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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 12

*Warning Smut Scene*

Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
*Four years later* Y/N's POV Your eyes cracked open to the bright sunlight coming through your window, waking you up to a sweet morning. The smell of something sweet floated into your bedroom and your turned over slowly with a slight smile on your face. Your hand reached through the covers searching until your tired eyes snapped open again and you sat up startled. "Jin!" you said. Your daughter slept in the bed with you and Junmyeon last night but she wasn't there. She rarely got up before you and if she did she woke you up herself. You pushed the covers off of yourself and walked into the kitchen following the smell of breakfast food. You rubbed your eyes to keep them open and you looked up to see Junmyeon in an apron cooking breakfast. "Aw baby I was supposed to come wake you. It was a surprise." Junmyeon smiled. He came over to you and pecked your lips making you smile. A slight annoyed expression came onto your face though, "It is a surprise but um- quick question Jagi. Where's our daughter?" you said. "I let my mom take her for the day she'll be home tomorrow morning." "And you did this without talking to me?" you said. Junmyeon gave you a pouting face that made you smile but you were still a bit annoyed with him. He had done this a few other times especially six months after Jin was born. He let his brother take care of her while he spent the day trying to romance you. It worked but you were pissed at him for about hour for doing that without telling you. For the past three years he'd done this, every once in a blue moon he would decide you guys needed some alone time and he'd let Jin stay with his mother or his brother so that he could surprise you with something. He always ended it with sex though, that was his main goal to get you so relaxed he could hit that sweet spot that made you need him and then everything else was down hill from there. You were screaming his name, clawing at his back, begging him to let you come. You two have been married going on three years soon. Every moment with him was like honeymoon love. You two very rarely fought, he didn't like fighting with you. Part of you felt like he gave into you even when you were wrong because he didn't want you thinking being with him wasn't worth it. A part of you felt like he was doing everything he could to make sure you stayed with him because he loved you that much. He loved your daughter that much. You were going to your therapy sessions less and less and that was because you had made such progress. The old habits you used to do when you got angry or stressed out or felt like the world was attacking you almost completely disappeared. You stopped cutting and disappearing when things got too stressful for you. You and Jongin had one dispute because you were pregnant by Junmyeon and he didn't like that. Junmyeon said he never really gave up on getting you back he just left you alone for the sake of you being happy. He always believed that Junmyeon would mess up, he was a huge playboy and he thought that Junmyeon would show his true colors to you. Little did Jongin realize that he did, they just weren't the colors Jongin believed them to be. He wasn't all black and white and simple like your photographs were. Junmyeon was colorful, he was happy and supportive, he was a great father and a loving husband and despite you being Jongin's ex he was still a great friend of Jongin's. After Jongin calmed down a bit, he let it go. It was obvious you two were in love with each other, something far greater than you and him had. Chanyeol ended up moving out of Busan and now lived in Seoul. You went to visit him any time you all went to visit Junmyeon's parents. He was starting a music career and you all moved out of your apartment and got a bigger place you were now a photographer for Vogue. You were actually on vacation now which was probably part of the reason why Junmyeon was taking advantage of this moment to have you all to himself. You and your parents hadn't directly spoken for almost four years. Once Mrs. Wang called you to ask how you were and it was just a few month before Jin was born. So a few weeks after Jin's birth you received a card in the mail from your mother congratulating you on a healthy happy baby girl. You were slightly surprised by the gesture but you sent a thank you note back anyway. You heard nothing else from either one of your parents since then. Mrs. Wang said that Jackson's father was so disgusted by his behavior that he cut him off completely. No money, he didn't cover his costs when he broke things, he got arrested twice for domestic violence and he was now seeing another woman in Korea. Mrs.Wang said he seems to be doing