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Chapter 2 ************* "Hahahaha" a high pitch voice giggled. I ran after the voice. A wooden stake in my hand. I was panting hard from running after the vampire. N gave me a manila folder this morning from the council. "You can't find me!!!" "You can't find me!!!" The voice sang in the shadows. "Hahahaha" I circled around to make sure it didn't attack me. I tighten my grip on the stake. "Stop playing games and come out!" I shouted at the vampire. "Come get me first." The voice whispered in my ear. I swang my arm as they did the annoying high pitch laugh. Every attack blew me to the ground. When I tried to get up, I was knocked off my feet again. Cursing under my breathe. I was finally able to get on my feet. The vampire was comming at me but I used my spiritual energy to knock the vampire off its feet. The vampire seemed surprise by this. I charged at the vampire as he threw each other to the ground. When I was finally ontop of the vampire. I got a good close look at her. She looked like a teen girl with silver eyes. She had a smirk on her face but I ignored it. "Oh you got me" she said as giggles were coming out. She seemed like she was the insane one. She was in a black cloak with a black dress. In the corner of my eyes I saw a tattoo of a blackrose snaked around her wrist with a pentagram in the middle of the bloomed rose. I heard a rattle coming from around us. I snapped my head up to see where it was coming from but I was thrown off by the female vampire and she disappeared into the shadows. I cursed under my breath again as I picked myself up and dusted the dirt off of me. I went to go see where the rattling sound came from but there was nothing. Sighing, I decided to head to Vixx house. Opening the door to the house which look like a masion on the outside. I stepped in the house with the door closed behind me. "I see your here" A voice said making me jump. As a reflex I took out my stake and held it out. The owner of the voice stepped out of the shadows, it was Ravi. I lowered the stake and put it up. I looked at him. "Don't scare me like that" I muttered to him. His red eyes seem the stare me down as he took a long time checking me out. "Your bleeding" his voice got soft as he came near me. I stepped back but only to have my back meet the door. His hand rised up to cup my cheek as he stared into my eyes. His thumb stroked across my cheek as he lowered his head  closer to me. I was like a statue, I couldn't move away as he was this close to me. He closed his eyes as his face was a inch away from my face. I kept my eyes open, staring at him this close up, I studied his face structure and wanted to kiss his lips. I could feel his body getting closer to me as he had one hand rest up against the door and his knee between my legs so I was trapped. I was waiting for him to do something, see how close our body and face were. "Ravi!!!" "Stop it!! Why are you hitting me" the voice was Hongbin and I was pretty sure Hyuk was hitting Hongbin. "Ravi" Hongbin voice said as he found us. Ravi sighed and took a step back. He turned to Hongbin and Hyuk. By their face expression they seemed like they were scared by Ravi's expression. I couldn't see because Ravi's back was facing me. They ran out of the area, leaving Ravi and me in the door way. Ravi looked over his shoulder and looked at me. "Go get cleaned up." He said as he left me standing there thinking of what just happened. "Shaking it off, I head to the room." Ravi somehow got me clothes without me knowing. But what surprised me the most is that he knew me size. Gathering clothes, I headed for the bathroom. Turning the warm water on, I stepped into the tub. I let the water run down my face and body as images of the girl and Ravi popped up. I had questions. Who was the girl? Why did she have a black rose with a pentagram on her wrist? Was she really insane? Did her clan make her insane? Was Ravi going to kiss me? Or was he just taking me in by smell? I thought of these as I washed myself up. Turning off the water and drying myself off. I quickly put my clothes on me and comb my hair. I threw my clothes in the basket and put medicine on the scrapes I had from fighting with the female vampire. I sat down on the floor with the folder in my hand as I looked in it. Nothing made sense in this folder. There was missing information that I needed to find. And the only way was to research on my own. ~Ravi P.O.V~ I was in my office, as I was trying to calm myself down. When Hongbin and Hyuk interrupted Lei and I's moment. I had my demon self take over. It was a good thing they did or things would have came to the worse end. Sittung there in my office chair in the dim light. I had thoughts running through my head.  I wanted to take her right then and there. I brought my close to my face to rub it but smelled the blood that I whiped off her face. Bringing my thumb to my lips, I got the metallic taste of her blood on my taste buds. She tasted good. It made me want her even more then I did now. I slamed my hand on the desk as I tried to keep myself from jumping out of the chair to look for her. I couldn't hurt her even more then I already did. Put my head on the desk, I tried to breath in and out slowly. I had to keep myself in control and not my demon. "Keep yourself in control Ravi" I told myself as I kept my face down on the desk and closed my eyes to keep me calm. "Just don't let your demon get the best of you."
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Aaww yay Ravi is trying to fight his demon side! He is going to be such a softy when he finally does! And Im really curious about this vampire girl and the missing info on her.
He's already a softie for Lei. 😂😂😂 but yeah this mystery girl and the missing info on her is gonna be interesting 😂😂😂