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Name: Shin Jae Min/John Sanchez Shin
Stage Name: Sanchez
Born: October 17, 1986
Debuted: August 16th, 2012 (in Phantom)
Latest Comeback: August 9th, 2016
Fun Facts:
He is a member of the boy group, Phantom.
His brother's are Microdot and BLASTO.
He lived in New Zealand when he was a child but he was born in South Korea.
He is a vocalist, rapper, and a producer.
To watch some more of his videos and some of his groups videos check out his Company's YouTube channel here.
Name: Oh Ji Min
Stage Name: J-Min
Born: May 27th, 1988
Debuted: 2007 (Japanese debut), 2014 (Korean Debut)
Latest Comeback: August 8th, 2016
Fun Facts:
She did a song for the OST for To The Beautiful You.
She can speak Korean, Japanese, and some English.
She can play the piano and guitar.
She is under SM Entertainment and she mostly promotes in Japan.
The best way to further support her subscribe to SMtown's YouTube channel here.
Do you know Sanchez or J-Min?
Which Sanchez/J-Min song is your favorite?
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I love Jmin I got started listening to her by the song Stand Up it had played on Pandora and I loved her music ever since
I first heard her song Stand Up too but I heard it in the kdrama To The Beautiful You
he's really good
OMG I love these two!! 😍😍😍
Me too!!
Sanchez is heaven!
I'm constantly always singing John Sanchez song over and over again. is great.
His voice is beautiful! Have you heard him in Infinite H's song, Crazy?