better because this girl didn't take any of his shit. He messed up, she'd chew him out and he wouldn't get what he wanted. It was like he was going through detox, slowly but surely he was learning what it meant to control his anger and not put his hands on a woman when she refused him. As long as he wasn't coming near you or your daughter you were fine. As long as he wasn't trying to kill Junmyeon you were fine. "Listen baby girl, tonight is about me and you. We're going to pretend today that were not parents, although later on tonight I'll make you scream daddy." he smiled "I will punch you. Like very hard... in your chest." you said. Junmyeon laughed, "I love you baby girl." "I love you too Junnie." "Damn you just want me to attack you right now don't you?" he said slightly turned on. You laughed at him and sat down at the table to eat with him. He laid out the plan for you two for the day, he had some places he wanted to take you. Again the amusement park you loved so much then the market. You weren't a big fan of shopping but he said there was a store he really wanted to take you too that had somethings you and Jin would like. He planned to bring you back home for dinner and a movie and after that he would have his desert. This was Junmyeon though, he had stuck to part of his word. After breakfast, you two went to the amusement park. He took pictures with you and won you a small Kevin doll. Then he took you to the outdoor market. You guys bought rice cookies and they were indeed delicious. He took you to a toy store where you bought Jin a stuffed blue elephant and he bought you a giant stuffed hamster. He said when you saw it your eyes lit up. It was a cute hamster and it was huge, you never had things like this as a kid so it was like your inner child was escaping once you got in the store. When he bought it for you, you tried to bite back the smile forming on your face. He kissed you while standing at the front of the line. People started to complain so he pulled you away quickly. When you guys got in the car, he was rushing to get home. You didn't really pay much attention to it though you were mesmerized by the giant hamster he bought you. "What are you going to name it?" he asked. "What do you mean don't they already come with names?" you said. "No what's the fun in that? Geeze you really didn't have a childhood." "Don't be mean Junmyeon, it's rude." He chuckled, "I'll be a little more rude tonight I hope you can handle it." he said. "Slow down before you cause an accident Junmyeon I plan on seeing our daughter in the morning." you said. Junmyeon laughed and placed a hand on your thigh. "Whatever you ask baby girl." You finally realized you weren't going to be having dinner tonight. You weren't even going to be watching a movie. This was Junmyeon, he was waiting all day for this moment you knew he wasn't going to sit through a movie and the only thing he was hungry for was you. He let you in the room first and he asked you to go sit down for him. He headed in the kitchen for something while you went and put your hamster up and your daughters elephant in her room. You came back into the living room and sat down. Junmyeon came out with a small slice of cake on a plate and sat in front of you. He took a piece of it on a fork and held it up to your lips. "Taste it." You opened your mouth to take a bite of it. "Mmm." you hummed with a smile. It was soft and fluffy, the vanilla frosting on top tasted home made. "When did you make this?" you asked. "Your daughter and I worked on it last night before you got home. Jin was pretty proud of herself." "I'm sure she was. It's really good." you said. He didn't make his move yet, that made you a little....disappointed. You two hadn't really slept together for a while. You were busy at work and so was he, between work and taking care of Jin you two didn't have a lot of alone time. "It's hot in here." he said. He set the plate down to unbutton to the shirt he was wearing. The white tank below the pink unbuttoned shirt was slightly crinkled but it stuck to his body well. Your eyes seem to slowly move up his body from his stomach to his now exposed collar bone. You watched as the shadows on his skin changed when he raised his arm to feed you more cake. You found yourself distracted by the covered up body you were starting to want pressed against your own. You chewed slowly on the piece of cake and licked your lips when you were finished. Junmyeon's chuckle caused your eyes to dart up. His thumb reached the side of your lips to wipe away frosting. You watched as he licked the icing away seemingly innocent. Your heart rate picked up and your legs slightly rubbed together. You fixed your position on the couch so as to not look obvious in your want for him. "Oh I forgot something. Stay there baby girl." He said standing up. Him walking away from you gave