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1)Theon and Yara Greyjoy: After they reached kings landing along with the unsullied and Deanerys,they will have more threat by their uncle who is most likely to kill them because of their alliance with Khaleesi. 2)Norah Mormont:It's obvious as he his gonna turn into a stone man now! 3)Daario Naharis:The masters won't keep him alive while he is in Marine nor would the people of Marine. Well that's all I have got,if you too have any suggestions your free to comment!
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i dont really think theon and yara will die next season, i mean they have dragons watching their back as they've made aggreement with danny. i think cersei is the one that will likely to die next season after she gone mad and blew the sh*t out of the faith millitant
May be, may be not!