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A week ago SM released a teaser trailer for their newest SM Station...I honestly had no clue who this "Hitchhiker" was and I was kinda confused after watching the teaser it was just so....weird....they were talking in French I guess...and then a couple of days ago the the mv came out and to say I was confused would be the understatement of the century...
There was basically a guy saying $10 $5 on repeat with some interesting electronic beats in the mix...the mv was quirky,out of this world and I absolutely loved the CGI (personally I think the person would did the CGI was on drugs or it might have been T.O.P) So this got me curious and I did some research...
*I'm not 100% sure...take with a pinch of salt* His real name is Jinu and he is one of SMs producers. He has produced some famous songs like Suju A Cha! f(x) Pinnochio Exo My Lady and many more...and on further research I found out that there was another song released by Hitchhiker a few years ago...
The song is called 11 (Eleven)...I was definitely more prepared for this one...however what I did not expect was me to like the music...it was weirdly addicting and I couldn't stop moving to it...

Check out Hichhikers $10 and 11(Eleven)

All I can tell you is that Hitchhikers music and MV take you to another world and you might never be the same again...besides being normal is underrated...

So what do you guys think about Hitchhiker? Do you think this maybe the next "thing"???

I'm so confused 😐
who's nightmare is this 😱