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Who:Reader X Woo Jiho (Zico) What: I don't even know y'all (No angst though) Chapter 4 Story: You and your best friend Park Jihoon left America to be apart of the South Korean K-pop group called NTERNational. Two years have gone by and while the popularity of the group has grown you, as the only female of the group, have been starting to feel like you need to step up in order to get the group to the top. Good thing you meet the one rapper out there that challenges you to be the best...
Zico's POV As usual, Block B performed with amazing energy. Zico and his band mates craved the sound of the audience cheering along and singing with them. Nothing could beat the rush of getting lost in the music and hearing the crowd cheer them on.... Well nothing except for the rush he got when he got off stage. NTERNational, one of the groups that were such huge fans of them, praised them as they walked back stage. Who should his eyes immediately fall on other than their leader Tiger. Her baggy pants gave him no satisfaction as he was hoping she'd wear something fitting to give him an idea of how her thighs looked in person. She was smiling from ear to ear happy and excited. He could hear her as she turned to her band mates and said she was really nervous. He took note when Wang said that he could tell because he could see her wisdom teeth. He couldn't resist the urge to grab her hand before she got on stage and tell her that they'd do great and he wished her luck. She seemed to be both happy and caught off guard by the gesture. He realized how the contact may have made her a little more nervous so he gently pulled back his hand and waved to her as she moved out behind her band mates. Block B, Got7 and BTS couldn't help but dance to Excuse Me while they sat in the green room. The song was hot, the beat got them moving especially when the chorus hit. Y/N's movements where crisp and hit exactly right, like she had done this dance a million times. She probably had, she was the main dancer along with her long time best friend G.O. They had probably choreographed the whole thing. If that was the case it was really impressive how well the other guys got the dance down because as cool as it looked, it looked difficult as hell and he doubted he'd be able to do it himself. The flirting between her and Tiger was a cute addition to the dance, they seemed so natural at it, he wondered if in reality they really were going out. He was pretty confident that she liked him, maybe even a little but the only way to really find out if they were seeing each other was to ask. Mr.Kim said she was just comfortable around boys though. She didn't hold back when it came to hanging around them. She connected faster with men then women, Mr.Kim said it had to do with the fact that she was raised along side six older brothers. Men were always around her, she had 'boyish' like tendencies. Zico liked girlier girls but he also liked Tiger. She was interesting and she was a great rapper. Her charisma on stage was unmistakable. She got him excited. When the lights went off and their shoes not only lit up the dance floor but they seemed to blink on beat with the music all three groups backstage went wild with amazement. Their music video for Excuse Me was mostly storyline with few points where they danced and if they did they were dancing silly or dancing like they were in a club. This dance was made purely for the entertainment of those that watched. Even those that weren't Runways had to admit this performance was probably the best one they ever gave in the two years they've been out. At the end of their performance, when the voting was going on, he saw how she was holding her members hands. Yeah she was comfortable around men. The face she made when they out beat Block B was priceless. They didn't beat them by too much which made him feel a bit proud that so many still voted for Block B but he was happy for NTERNational to get the award. His members took to giving hugs to the members. He saw her slip next to Wang and hugged him before she whispered in his ear. He whispered in hers shortly after. Then 10k took her attention away sometime later. They all danced to Excuse me as the show came to an end. The other groups came to congratulate them and Zico missed his chance to tell her she did amazing. He regretted it even more when Minhyuk later on that night leaned over and said, "She looked really comfortable with that guy. I wonder if they really are dating." "If you want to know so bad just go ask them." Zico said with a cocked eyebrow. Minhyuk laughed, "Well I'm not the one interested in the girl, although she did have a nice butt." "You were checking out her ass?" Zico asked. Minhyuk nodded, "Just a little, dancers sometimes have really good butts. If you ever want to know who the dancer of a group is though, look at the thighs. The thighs tell you everything and if you can't see the thighs the butt is the next thing to look at." "So you were checking out her ass to see if she was a dancer?" Zico said. Minhyuk looked to the side guilty and said, "Sure let's go with that." Zico rolled his eyes, she was comfortable with him but they were band mates. Even he knew that was just a rocky situation. He texted her to try and see if he could start a good enough conversation to ask her but she never got back to him. He didn't take offense they were either tired or celebrating their win. Beating a band they admired was probably more than a dream come true even if it was on M Countdown. It was a win and it meant something, now MAMA's was something different. The entire group was working for