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Arthur Note: His voice is soft like a feather in the wind and I chase after it like a child in fascination. Enjoy
Junmyeon watched the lights of the passing villages. It made him feel as though he was escaping through the stars. Speeding away at light speed, leaving everything behind. Warm tears feel down his cheeks one by one, he wished it was true. He bit his nail nervously remembering that he hasn't left the planet much less the country. His hands were shaky as he wiped the tears away. Leaning his head against the cold window, cooled his skin a little. His heart was breaking thinking about his family and friends and what they're going through right now. Running away isn't the best option but he didn't want to be sitting in jail, waiting for a miracle, waiting to wake up from a nightmare. "Where are we going?" He finally asked. They hadn't spoken since they left the city. He gazed over at Chanyeol, as he waited for an answered, he remembered the first time they met. To Junmyeon, Chanyeol had been this tall lanky kid that didn't know anything and had looked to him for guidance. Junmyeon instantly felt proud that he was able to watch him grow into a strong and talented individual. Chanyeol chuckled, "A friend of a friend said we can come to their house. In a way, she's an in-law." After a few more miles, Chanyeol turned the blinker on and turned off the highway down a long winding road. There were a few houses along the way, a lot of space in between from what Junmyeon could see in the dark. They pulled up to a gate, it opened and they pulled into the drive way. There was a black car sitting in front of them. Junmyeon noticed how familiar it looked, it looked like Sehun's old car but the last time he'd seen that car was months ago. He figured Sehun had sold it or traded it for the Mercedes. "Who lives here?" Junmyeon asked. "Jun... I'm gonna have to make you promise," He turned to Junmyeon, looking at him dead serious, "You have to promise that you will never tell Sehun you were here. Got it? Sehun will be very mad if he ever found out." "Sehun? I don't understand but I trust you so I promise." Junmyeon agreed. Chanyeol nodded and they got off the car and headed for the front door. "You made it," they both jumped back startled. Junmyeon heard a woman laugh a little. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I was just waiting for you." Chanyeol clutched his chest "Aish, Noona! You scared me to death!" Junmyeon heard a voice he hadn't heard in a long time. He pulled his phone out and turned the light on and flashed it at the figure sitting on the porch step. It was her. Their Noona. Sehuns noona, "Oh my god, noona it's been so long." He went to her, pulled her to her feet and hugged her tightly, "I've missed you, I really have." Chanyeol pulled him back, shaking his head and waving his finger in a no-no gesture at him. She just laughed and invited them inside. "You must be hungry and tired. Do you want anything to eat or drink?" She motioned to them sit down in the living room. "That'll be great." Chanyeol said. She went to kitchen, he got up to follow her, "let me help." "I can manage. Just sit and relax." She told him. As soon as she was gone, Junmyeon immediately asked, "How did you know where to find her?" "I've been here a couple times with Sehun. If he knew I brought you here, he would have came out too. He's very protective of her. But Jun, what ever you see, you need to keep it to yourself." Junmyeon looked at him confused, "Why are you saying this? I know, I understand. She was my friend too." "Yeah but Jun..." Chanyeol started to say but she came walking back in. "I wasn't sure if you'd like coffee, that's all I have right now." She said setting a tray down in front of them. Chanyeol smiled and handed a cup to Junmyeon. It was only a little while before Chanyeol had fallen asleep on the couch while Junmyeon and her talked. But he was a bit distracted in his conversations. She was getting that feeling he wanted to talk about something but was holding back. "So I've been watching the news. Is it as bad as they say it is?" She asked, "Sehun is worried. He doesn't know what to do." "I don't know where to start." He said burying his face into his hands. "I know I didn't kill her because she was still very much alive when I left her house. She was crying and screaming at me but she was alive. The news reporter said she was beaten to death and left for dead but I never laid a finger on her except for when she charged at me but I had good reason. I thought she had something in her hand so I pushed her away." "Umm... What started the argument?" "I went to break up with her. We'd been dating only a couple months but she was acting like it was more than that. She started talking about getting married, but that's something I wasn't interested in because in my heart she was just someone I was dating. In the beginning, it was great, she was so nice that I did consider introducing her to my parents but one day she changed just like that. She became very demanding. You know what our schedules are like, I couldn't spend every day with her but she wouldn't accept that. We went to China for three days to do a couple promotions and she was constantly calling, she even accused me of lying about my whereabouts. She went from girlfriend to sasaeng. She threatened to expose our relationship the first time I tried to break up with her so I stayed but I couldn't take it anymore. I never laid a hand on that girl, not even when she hit me or slapped me." "Junmyeon!" She looked at him sympathically, "Was she hurting you?" He stared down at his cup, swirling the coffee around and around. This was something he didn't want to admit, it was hard to say because he kept making up excuses for her actions. Blaming himself for making her upset enough to explode. "Junmyeon, there's no excuse for it. Obviously there was something wrong with her. It sounds like she was trying to dictate how your relationship should go. Trying to control you. But still it seems odd how she died if that was all you did." She was thinking hard, trying to connect everything she's heard from the news and what he just said. "I want to help you but I don't know how." "I don't want to burden you with this and you shouldn't get involved. It's too complicated, I'm driving myself crazy thinking about it." He got up and walked around the room. He was starting to feel the long day catch up to him. He yawned. "Maybe you should get some sleep." She looked at Chan and smiled, "I guess he's sleeping on the couch. You can sleep in the spare room." He followed her to a room he figured Chan stayed in during those times he mentioned. He watched her go to the closet to get some blankets out, they were sitting high on a shelf. As she was reaching up for them, her shirt pulled up a bit, he was about to look away but at the last second, he couldn't. What he saw gave him a shock. He hadn't noticed before because of the robe she wore. "Noona..." He said softly. She turned to him, looking at him curiously. He walked over and took the blankets from her. He mindlessly placed his hand on her small protruding belly and felt it move a little. Her eyes went wide, she pushed his hand away, pulling her robe close. "Is this why you disappeared all of a sudden? I thought you two broke up so I never bothered asking him about it." "Alright then" she huffed a little,"You all were going to find out later. I wanted to keep it a secret for as long as possible but he wants to make everything known before the baby is born. It makes me nervous thinking about it. He doesn't realize how much shit is going to hit the fan. Well maybe he does but he doesn't care, he doesn't want to keep us in hiding anymore." She said sounding a bit iffy. Junmyeon started to grin, "Why are you grinning like that?" "Because I'm going to be an uncle... When's the wedding? You better not get married without inviting us." He watched her face scrunch up, rubbing her neck nervously. It dawned on him, he remembered something Chanyeol had said earlier, she's an in-law. "Did you two get married?" She nodded slowly, "yes" Junmyeon playfully clenched his heart, "Oh noona, you've broken my heart stealing my best friend and having his baby." He laughed, she pushed his shoulder, telling him to shut up. "Ow." He said, his faced dropped, she frowned as his mood dropped so sudden. He rubbed his shoulder a bit trying to smile. "I'm sorry. Can I take a look?" She asked. He hesitated, then slowly took his shirt off. She couldn't believe what she saw, she had to cover her mouth to keep from whimpering at the sight of him. His chest was bruised black and blue, there were scratches and even a bite mark in the spot where she had pushed him. The bruises on his back were yellowish, she couldn't tell if they new or if they were on their way to healing. She disappeared and came back with an ice pack. He moved it around on his chest, the cold ice felt good. It startled him when he felt her warm arms around him. "Junmyeon, what did she do to you?" He started to cry.
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