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@LunaCordero lmao i like you 馃槀 be my friend lol jkjk xD im horrible at conversing lol. imma drown all the haters out with my beautoful koreans
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@Isolate I'm to outgoing for my own good,but it helps me to get to know people
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馃憦馃憦馃憦馃憦exactly how I feel when people think they can talk smack about my favorite kpop bands and act like it doesn't offend me, but oh lord if I talk crap about their favorite artist all hell breaks loose. Can we go back to when nobody said anything about anyone...oh wait that hasn't happened yet so how about we go back to when people minded their own business. (my little rant)
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This explains everyone in my family... honestly the judge so hard it annoys the hell out of me
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honestly I just walk away from people like that. I get nasty in verbal confrontation so someone's feelings will get hurt, and girl it ain't going to be me
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