that goal best single and best album was in their sights. He wondered if she was aware that they were going to perform at their concert together. She had to have known, she was the leader after all and it was their concert. It was about a month until they had their concert too. They should've started practicing a while ago. Mr.Kim was probably going to bring them together soon. He showed up at the building the next day and was headed for his recording booth when he heard music blasting through the doors. He peaked through the doors and saw her dancing. She had baggy gray sweats on and a black fitted tank top. She was dancing to one of their songs. When her rap came up, she not only mimed the movements of her actually rapping but she kept the dancing on beat. She didn't miss a step. This was one of their other high tempo beats and he could see why she was practicing this particular song. The dance was a high intensity workout. Her flips and foot work were just amazing to watch. She had taken on the full aspect of being an entertainer. The music was so loud when he opened the door to come in she didn't hear him. She glanced in the mirror to see him and he saw her smile. She continued the dance until it was over though. When the song finished, Zico clapped impressed. She laughed, out of breath and grabbed a towel to wipe the sweat off. While she reached for her water bottle and took a sip he said, "You're really good. Now I can see why you beat us yesterday." She smiled bigger and there they were, he could see her wisdom teeth. She was nervous around him, that made him smile even more. She bowed thanking him and he shook his head, "You don't have to do that, I'm not that much older than you." he said. "Jihoon told me it was respectful." she explained. "It is but it's not necessary for me. It just makes me feel older than I am." he said. She chuckled and looked away from him to set her water bottle down. Zico took that opportunity to walk further into the practice room. "So what happened to your other members?" he asked. "Today we had the day off so they decided to go out and have fun. I think Hae-il is still asleep though, poor guy was exhausted last night." she said. "You didn't want to hang out with them?" She sighed, "No, Wang kind of pissed me off last night so I think it's best we have a little space from each other." she said. Zico raised an eyebrow, "Lovers quarrel?" She chuckled, "No more like band mates spat. I don't think it's a good idea to get involved with your band mates anyway. I mean if you do at least be together when you first debut don't do it in the middle of it, you know. Plus I doubt Haneul even thinks of me like that." Zico was a little happy she said that but just because she didn't think he liked her didn't meant that he didn't. Out of all the members G.O and her seemed like a couple or even her and 10k he never expected Wang to be the one that actually seemed to be into her. He was too infatuated with her to notice, when they were at the restaurant, that Wang looked like he wanted to rip Zico apart but Minhyuk noticed it. He was pretty good at noticing things like that and if he saw it then it must've been true that Wang had feelings for his leader. Normally he wouldn't dream of getting in the way of two people who liked each other but Y/N seemed oblivious to the fact that Wang was into her. If he did anything flirtatious she would probably just assume he was playing around as a friend. Zico however liked her too and he would take the opportunity to get her since he had the chance. "What did he do to piss you off?" he asked. "Uh- it's kind of complicated I think. Let's just say we were teasing each other back and forth and somewhere along the line things got a little touchy. In hindsight, it was probably me that said something to make him upset but he should've known I was just playing. He's known me for two years he should know I'd never intentionally say something to insult or piss him off. He's one of my best friends but even Jihoon and I have pissed each other off. I'll get over it." Zico nodded, "Well have you eaten?" he asked. "I had breakfast this morning." "It's one o'clock." "What?" She looked at her phone and her eyebrows raised. "Whoa I've been here for a long time. I could've been working on my rapping. Damn it." Zico chuckled, "Well let's go get you some food and we can go work on your rap skills after." He walked over and his hand ran up her arm to her shoulder and to the top of her back to push her along. She shivered at his touch though and looked at him with wide eyes almost as if she were screaming inside wishing that he hadn't noticed it. He smiled at her and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. She seemed even more tense then before and she had gotten quiet. He chuckled and said, "Y/N you're actually really cute." he said. Her stammering came back from when they first met, "T- thank you." He decided to stop teasing her and let her go but he could hear the small breath she was holding finally being released. He beckoned her to follow with a wave of his hand and started talking about rapping to get her relaxed. This next part would be fun, she might loosen up more if she had an incentive. So he'd challenge her to a rap battle. They could come together and bring their best rap skills forth which would give her enough practice and him some more time to spend around her hopefully without Wang tagging along. Haneul's POV Last night when he heard her teasing him about his ideal type he got a little over annoyed. He came so close to kissing her but he kept his cool. Gripping the arms to her chair until his knuckles turned white