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We are currently in Stage 2 of the 5C Stages of Concert Making for MONSTA X. So far we reached from 8.1 to a massive 14.8% with over 150 fans attending the project. if we can get more than 850 fans and friends to help spread the project, MONSTA X will go to the United States. Remember to share the link below to make this happen TO REACH STAGE 3: Get over 500 Fans to Join Event TO REACH STAGE 4: Get over 1000 Fans to Join Event OR Have 500 fans share the events TO REACH STAGE 5 Get all fans and friends to get the promoters ATTENTION by contacting them all together. More detail will come in. AFTER STAGE 5: Concert Confirmed FACEBOOK EVENT: https://t.co/Wgx3NV8Eae #MONSTAXinLA #MONSTAXinDALLAS #MONSTAXinNY #MONSTAXinCHICAGO #MONSTAXinATL #MONSTAXinMICHIGAN #MONSTAXINLV #MONSTAXINSF #MONSTAXINFL #MONSTAXINMIAMI https://www.facebook.com/events/167175077052637/
Use this guide to help you see how close we are to making this become reality and keep this clipped as it will update daily.