you a little bit of time to get situated from the building tension but when he came back it didn't stay away for long. He sat back down in front of you on the table the pink shirt now gone and only his white tank clinging to him. He had a glass of wine in both hands and gave you one. His bare toned arms glowed in the light of your living room. He and you clicked glasses together and he said, "To our alone time. I'm so happy you're on vacation baby girl I missed you." "I missed you too. Junmyeon where's your shirt?" you asked staring at his chest. "Oh I took it off it's hot in there too." You nodded and took a big sip of your wine. Some of it spilled on the side of your lips, your tongue caught the droplets but one got away and trailed to your chin. He got up close to you leaning in slowly and he licked the drop away. You breath hitched at the feel of his tongue against your skin and you knew where you wanted it to go next. However, he pulled away from you with a smile on his face. "Be careful Y/N you're going to stain your clothes. Anyway, what movie would you like to watch?" What? You guys were actually going to watch a movie? You had never been more annoyed but you didn't let it show. You were more flustered and focused on your body wanting to be under his. Your chest to be pressed against his. His hips snapping into you, his finger nails biting into your thigh. The images that came to mind almost sent you over board. "Baby girl you okay?" he asked. You looked up at him, he was now standing up. You were breathing slightly uneven. You swallowed hard and nodded. "I'll go make some popcorn." "Junmyeon." you quickly reached out for his shirt and stopped him. "What is it baby?" he asked. You felt your cheeks warm. Wait, how were you supposed to ask him to touch you? You two had been together for practically four years and Junmyeon always initiated things. The only time you were ever dominant was if he did something wrong like hurt you on accident, he'd give you control. He leaned down to look you in the eyes. He pressed his forehead to yours and you closed your eyes. You took in a breath but you didn't know the proper way to ask him. "Junnie." you whispered. "That voice gets to me every time baby girl. Tell me what you want." You opened your eyes to look him the eyes. Your eyes must've oozed with desperation. You wanted his hands all over you, his lips to suck at your neck, his fingers playing with your clit. You wanted him. You wanted a kiss, a heated one, the kind of passionate kiss that made everything else in the world disappear except for you and him. You wanted to scream his name loud enough for the neighbors to hear. You bit your lip and he leaned in pretending to give you a kiss then he moved his lips to the side of your face right against your ear. "Tell me what you want baby girl. Do want me?" His playfully seductive voice let you know he was playing with you the entire time. Taking of his shirt, feeding you cake, licking wine off your skin. Shit. You needed him now. "Yes." you whimpered. You clung on tighter to his shirt. He licked the bottom of your ear causing you to moan as a tingle went down your spine. "Sounds like you're hungry baby girl. Daddy Junnie will give you what you want baby but you've got to do as I say, do you understand? Or I won't let you come, you'll watch as I get to come all over that sexy body of yours." "Junmyeon please." you begged. His low chuckle made you crave him. His hand slowly slid down your body and to your pants pushing back the two layers of fabric that was your jeans and panties. His fingers explored the sensitive area and your grip tightened on his shirt. Your other hand on his arm holding it tight. "Junmyeon." "Call me daddy to night baby girl." he whispered in your ear. His tongue trailed down your neck and to you collar bone. Your moaning becoming slightly louder. Your breathing even more erratic. Your hips wiggled and his fingers stopped moving, "I didn't tell you to do that baby girl. Do you want me to satisfy you?" he said. "Yes." "Yes what?" "Yes Daddy." "Good girl. Now get up and go the bedroom." His voice was teasing but it wasn't harsh demanding. You got into the bedroom and he told you to strip and you did. All the way down to nothing. Stark naked no bra, panties, nothing. The cool air had you holding yourself. His body could warm you up. "You're already so wet baby girl I've barely done anything to you. Have you missed me?" "Yes daddy." He bit his lip and raked his other hand through his hair. The seductive look he gave you made you wetter. You could feel your nipples harden. The way his teeth caught between his lips. You just wanted to beg him to fuck you now. "Lay down baby girl." he said. He hadn't removed a single article of clothing except for that shirt. His toned arms teasing you, making fun of your desire for him. He crawled over