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Here's Ken's version of my VIXX Virtual date series. Enjoy!! ^^
First off he'd want to look nice but casual, and show up at your place in a taxi you guys would ride in together. of course it would be a deluxe taxi though. nothing but the best for his honey bun.
He'd take you to Lotte World and you'd spend a day together playing and goofing off together. You'd ride everything from kiddie rides to the scary ones. He'd even play a couple games and win you a plushie to take home.
Throughout the date you'd have a hard time not staring at him and his handsome profile. occasionally he'd catch you and give you a cute wink.
After your fill of thrills and laughs, he'd take you to the department store area outside the park to the giant ferris wheel, to have a moment of quiet and solitude as the giddiness of a fun filled day wears off. He'd chat and do or say things that make you giggle. But when you're at the very top, when you least expect it, he'd lean in and steal a kiss from you, and you'd let him steal more as you come down.
When it's time to go home, he'd call another deluxe taxi and ride with you to your place but you'd be exhausted and he'd let you rest your head on his shoulder until you were home.
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I like love ken virtual date. I just love Ken. He's my bias wrecker from VIXX 😍
@MandyNoona - Thanks!
So sweet. I liked his date too!!
Oh my word. So cute!! What is Lotte world? I don't think I've ever heard of it. 😬
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