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DAY 80 - Favorite scene?

I actually have two favorite anime scenes. One being a kiss scene and the other a bada** fight scene! BTW I wasn't home at all yesterday so let's just say I didn't post a card for day 79 because I already answered that question so I will be doing day 80 today!


Romeo & Juliet Kiss (Final Episode: 26) - At the end of the school festival it is now time for the traditional bon-fire. Both Misaki and Takumi get dressed up in Romeo and Juliet cosplay outfits. Takumi chooses a classroom for them to watch the firework's show from. They are both in the classroom alone. Takumi is asking Misaki what's wrong and asking whether they should just go down to the campfire with everyone instead of being alone. They then get on topic about why Misaki is so bothered by Takumi. He asks why she is blushing so hard and she responds saying she isn't blushing. She say's she isn't again when he says she is. He asks are you enduring as well? He starts to walk away after patting her head. She grabs his hand as he is walking away and says "I am too, I've been enduring!". And then she says a bunch of other stuff. Then she finally says "I've been wanting to hold hands with for a long time!". He then blushes after her confession because he became a little shy which rarely happens. SO CUTE! Then he confesses the reasons as to why he loves her and then KISSES her and says he loves her after kissing her! I just love this scene so much! During the kiss fireworks go off in the background outside the window. It's perfect and they are my #1 OTP!


Kaneki VS Jason (S1 Episode 12) - This is the final scene from episode 12 from the first season. This scene is my favorite fight scene and tied for favorite all time anime scene. It was just perfectly set up. The music and I liked that they censored the really gory parts because I'm not a fan of gore. In this episode Kaneki was taken captive and was being tortured by Jason who was extreme in torturing Kaneki. I actually chose to put the English Dubbed version of this scene because I just saw it for the first time today since I watched the subbed version. Plus Kaneki sounds really hot in English. I like it! When Jason is getting ready to eat Kaneki, Kaneki finally accepts the ghoul side of him and when Jason is in front of him Kaneki just becomes so bada** and I love it. This is the best moment I've ever seen in anime because Kaneki in the beginning of the anime is weak and hopeless but once he accepts the ghoul he just turns totally awesome and I fell for him. The white hair is a nice touch too since I was waiting for his hair to turn white since the first episode. I was so hyped, he just went from a 10 to a 1,000. Not only does this scene look amazing but they play the perfect song for this scene. The loud, buildup OP Unravel that I love so much. The last part of this scene is where Kaneki uses the same torture method that Jason used on him. While Jason is pinned to the ground and being stabbed by Kaneki's Kagune. While Kaneki is on top of Jason's back he asks Jason "What's 1,000 minus 7?" just like Jason did to him. Then Kaneki eats Jason, THE END until the 2nd season. That's how the 1st season ends with Kaneki eating Jason. Pretty great if you ask me.

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what YOUR favorite anime scene is!

hmmm I think my favorite scene is from Ouran High School Host Club, the last episode where Haruhi falls off the bridge and Tamaki jumps to catch her
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@srodriguez837 @MissHitachiin Those were both cute scenes from that anime!
madoka magica where Homura separated madoka from her god powrs
Tough one...because I have so many favorite scenes from so many anime's lol. I do agree with the kissing scene tho