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Too Much Epilogue

Hey guys. Here's the epilogue. When I first started posting this story, this part did not exist. I never thought people would like my story as much as they did. I wrote this part as a 'thank you' to all of you guys who read, liked, commented on, clipped, and followed my story. It's not very much, but it's just a little treat. I hope you enjoy it. Also, please read to the end. I am adding a small little teaser and synopsis for my next story. The teaser is just a couple paragraphs from the first chapter. I changed some stuff just for the teaser that way it wouldn't give too much away. It also jumps from one time to another, that's why it'll appear a little disconnected. But I hope you'll enjoy it nonetheless.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
English is bolded. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make.
Beginning: Chapter 1
Word Count: 1700
Warning: May contain mild language. Also, may cause cavities.
Narrator POV
One Month Later
The doorbell rang. Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook quickly ran to the door. Between the fumblings of the three of them, they finally managed to open the door. “Noona!” they yelled simultaneously. Rose was pulled in for hugs.
Laughing, Rose said, “You guys act like you haven’t seen me in months.”
“Yeah, well, with all the work we’ve been doing, even one month seems like more," Taehyung replied.
“You guys aren’t burning yourselves out are you?”
“Maybe a little,” Jungkook replied. “But it’s nothing new. We’re just glad the manager’s giving us a day off. And that you’re here. Hyung's always hogging you.”
Jin walked in from the kitchen. Looking around the entrance Jin asked, “Where’s Nina?”
“Hello to you too, Jin.” Jin’s cheeks turned a little pink in embarrassment.
“Sorry,” he said sheepishly as he made his way over to hug Rose.
“That’s alright. I was expecting that. As for your girlfriend, she said she had to pick some stuff up that she ordered from a boutique. Purses or something like that. I’m not sure, I usually lose my attention when she starts talking about shopping.”
Jin laughed. “Yeah, she does like shopping.”
“Aren’t you glad you’re not her Sugar Daddy.”
All the boys laughed. “For the record, I’m not the one who said it.”
“Duly noted. But she should be here in about half an hour or so.”
“Where’s everyone else?” Rose asked the boys.
“Hobi-hyung and Joonie-hyung are in Joonie-hyung’s room working on song lyrics or something, And Yoongi-hyung...” Jimin trailed off and looked at Jin. “I’m not sure where he is. He was on the couch when we went to our room half an hour ago.”
Jin finished answering, “He went to his room. And since he’s not out here, I’m guessing he’s either got his headphones in or fell asleep.”
“Fell asleep.” The three younger boys guessed.
“Then I guess I should wake him up?” Rose asked questioningly even though it was more of a statement.
“Yeah, you’re probably the only one whose head he won’t bite off,” Jungkook laughed. The other boys agreed.
“Okay. I’ll get to it then.”
“Just make sure you guys come back out,” Taehyung said suggestively, smirking.
Rose’s face turned bright red. “Jimin, what have you done to Taehyung? He’s starting to act like you.”
“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Jimin rebutted, feigning being hurt.
“It is.” Jin stated matter-of-factly.
“Hey!” The boys started laughing again.
As Rose started walking to Yoongi’s room she heard Jungkook ask Taehyung, “Why wouldn’t they come back out?” Rose let out a little snort of laughter before entering the room. She shut the door behind her. Sure enough, she saw the shape of Yoongi on his back, one hand on his chest, sleeping comfortably on his bed. A small sliver of sunlight made its way through the curtains to rest across Yoongi’s pillow, just above his head. Rose smiled and quietly knelt down by the bed. She laid her head on the mattress, just next to his head that was propped up by pillows, and just took in the sight.
Rose still had trouble believing everything that had happened that night. That he was really hers. She let her eyes trail across his features and watched his chest rise and fall with each breath. She felt so bad. The boys worked themselves so hard, so sleeping was a rare and treasured commodity for them. Yoongi let out a deep sigh and shifted so that he was now facing her, but he was still sleeping. She didn’t even realize she was smiling. Her phone pinged indicating a Line message. She checked the message. Nina was just letting her know that she’d just found parking and would try to hurry. She would message her when she was leaving. Rose sent a quick response back and turned back to Yoongi. She was met with his open eyes.
“Jesus!” She yelped, falling back on her butt.
“Nope. Still Yoongi.” Yoongi playfully replied, his voice gravelly with sleep. He adjusted himself so his whole body was facing her.
“You scared the hell outta me.” She playfully smacked his arm.
“Mm. That’s what you get for staring at me while I’m sleeping. Creeper.”
“Yah...” His face broke out in his gummy smile. He scooted back from the edge of the bed and patted the empty space in front of him. Rose stood up. “Nope. You have to get up. Don’t pout at me!” Yoongi’s face changed from his cute pout back to his gummy smile. “If we don’t leave soon, they’re gonna think something’s up.”
“So? They can think whatever they want. I finally get to call you my girlfriend, but I haven’t seen you in a week. I want to cuddle.”
“Oh my gosh. Your fans would never believe you have this side to you.”