your body, his hands playing with your breast first. He licked teasingly at them biting down just right to mix pain with pleasure. He moved up more and pushed your legs open wider with his knee. His lips came for your neck next. You felt his tongue glide over neck making you inhale sharply. Your hands met his shoulders as he kissed you, his hips began to grind into you. You could feel his clothed erection through his pants. You decided to try and push him more. "Daddy more. I need you." you whimpered. The harsh sucking on your neck stopped when he heard your desperate begging, "Shit I was going to take my time too. A voice like is going to send me over board." he said. He crawled off of you and grabbed your calves and yanked you closer to the edge of the bed. He was now down on his knees. His arm wrapping around your thigh and lifting it on his shoulder. He spread your folds apart blowing air against your clit and you could feel yourself tighten wishing it was his tongue there. He kissed down your thigh until he reached your swollen clit immediately sucking on it. Your back arched as your hand raked through his hair and a louder moan escaped your lips. You looked back down at him, your lips parted panting. He dipped his tongue inside you and you moaned louder, "Fuck that feels so good." you said. "You taste amazing baby. I need more." he said. He wrapped your other leg around his neck and used his hands to lift your hips up. His mouth attacking your clit with quick licks then long lingering ones. His tongue reaching a bit deeper inside you from the new angle. You were seeing stars just from him going down on you. He pulled back lowering you to the bed and he crawled back over your body to kiss you. One of his hands guided your hand to his pants. You squeezed at his erection and he groaned into your mouth kissing you harder. Your hands moved a bit more on his jeans and he pulled away to take a breath. "Call for me baby girl. Let me hear that sexy voice." he said breathless himself. "Junnie." you moaned. He slapped the side of your butt not too hard but hard enough to make you gasp and leave a slight sting. "Daddy." you moaned in the same voice. "You're amazing. I missed you so much Y/N." he said. He pulled away from you and took off his shirt. The abs that lied beneath that shirt was pure sin. You wanted to flip him over and let your tongue trace the lines that defined them. He quickly took off his pants and underwear, his erection standing up. His hand covering it and giving it a few pumps as he commanded you, "Spread your legs." The way he commanded you sent blood rushing to your face. You did as he said and before you knew it he was on top of you again and wasted no time entering you. You gripped onto his back, your finger nails clawing into him. A groan escaping his lips in time with your moan. "Baby girl, you're so fucking tight. I've missed feeling you like this." he peppered kisses down the side of your face. He started to rock his hips but you called to him, "Wait, wear a condom." you said. Junmyeon kept moving his hips moving slow, even and teasingly in and out of you but not all the way. Not enough to hit your spot. His hand did move down to the spot behind your leg that made you crave sex. He'd found that out long ago and just as he wanted, you cried out with a moan of pure lust. "Why do I need a condom baby girl?" he asked. "I'm not on the pill anymore, remember." you said into his shoulder. Junmyeon wasn't going to stop anyway not when he'd already gotten inside you. His hips picked up at little more speed, "We're married baby girl it doesn't matter if you're not on the pill. Fuck. You want me like this don't you- You like it raw anyway. You want me to come inside you baby girl?" Ahhh! His voice was killing you. He was being dirtier than usual. Perhaps it had been a long time. You had stopped using the pill long ago though, a year and a half ago to be exact. He was right you liked feeling him for real. You missed the sensation of him filling you up when he released. You held onto him tighter. He straightened up and lifted your leg onto his shoulder. He slammed into you faster and you gripped onto the pillows. You bit your lip trying to calm your moans but he went deeper inside you to make you scream out loud. He got off on hearing your voice. "You miss me don't you baby girl?" "Yes daddy." "Show me how much you missed me baby girl." he said. He let your leg down and bent over to kiss you. He rolled over on his back bringing you on top of him. You pulled back your hair now falling down your shoulders as you sat up straight. The Dragon Tattoo on the side of his stomach that mirrored your koi fish looked as if it were beckoning you to do your worst or rather your best. Junmyeon had gotten the tattoo based off of the legend Chanyeol explained to him and the story behind your tattoo. The