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WARNING: Adult Humor
“How long has our girl lived here and why is it that I've never met you before darling?” Mooney reaches over and wraps Jaks’ mom in a hug.
She leans over and conspiratorially whispers, “I’m the deep dark secret, I embarrass her.”
Mooney throws back his head and laughs as he picks up another article of clothing and searches for the matching pants.
“Oh sweets; you can be my deep dark secret any day! Now how did you live with this child? Tell me her room wasn’t always like this.”
She looks around, “Nope, worse.”
Mooney holds his head in his hands and moans, “My poor baby dragon. No wonder he arranges all her clothes for her.” His eyes brighten suddenly, “OR he just loves the fact he gets to dress her up!” He winks, “I’ll bet that’s it. That naughty, naughty little boy.
He suddenly stops, eyes big as he looks at Jak’s mom. “Perhaps I shouldn’t be saying things like that around you.”
He gets a raised eyebrow and smirk, “Oh won’t you be shocked to get Jak and I in the same room!”
Looking a little scared he asks, “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
“You’ll have to wait and see. I’m going to make cake, you’re better at this than I am anyway.” She walks out the door with a wiggle of her fingers and an evil smile.
“Oh Lord help us, I think this might actually be fun.”
Mooney giggles, than groans as he turns back to the pile of clothes just thrown on the guest bed.
You call to check in with Mooney for Jak, to make sure that he has her mom out of the house before Jiyong gets done with his schedule for the day. Unbeknownst to you, he's in the car, on hands free.
“All handled darling. She’s something else isn’t she?”
You laugh, “Where do you think Jak gets it? She claims it’s from her brothers but they are all a version of her. You probably haven’t even seen the best parts yet.”
“She warned me about getting her and Jak in the same room.”
“Yep, that’ll be fun. If we can keep Jiyong from running away; than he’s ready to meet her brothers and definitely sticking.”
“You make her sound like a monster, but she seems so nice...” he looks worriedly over his shoulder at Jak’s mom. She looks back at him and sticks her tongue out.
You laugh, “She is! But she is going to embarrass poor Ji to death. It’s her speciality, she lives for it.”
A devilish looks crosses Jak's moms face, then she quickly puts her hands under her chin with an aegyo grin.
“Oh good heavens,” Mooney laughs, “film it for me. I love that man’s little giggles! So sexy!”
You hang up with Mooney just as Gil walks in your office and plops down sexily in a chair. You hang up and smile in response to his seductive grin.
Folding your arms on your desk you flutter your lashes and ask, “To what do I owe this pleasure?”
He arches a brow and looks behind him, “Pleasure? Want me to get the door?”
You roll your eyes and laugh, “One track mind. What’s up?”
“Well, there are possibilities now that you’ve mentioned pleasure....”
You throw your stress ball across the desk at him, “Gil!”
He dodges and laughs, reaches down and picks it up and carefully puts it back in the exact spot you had it. “You messed up your symmetry. I wouldn’t want you mad at me, since I'm sure it's my fault.”
You squint your eyes at him and begin tapping your pen on your desk. “Thin ice dude, thin ice.”
He walks around behind your chair and reaches out to rub your shoulders but you back it up and hold up your hand.
“No touching until you tell me what you want.”
Just as it leaves your mouth you grimace, “Crap… I mean tell me what you came for.” You give up and hide your face, shaking your head.
He throws his head back and laughs twice as hard, “Wow. Two double entendres. Lets see,” he holds one finger up, “You know what I always want when it comes to you and two,” he saunters closer, “I’d have to touch you for either one of those questions to be answered fully.”
You lift your head up, “You’re hopeless! There is NOTHING I can say about you being here that you can’t take the wrong way so just.." you take a breath. "Lets start over. Hi Honey.”
He grabs the arms of your desk chair and pulls you closer, leaning down to press a chaste kiss to your lips.
“Hi Honey, how’s your day been?”
“Interesting. I have Mooney handling Jak’s mom for her so that Ji doesn’t find out she's here yet. Yours?”
“Mooney? Doesn’t he swing the wrong way to be handling Jak’s mom?”
You reach out and pinch his nipple.
“BAD, BAD! Not like that, I swear a one track mind.”
He rubs his chest and sits on your desk.
“Well, my day wasn’t nearly as exciting obviously. So Jak’s mom is in town and Ji doesn’t know huh? Is she hiding her? Ashamed of her? She can’t be that ugly, Jak’s gorgeous.” He puts a hand to his chin, “Than again, maybe that’s why you have Mooney handling her.”
You reach over to kick him but he grabs your leg and pulls your chair over.
“Tsk tsk tsk. Be nice to the man who loves you.”
You grab him by the jacket and pull him down for a quick kiss, “I’m always nice to you.”
“I remember a time…” he starts but you end it.
“When you deserved everything you got, you were a major jackass!”
“Okay, okay, I’ll admit that. I’m here to find out if we have plans tonight, I have the night off. Wondered if you wanted to do something besides sit at home and” he nudges you, “you know.”
“Well, I would suggest taking Jak’s mom to dinner but she’s in town partly because she wanted to go see the Dorian Gray musical. Her friend flew in to go with her and is here for another day and then flies back out before Ji’s family party.”
“So another evening just the two of us?”
He looks down at you with a slightly bored look that turns mischevious.
“What time do you get off?”
Yay, we're going to the musical?! Or um "Jak's mom and her friend"
lol bad Kyungil.