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Hiya Melodies! It's Minhyuk day. Here is an imagine for today.
Imagine you met this dork while backstage at one of their concerts. He was riding around the halls on a skateboard he stole from Changsub. He knows how to ride but it's more fun to get around this way.
The next time you see him, you catch him reading fan letters. And when you question why he reads them he responds with sticking his tounge out.
During a photo shoot he asks you out on a date. To which you say you'll think about it. (Got keep him on his toes.) He keeps staring at you with these deep eyes pleading you to say yes.
Out of no where you go up to him and say yes. He is so excited that he can't keep still. The other members ask him what you said and he tries to play it cool, by shrugging his shoulders and making funny faces.
On stage he is so happy that you said yes he can't help but be a cheese ball.
Your date was a success. As much as you wanted to kiss him, you did. You would say the night ended with a very good morning.
A month into you dating he was spending more and more time over at you place. His morning routine was always the best thing to watch, and it was your favourite part of the day.
He grew very fond of you. Showing in everyway that he was in love with you. From eyeing the camera and sticking out his tounge seductively to licking his lips and going cute in a split second.
By the time Christmas rolled around he was madly deeply in love with you. You reciprocated that love, and the news you had to tell him would break his heart.
When he found out you had to move back to the States and he couldn't go, his heart broke. He will miss you everyday. Send you pictures everyday. Call you everyday. He felt like his life couldn't go on without you.
On the day you had to leave you didn't want to see him cry of heart break again. So you left without saying goodbye while he was at the store. When your flight landed and you turned your phone, the first message was from him with a puppy he named after you. This was to fill the gap of you not being there until you returned.
When asked why he didn't have a girlfriend he would advertise that he was a beautiful boy, and that you never left. Placing a hand over his heart he would say you are still there with him. Smile then leave.
That was an awesome imagine. You should do more of them. ☺
Wow that gave me the feels. Didn't expect those haha