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Become Someone (chapter 5)

"Seven boys. A school full of bullies. Four girls that came to their rescue. Now, those seven boys want help from those four girls. To help them become someone. "The key to become someone is not to change for others, but rather for yourself. Be your own unique and don't be afraid to show others what you got." But, as two fall in love, it causes a disaster. Not only because the seven boys come from wealthy families, but because those four girls are hiding a dark secret that no one should know of."

Ji-Hye's POV:

"Are you perhaps a vampire?" Although it caused me to freeze I managed to go back to my composure. I smirked at him. "What if I said yes?" I took a step closer to him and reached out to touch his cheek. Yoongi stumbled back and once he saw that I was reaching out to touch his cheek, he smacked it away. He looked at me like how every humans looks at vampires. Monsters. I chuckled and looked into his eyes. "See? You just showed me that you were afraid of me. You backed away and looked at me like I'm a monster." I started to grabbed my backpack from his bed. I looked out the window and saw that it stopped raining. I shoved my, almost dried, clothes into it. "I was just playing with you. I'm not a vampire, but I'll be leaving now. I'll return these clothes to you tomorrow." I turn on my heels and grabbed the door knob when I felt him grab my wrist. I looked back at him and he had an expression. He looked regretful, sad, and confused. He continued to stay silent until I finally yanked back my wrist from his grip. I turned around again and opened the door. "Don't come near me again." Was all I said before leaving him behind. I managed to find the front door even though I almost got lost a few times and as I was about to open it. Someone calls out to me. I look back and saw that girl. "What is it?" I say in the coldest tone I could give her. I could see her hesitating, but she finally opens her mouth. "Are you really dating him?" "Why?" She stays silent. I close my eyes and let out a sigh. "No, we aren't. I only kissed him so you'll stop saying nonsense. Not to mention you were also being pitiful" I said honestly. I watch as her mouth agape's. "So, you aren't dating?" "No." "...Then, don't come near him again." I laugh slightly at what she said and she furrows her eyebrows. "What is it? I'm being serious." "Doesn't matter if you're being serious or not. Are you my mother or something? Or my sister? Or yoongi's girlfriend? Cause if you were then I'd understand. But you aren't. You aren't neither. Not even Yoongi's girlfriend." I say mockingly. She flinched at my harsh words. I grinned at her. "Didn't think so. Since you aren't neither, don't act like you can me tell what to do." With that I walk out of the house. When I closed the door behind me, I let out a tired and frustrated sigh. "Damn, maybe I shouldn't have agreed to help these kids" I say under my breath as I began to walk away from the huge house, but as I began to walk away. I felt someone was watching me. Not only that, but my gut was telling me that this wasn't an ordinary person. Another vampire. How do I know? Well, vampires have a "special" kind of scent, that way you don't mix them up with humans. Royalty blood have a stronger scent, and right now, their blood is really strong. I let out a sigh and kept walking. It wasn't until halfway to my house when their scent was stronger. I turned around and saw a guy around his 20's standing in front of me. "Why are you following me?" I ask with a blank expression. "Do you not even know the scent of royalty--" "I do, but i'm asking why you're following me." The guy chuckles. "I see, nowadays commoners don't show any respect." I roll my eye's and turn around, but the guy grabs my wrist and forcefully grabs my chin, and makes me look at him in the eye's. "I heard from a little birdie that a beautiful vampire who's stronger than 90% of our people, lives around the same area as me. After I heard that, I had to come and take a look for myself and I have to say, you're very beautiful, my butterfly." I chuckle and slap his hand away. "And? what are you implying?" "Become my queen... My butterfly." With no hesitation, I flat out refuse. The guy's expression darkens. He raises his fist and was about to punch me, although I could've stopped it, when a silver headed person comes in between me and the guy. He falls down to the ground and it was Yoongi. "The hell are you doing!? Idiot!" I yell out. Like I said, me and this guy are vampires, we have strength that you couldn't imagine. Being punched by one is suicide. But, Yoongi gets up and tries to punch the guy. He kept missing since he was walking weirdly, almost like waddling. I could tell that punch effected him. I grab Yoongi's fist and look at him. "That's enough, Yoongi" I say seriously. He looks at me with worried eyes. "But he was going to hurt you. I can't allow that." I felt my heart throb as I looked at him. I smiled at him. "I'm okay," after saying those words. I covered his eyes and opened my mouth, "Sleep." He immediately fell asleep. He leaned on me and I wrapped my arms around him. My hand was in his hair and other arm wrapped around his waist so I could support him better. "Oh I see. You like this boy, right? I have to say you picked out a good one. He has a sweet scent. Maybe, I can--" "Don't even think about it" I say coldly. I could tell that my eyes were a crimson red now. The look on his face was how I knew. Although, he looked rather confused and his eyes widened at the same time. I furrowed my eyebrows as he started backing away. "What kind of vampire are you?!" "Huh?" "Your eyes! You'd think they'd be red, but they're a royal blue color." "The hell are you talking about? They are red, you idiot" I say. I sigh and turn my head until I see my reflection on a broken mirror that was left here on the side of the street. It wasn't big but I could definitely see that my eyes were a royal blue color, not red. "W-What's this?" I say. I look back at the guy and see him bowing down to me. "What are you doing?" I ask. "Haven't you heard?" He says, still not raising his head. "Heard what?" "Vampires who have a royal blue colored eyes are not only royals, but also rulers of vampires. It was no wonder that I smelt your blood miles away." I stay silent, but then after a couple minutes I let out a laugh. "You're kidding me? Me? The ruler of all vampires? A royal? That's total bullshit" I say while laughing, but the guy continued to stay on his knees with his forehead touching the ground. "...this isn't funny." "You honestly think someone like me, would bow my head down to anyone?" He says. Well, I only