“Whatever. Just get over here.” Yoongi leaned up and grabbed her arm, pulling her onto the bed. She let out a small squeak. Her back was to him and he wrapped his arms around her. After a few seconds, he spoke up. “Nope. This isn’t going to work. Face me.”
Rose stifled a giggle and made a sound like she was annoyed with him.
“If you don’t turn, I’ll turn you myself,” he whispered suggestively in her ear. A small shiver ran down her body. “I guess you want me to.” She quickly turned herself to face him. The room was only barely lit by the light coming through the curtains, but Yoongi could still see the blush on her face. “That’s no fun.”
Rose laughed. “So Jimin’s the obvious perv, and you’re the closet perv?”
“What? No! Not—that’s not—“ The look on his face was too much and Rose burst out laughing again.
“I was just messin’.” Yoongi smiled again. His left hand came up and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.
“A month ago, I would've never thought I’d have the chance to do that.”
Rose smiled lovingly. “Well, now you have the chance to do a lot of things.”
“That I do.”
By the time Rose’s phone pinged with another message from Nina, the two were already asleep. Even the doorbell 15 minutes later didn’t wake them. Nina was greeted in a similar fashion to Rose.
After a chaste peck on the cheek from Jin she asked, “Where’s Rose?”
“She’s been in Yoongi-hyung’s room since she got here.” Jimin’s tone was suggestive.
“Hey, perv boy, my girl is not that.” She ruffled his hair with more force than usual. “Knowing her—and his, what’s it, reputation—they are probably both sleeping.”
“I still don’t understand!” Jungkook spoke to Taehyung. “Why do you guys never tell me anything?”
“You don’t need to know, Kookie,” Jin patted his head. Nina opened the bedroom door.
“See? Sleeping. And with all their clothes on.” The younger boys popped their heads in.
“Why wouldn’t they...Oh.” Jungkook’s face turned pink.
“Should we let them sleep?” Taehyung asked.
“Nope.” Nina stated and walked into the room to wake them up. While she was doing this, Namjoon came out of his room. He stopped when he saw the crowd in front of the room.
“What’re you guys doing? You want him to kill you?” Namjoon asked.
“Check the time.” Namjoon did and realized that Rose and Nina must’ve come.
“Oh,” he laughed. “We lost track of time.” Hoseok came out of the room next. He did pretty much the same thing as Namjoon.
“Nina and Rose are here,” Jin replied.
“Yeah, but why are they all at my and Yoongi-hyung’s room?”
Jin gave Namjoon a look but Jimin, who didn’t see it answered, “Rose-noona fell asleep with hyung so Nina-noona is waking them up.” Hoseok’s mouth twitched downward almost imperceptibly.
“Oh, ok. We’re still gonna watch movies, right? I’ll go pop some popcorn.” Hoseok quickly excused himself to the kitchen. Jimin had already turned his attention back to the funny scene of Nina dodging Rose’s attempts to smack her. Jin and Namjoon exchanged looks and sighed.
A couple minutes later, the crowd broke up so that everyone could make their way to the couches in the living room. Rose sat next to Yoongi in a way that they weren’t snuggling but were still close. Yoongi had told her that he didn’t want to make the other guys uncomfortable with being so close, but his real reason was for Hoseok. When Hoseok came into the living room with the first bag popped, he saw the two of them.
“Aren’t you guys supposed to be a couple?” He asked them.
“Huh?” Rose responded.
“You two should be cuddled up or something, not sitting like you two did before.” Yoongi’s eyes were wide and he looked over to Namjoon who looked equally surprised.
“Ah. We just didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.”
“We’re all adults. Well, I’m not sure about Kookie—“ “Hey!” “—but it’s not like you’re making out anyway. Even those two look closer than you.” Hoseok indicated to Jin and Nina who were the next step from cuddling. “Plus, we’re always busy with schedules. You should make the most out of your time.” Yoongi could see a small hint of sadness on Hoseok’s face, but for the most part, he looked genuinely happy for them. “And anyway, you need to make room for me.” He pushed Namjoon over into Rose who was pushed into Yoongi. “That’s where I’m sitting.”
Yoongi gave a small look of appreciation to Hoseok who responded with a wide smile. Yoongi moved his arm to wrap around Rose’s shoulder and pulled her closer to him. The microwave beeped in the kitchen indicating that the next bag was finished. Hoseok left to move the popcorn along.
“So are we gonna pick a movie or what?” Jimin asked, his hand already reaching for the popcorn. Namjoon smacked his hand and told him to wait for everyone.
“So what kind of movie should we watch?” Jin asked, his arm reflecting Yoongi’s and curling around Nina.
“Romance” “Comedy” “Horror” “Action” “Anime”
“Ugh!” The older ones sighed together. This would take a while.
So, there it is, the epilogue, the final part, of the Too Much series. I hope you enjoyed it. It wasn't much, but I wanted to add a little cuteness and sweetness to the story. Plus, I also wanted to help show that Hoseok, while not jubilant, is doing alright, that he will get better. He really gave me the feels this story.
