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who's excited for the new episode coming up?
well Zamastu but I guess Zamastu trained Black so if Black went to earth on his orders or not depends u can correct me on the training part
you make sense! are you talking about black or zamastu?
I am cause it makes no sense what so ever the bad guy shouldn't even know about earth since goku doesn't exist in trunks timeline all that destruction shouldn't be happening think about it and tell me I'm wrong the bad guy came to earth because of goku but goku has been dead since the beginning of the Android Saga in Trunks time line so why is he there he came from a completely different universe and calls all intelligent life humans and not only that this version of Trunks sucks, Vegeta attain Super Sayian Blue to still get his butt kicked when he's suppose to match Goku to me the fact that this is canon is sad GT blows this away
you're right. black and zamastu are a good team