meet him a few minutes ago, but seeing how his attitude was, what he said made a lot of sense. "But, why me?" "What do you mean by that? Shouldn't you be happy? You're basically in control of every vampire" he got tired from bowing down and finally stood up. He dusted himself off and looked at me. I shake my head. "I don't even want to be a vampire so why would I be happy about becoming a ruler or whatever?" The guys raised his eyebrows. "You don't want to be a vampire? But why? You have inhuman strength, intelligence, speed, and such. Are you not enjoying them?" He says. I shake my head and sigh. I revert my eyes back to normal. "Well anyways, it was nice seeing a ruler of vampires up close," he says as he turns around and begins to walk away, "anyways, I'll see you around." "I didn't even get your name" I call after him. He turns around and sends me a wink. "My name is Leo." With that he disappears. I click my tongue and I look down at Yoongi who was still unconscious. "A ruler of vampires my butt" I mutter. I carry Yoongi and started walking towards his house again. When we got closer to his house, I could see that girl outside with a look of concern on her face. When she sees me carrying Yoongi she runs towards me. "Mr. Yoongi! What happened!?" I furrow my eyebrows at her high squeaked voice. "Hey, can you quit being so loud? It's annoying. Plus, your precious Yoongi is fine. We hanged out at the park when he fell asleep on my lap. I didn't want to wake him up so I carried him here" I say, realizing maybe that wasn't a good excuse, but I went along with it anyways. She raised her eyebrow. "You carried him? All the way to here?" I shrug and nod my head. She sighs. "Alright, well that's enough. I'll carry him from here" she says and outstretches her arms. Motioning me to give unconscious Yoongi to her. "He's heavy" I say. She furrows her eyebrows. "It doesn't matter I got him." I sigh and give him to her. She tried carrying him the same why I did, but she was obviously having trouble. I watched her as she took one slow step and then another slow step. She was already panting and her face was all red. "You're so damn slow" I say as I grabbed Yoongi and threw him over my shoulder easily. I started walking towards the door. I looked back and see her shocked expression. She looked like a statue standing in the middle of the driveway. "What are you doing? Hurry up and open the door." "R-Right." She hurried over and opens the door, letting me in first. I walk to his room and I stopped when I realized that I didn't remember where it was. I look back and the girl bumps into me. "What is it?" She asks as she placed a hand on her forehead which bumped into my back. "I don't know where his room is." "Ah, right. Follow me then." She walks ahead and I follow her. We pass by a family portrait that was hanged up in a corridor and I stopped walking to look at it. There was a happy looking couple. Huge smiles were placed onto their faces. A little boy was in between them with also a big smile on his face. The woman was beautiful. Long wavy hazelnut hair and green emerald eyes that had a glint in them. Even though it's a portrait, you could feel her vibe of elegance. The man was also quite handsome. Jet black hair that was slightly slicked back. Brown eyes that looked at the beautiful woman. A defined jawline. Muscular looking body. "They're Yoongi's parents" I hear the girl say behind me. I looked back and saw her looking at the picture with admiration in her eyes. "Really?" I say. She nods and smiles but then it turns into a frown. "They're beautiful aren't they? But, because of that. They thought it having a child was a hassle. They both signed a contract with a entertainment agency and never once looked back. They left Yoongi all alone." I stared at the unconscious Yoongi in my arms and hummed. "Anyways, his room?" I say. "Ah, right" she says and she turns around. Before I took a step, I looked at the couple again. Something about them seemed to catch my interest. They looked familiar also, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I shrugged and followed Jess. A couple seconds later, we reach his room. She opens the door and I walk in. I carefully lay him down on the bed. "I'll be right back. I'll cook him some food before he wakes up" she says as she turns around and runs off. "Wait- ah." I sighed. What am I supposed to do? Leave? No, that would seem rude, but he has Jess. I look at Yoongi's peaceful sleeping face. "Whatever" I say, turning around, but before I can take a step. I felt someone grab my wrist. I look back at Yoongi and he had his eyes half open. "Don't leave," he says with sadness and loneliness in his tone, "please don't leave. Don't leave us. Don't leave me. Please." After saying please, he fell back asleep, but his grip on my wrist never faltered. Again, I sighed and I sat on sat down next to Yoongi. All of a sudden I hear crashing sounds from downstairs. Alarmed, I stood up and went to check out what happened. It was Jess. She dropped the plate full of food as she stared wide eyed at someone. I looked in the direction she was staring at and saw a man and a women. They're the people in the portrait. Yoongi's mom and father. They were frowning, but when they saw me. They're eyes darkened and they frowned even deeper. "Why is a vampire here?"
Hey guys! I know lately I've been updating pretty late. I'm really sorry about that. I know they sound like excuses but school hasn't been easy on me. Being a senior and having responsibilities is hard (I could only imagine adulthood). Not to mention school drains every energy out of you. Plus, I lost my dog that I had for years and I'm pretty upset about it that I cried my eyes out *sighs* but it's life right? I don't know, I just feel upset all the time and didn't have the energy to write. But other than my depressing life. There was apparently going to be a shooting at my school so I didn't go today. They found the kid and the gun he brought. I was shaking when I heard because that's pretty tense. I'm glad they caught him though. Anyways, I'll stop with my rambling. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter and leave a comment if you're enjoying it so far (you don't have to though). Also, please ignore my spelling issues :-; Well, I hope you guys have a great day! Bye!


Thankies for the update, I missed this story.😊. Hope everything turns out better for you try not to stress yourself out to much.
i bet his parents are vampire hunters
it's getting so good I'm really liking it 😄 take your time for the next chapter I hope things get better for you 😊 I was a senior last year so I know how stressful it can be lol
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