koi fish becoming a golden dragon because it made it up the stream. He wanted to support you so he got the dragon as proof that you were strong enough and brave enough to beat the current. Everything you went through you survived it all. It wasn't there to say he was your dragon, you were the dragon. The Yin yang sign was on its head and the lotus flower small and just by its tail. Your hand slowly ghosted over the tattoo lovingly and he sat up and leaned against the head board, his hand moving up your tattoo. His fingers skipping past the scars. He gently pulled your head down so he could kiss you, "My brave girl." he whispered against your lips. The tender, sweet caring tone almost killed you. It almost made you cry, you felt his hands go back down to your hips. Your hands went to rest on his shoulders. You slid up far enough that he was almost out of you. You came back down only half way, then moved back up till he was almost out again. You repeated that driving him crazy moving at your own teasing pace. He slapped your butt and called out for you to give him more. "Call for me daddy." you said. A slight smirk formed on your face. The look that settled on his said that not only was he impressed by your boldness but later on he may make you pay for those actions. For now he did as you asked him, "Come on baby girl. I need more of you. Ride me faster." You started to move faster. You moved up and down on him calling out his name or rather calling him 'Daddy Junnie'. He buried his face in your chest, his hands gliding up your back to give you support. "Come on baby girl don't stop. You're fucking amazing." he encouraged you. Your movements became sloppy as you could feel yourself near your climax. He placed his hands on your hips keeping you connected to him and he topped you. He snapped his hips into yours raising your butt higher to reach that sweet spot. He leaned over so your arms could wrap around his neck. "Come on baby girl. Let's make a baby, come for me." "Jun- myeon. I'm so close" you cried in his ear. "Fuck baby girl, go ahead and come. Come on. Come on baby." he said through moans. He was close too, his hips snapped harder into you but they were sloppy at the same time. His pace no longer even but more erratic. His hand went down to rub you clit but just that motion had sent you over the edge. You called out his name and tightened around him. He cursed at the same time as he continued to move in you but he released inside you just moments after you. His fingers still playing with your clit causing you to squirm under him. Your heavy breathing and sweaty body gave him the perfection version of you all fucked out. Some how a part of you couldn't help but want more. "You came inside me."you breathed. He pulled out but continued to grind his member against your folds making you shiver. He leaned over your body, his hands by your head. "Yes I did baby girl. You loved it didn't you?" he asked. You bit your lip and nodded almost shamefully. You missed that feeling. "If I get pregnant it's your fault." "If you get pregnant I'll take full responsibility. I'll treat you extra extra special. I'll cook for you, drive you to work, sing you to sleep. Kiss you every day, tell you and the little one growing inside you that I love you both. I love all three of you." he smiled "So basically you'll do everything that you're doing now. Or did while I was pregnant with Jin." you said. "Yes baby girl. You know you two are my whole world. I love you so much, I'll never let you think for a second I don't love you or I don't want you. I've missed your body, your voice but the one thing I don't ever have to miss is your heart. I see it everyday when you look at Jin and when you look at me. If someone told me four years ago I'd be married to that beautiful girl I saw lost on campus grounds I'd call them an idiot. You and Jin are the best things to ever happen to me. So if we have another one you can bet your sexy ass I'm going to make you feel like the queen of the world. You've given me so much, you've made me so happy. I want to make you happy too." Junmyeon said. You smiled, your eyes fell to his dragon tattoo and then came up to his face. You felt like your heart was going to burst. You felt your eyes water, "Say something to me baby girl." he said searching your eyes. You took in a shaky breath, "I love you Junmyeon." you said. He smiled big and kissed you, "I love you too baby girl." There weren't enough words to describe how thankful you were to have him. To have Jin. Junmyeon had saved you so many times, more items then he may have realized. He loved you so much like you two had just gotten together. Almost four years of loving him and your daughter, they both had saved you. If someone had told you seven years ago you'd be this happy, that one day you'd meet an amazing man that loved you and protected