolutely love this song MV and This Dance Version is definitely the Killer , they literally slayed their Choreo is Superb . These boys are amazing are my top favorites.
Unfortunately 2 of the previous 24k memebers could n't participate in the comeback due to personal reasons Sungoh and Daeil, And I missed them but here are the 2 temporary Members, that were just added, scroll to the next pic to Learn more about themChangsun, Hongseob. Damn they are good looking and also quite talented and I definitely hope to see more of the group , Everyone please check this out and show them lots of love and Support 24k Fighting.
The next is Masc Stranger Dance Version I absolutely this Debut Group their Debut was intense and really cool and amazing please check them out Everyone , They are one of my favorites 2016 debut boy bands. And Am I the only one that the pink haired guy whose name is ACE looks likeUkwon from Block B , who is my bias lol. Please show them your love and support Everyone MASC Fighting.
The Next is Plan A Boys , This is something I need to check out myself but I am definitely excited about this and I am wiling to learn more more about them. Please scroll to next to see more information from the Person who commented all members names.
This is just a recent debut Boyband with Apink's brother in it as well . SO definitely please check them out everyone and Show them you support and LOVE. Plan a boys fighting.
The Last but not not the Least AOA Get out MV , Please check this song and MV out everyone and show these AOA girls your love and Support.
AOA Fighting :).
Hope You all like and enjoy watching all these MV's and it will be a good start for your long weekend ahead.
Happy Friday Everyone !!
All credit to its actual owners for everything :).