So thank you all for joining me on this journey, I had a lot of fun. Plus, I got to write something that wasn't essays, term papers, research papers, or other similarly non-fun school work for the first time in 6ish years. So thank you guys for encouraging me even just by simply reading the story. So thank you, truly.
And below is the teaser or whatever for my next story. It's from two different, though related, sections of the first chapter so it does jump. And don't worry, the whole story isn't going to be like the first part, that's just the beginning. WARNING: This story and the small section below does contain some language and very little sensuality. It won't ever get too heavy on the last part because I'm just plain not comfortable with writing that.
“Mmm. Perfect. You’ll do.” The knife went back to her throat as his free hand groped one of her breasts. She closed her eyes and just prayed to God or whoever was listening that it would be as quick and painless as possible. His tongue slid across her collarbone sending a disgusted shudder throughout her body, causing the knife to barely cut her skin.
“Hey!” A voice yelled from the street where she had just been dragged from. Both hers and the man’s attention turned towards the lone man whose breathing seemed to indicate that he had run there. “The fuck do you think you’re doing?”
“I suggest you leave before I cut you.” The man sneered. He was obviously not intimidated by just one man. He turned his attention back to her, the sneer still on his face.
“Jesus, hyung. Why did you run like—“ The second man’s voice stopped as he saw the same scene. He was still huffing to catch his breath. “The fuck? You’ve got to be kidding me.” A second later, five more men caught up to the first two.
“What’s the matt—“ the third voice cut off. With the appearance of the other men, the man with the knife finally stopped and turned his full attention to the newcomers. He took the blade and brandished it towards them.
“Back off. This is none of your business.” The previous arrogance and spite in his voice was replaced by fear. When the men advanced, he was quick to turn the blade back to her throat. “Back off or I’ll slit her throat.”
The first man who arrived spoke up. “No you won’t. I suggest you let her go and give yourself a head start before we get over there and take care of you ourselves.” The streetlight was behind him so his face was shrouded in shadows, but his voice resonated with authority. The eyes of the man with the knife flickered back and forth between her and the men who were slowly, but steadily, approaching.
“I’d run if I were you,” her second savior warned.
. ***later***
“Oh, we should probably introduce ourselves. I’m Seokjin, but you can just call me Jin,” her first savior said. “This is—“
“Hoseok,” her second savior cut in as he gave her a beaming smile.
The one carrying her backpack was the next to answer. “I’m Jimin,” he smiled gently at her. She smiled back.
“I’m Taehyung,” the hyper one piped up. His voice was surprisingly deep considering how old he looked.
“I’m Yoongi,” said the blonde man who had asked if she wanted them to call the police. She was also pretty sure that he was the one who had spoken up when the whole group ran to the first two.
“I’m Namjoon.” This was the other blonde one who had said that they wouldn’t call after she snapped at them. He had deep dimples that were even more prominent in the strange lighting.
The last one to answer was the one who had asked if she was hurt after she had burst into tears, “I’m Jungkook.” She made sure to run through their names several times to try to keep them straight.
They looked to her, silently asking her name. “I’m Jiyoung.”
So this is an excerpt from the first chapter. I may change things a bit as I write more of the story. But the synopsis is this:
Jiyoung lost her parents, and her memory, in an accident when she was very young. After her grandparents, who took care of her for a while, passed away, she is adopted into a family. After a long time, she finally mustered up the courage to escape from that home because staying would mean losing the rest of herself. She tries to find her aunt, her last biological family. It is then that she runs into the man above. The guys save her. She has no money so the chaebol friends offer her a place to stay with them. The sister of two of the members also lives with them and becomes Jiyoung’s first friend in a long time. In an almost uncanny way, Jiyoung and the guys become fast friends.
One of the members falls for her at first sight and another member is fast on his heels. And Jiyoung also starts to fall for someone. Jiyoung reminds another of them of the sister he lost in an accident when he was a child. Everyone says that she died, but he refuses to give up completely until they find her body. And there’s just something about Jiyoung that stirs up those long-lost brotherly feelings. As time goes on, what will happen to all of their feelings? Tensions will rise and fall. And the experiences during the time Jiyoung was adopted haunts her present in every way. Can the guys help her to overcome her fears and insecurities? Or will the pain of her yesterdays hold her back from reaching her full potential?
Sorry for the lame teaser. I really suck at writing synopses. Fortunately, my story writing skills are apparently at least marginally better than my summary writing skills. It will be a while until the story comes out, due to work and my OCD editing, but I hope you look forward to it. My initial tagging list will include people who asked me to tag them in my ‘Too Much’ story. Please let me know if you would like to be tagged or untagged for the next story. I haven't decided on a name for it yet, though I have a couple ideas. Credit to @Mavis2478 for the story line.
Until next time, thank you all for reading ‘Too Much’. It was a fun adventure for me and I hope it was for you also.
Tag List <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
cute story! If mine weren't full of smut I'd post my fanfics here. Keep writing girl, you're good at what you do!
@KhrystinaLee Thank you! It's nice to hear that from another writer <3
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