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vingle as in Mingle as in people are supposed to chat with each other about their interest my ass change the name to anime lovers because its the only thing people are interested in here
Right. It's kinda like when a bar suddenly becomes popular with a few nannies. Next thing you know, it becomes a 'Nannie Bar'. This is like the 'Anime/K-pop social network'. No biggie. It just happens.
@GregJarman the anime, manga, and Korean stars are the most popular
I joined the other day and I've been trying to figure out how i got linked up to all of this anime and Korean stuff. I suppose it just happens to be very popular in the Korean community?
You should try to be nicer then maybe you would have people that want to talk to you. also anime is really popular so yeah it's gonna have a lot of people. I came here because I saw an ad that said learn Japanese with anime characters.