you, that you'd be married with a child.... If someone told you you'd be free one day, that one day everything got better you would've never believed them. You would've laughed in their face and walked away. You would've pushed away from them and crawled within yourself, you would've done worse to yourself because you would've believed they were mocking you. Your tattoo no longer meant you weren't strong enough to beat the current it meant: for a while you were trying to find balance and peace so you were swimming lost until you found your missing link. When you fell in love with Junmyeon, your whole world became balanced, you finally took control and Junmyeon had made you into this golden dragon. "My brave baby girl." he whispered in your ear. He laid behind your body and wrapped his arms around you, "Hey Y/N, I've always wanted to ask you I just never knew the right time but why did Jackson call you bugs?" Junmyeon asked. "It's the name of the bunny." you said. "Huh?" You turned around to look at him, "The first night I ever met Jackson I was at a party with my parents. I had this glittery champagne colored dress on and my hair was curled. I was entertaining the guests because well that was what I was bred for. Anyway, I was talking to these guys and Jackson comes up and kind of shoos them away and he guides me to this corner no one can see us at. I smiled and was polite to him because I had to be, at that point I had no idea my parents were making the deal for him to be my fiance. So he's talking me up and complimenting my figure and my dress, even then he was aggressive with how he flirted but he leaned in and said 'you remind me of Bugs Bunny when he dressed as a woman. His dress was silver and he was blonde but you're close enough and much more attractive' after that he just kept calling me bugs. The name just stuck, my dad called me it, people that came over called me it. He got annoyed at one point and started calling me princess so whenever he called me bugs I always felt like there was a subtle threat behind it." you explained. "So that's why you kind of shivered when your dad called you that." he said. "I think it's safe to say that Bugs Bunny is no longer my favorite character of the looney toons." you smiled. "That's okay, I wasn't a huge fan of Looney Tunes anyway. I'll give Jackson credit for one thing, he was right, you're way more attractive than a cross dressing bunny." You laughed at him and he kissed you. Round two started shortly after that and he made a mess of you for the rest of the night... "Eomi! Eomi!" A tiny high pitched voice called to you the next morning. You opened your eyes to see Junmyeon holding Jin in front of you. She couldn't say Eomma correctly just yet so she called you Eomi. This was the kind of morning you were used to waking up to. You grabbed her out of Junmyeon's hands and said, "Hi baby I missed you." You kissed her forehead and she smiled and stood up to wrap her arms around your neck. She turned to Junmyeon and opened and closed her hand as if to say come here. "Appa-pa." Junmyeon laughed and got on the bed. He hugged her and you at the same time wrapping his arms around your bodies. He whispered in your ear, "We really should have another." "I will bite you." you whispered to him. He chuckled, "You promise?" You rolled your eyes. "I love you Y/N, I love you Jin. You're my girls." "We love you too Junmyeon." you said.... Funny thing was, after that night Junmyeon got his wish. Before he loved his two girls..... and then there were three.
Sorry I wanted this to come out earlier this morning but I not only slept in but I had to work. Plus this chapter was long so I hope that made up for the late update. Side note: I also noticed Junmyeon's stories are really popular. Is he just a huge fan favorite I didn't know about? Anyway thank you guys for reading, commenting, liking and clipping this was actually my favorite story to write so far, it actually out beat blackmail (oddly enough another Junmyeon story). I hope you guys enjoyed. Much love bunnies โค ~BabydollBre Taglist: @jaysbae13 @princess2425 @Tiffany1922 @Anna5221 @VKookie47 @yaya12 @Starbell808 @kisashimizu16 @Mrsax2018 @dchapple45 @matty0203 @loljan17 @priscy513 @Izzy987 @Elizabeth1234 @reyestiny93 @Kimnam94 @Lopleaf19 @Tamaki1618 @elishafisher @griseldazenger @Alyessiazavala @Parktaemi @sarahdawish @JaxomB @Queenlee @JessicaEvaristo @emilycayetano @herosbells @JasmineGregory @Animezkpopgirl @Xionheart @isisMayaVelasco @Melissagarza @makidabebe @orihemay @Queenlele @KpopQueenabee @sierrakuper @PrettieeEmm @ScarletMermaid @senia @JordanShuler @hobisactualgf @AlexisRiver @StefaniTre @selfishmachines @AdeleLynn @JeniseRamos @SindyHernandez @MomoCamie @KristinaCaron @DasiaB @peachchild @pharmgirlerin @BTSxEXO @QueenPandaBunny @MaritessSison
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