helped. She had no idea how she made him feel. She was more than an inspiration to him and the others, she was just a ball of sunshine that he adored so much. He remembered in the beginning, when they first met, how she said she admired his talent as a rapper. Every time the guys playfully said that she was his number one fan she would say she almost fell for him. Some how in the passing year he had started wanting that to be truer and truer. That she might have actually been into him enough that she wanted to be with him. She had never been on a proper date before, she never really fell in love before. He thought at one point at least her and Jihoon had a thing when they were back in America. As dense as she was, she was also pretty frank. So when she said she never had feelings for Jihoon he wondered what it took to make her fall for someone. She was asked her ideal type once and she said she didn't know if she had one, although at the time she was fawning over Mino, Jay Park and Zico. She seemed to get real excited over rappers. She always thought she lacked in the feminine department because she'd rather wear sweatpants and a tank with a hoody than a dress or skirt. She wore one every once in a while; she never said she was uncomfortable but he could tell she had to mentally remind herself how to sit when she was in a dress. Sitting crossed legged on the floor, or leaning back in a chair with her legs open wasn't exactly a proper way to sit in a dress. Not when everyone could very easily look up said dress, especially when everyone was a room full of men. If they weren't in a band together he would've kissed her but it wasn't that easy for him to show his feelings for her. It was even harder for him to hide the fact that he was jealous that she liked Zico. Even if she tried to deny it a little, he knew she liked him. He was the rapper of Block B, he had a tough exterior. He was someone that impressed, amazed and captured her attention. He once was able to do that but she had gotten too used to him. He got so close to getting lost into his own fantasies of going out on a date with her that he almost lost himself. He basically confessed to her and she didn't even know it. It was probably best she didn't know it. They were roommates and band members. He woke up the next morning with the intention of apologizing to her. After he'd woken up the others and she woke up Jihoon, he went to go talk to her but she avoided him. He had annoyed her and she was still pissed at him. He didn't even notice she was upset when he left. She completely ignored him and told Jihoon that she was going to the practice room to dance. He nodded and told her they'd all meet up with her later. That was still a roommate habit of theirs. She told him where she was going so that he knew she was safe. If something happened he knew where to look first. That and so he knew when she was coming back home, unlike her Jihoon did not shy from having women at their place. Of course he didn't do that here. The way the two of them acted like brother and sister one minute and then a couple the next always made it hard for him and the others to label their relationship accurately. "What was that all about?" Jihoon asked. "What?" "You think I wouldn't notice she was giving you the silent treatment? I've gotten the silent treatment from her before, a few times actually. What happened between you two?" he asked. "Nothing." "Obviously it wasn't just nothing, other wise she wouldn't be giving you the silent treatment." "I was a little mean to her last night. I didn't mean to I was going to apologize this morning-" "Don't bother, she'll calm down and come back to you before the end of the day. You can apologize then but trying to talk to her before she's calmed down isn't just useless it's dangerous. Trust me." "Sure." "So you like her?" Jihoon smiled. Haneul looked back at him, his eyebrow twitched slightly. "She's our leader of course I like her. She's our friend." Jihoon chuckled, "You looked like you were ready to murder Zico the day he saw us in the restaurant. You were staring hard at her. I'll say this Wang- hyung I've seen you display a lot of emotions before but jealousy was never one until just recently. Don't feel bad though she tends to have that effect on people and not even realize it herself. She's too dense to notice when people close to her have feelings for her. I know that feeling too." "You liked her?" Haneul asked. Jihoon shrugged, "For a brief moment when we lived together. She walked around the house with sweatpants and a sports bra on. When I tell you Y/N doesn't care about how she's dressed in front of men it's not a lie. She's practically a guy sometimes. I just think I liked her because we got along so well and I got to see her body a few times , not in like a creeper kind of way but I saw her abs a lot. She had a nice shape. She's hot but she's also my friend and I realized that my attraction to her was more physical than emotional so I never really told her about it. For the sake of our friendship, I'd rather be her close friend than her distant ex. If your feelings for her are just physical I beg you, for the sake of the group, kill them now. Other wise it will get messy." "You're assuming things Jihoon." Haneul said. "No, I'm not because that look on your face is more telling than you'd like it to be. You like her hyung." Jihoon smiled at Haneul and finished the last sip of his coffee before he walked out of the kitchen. Jihoon liked her too huh, she didn't know a thing about it. She slept in the same bed with him without a care in the world. Nothing to her seemed inappropriate, how was he supposed to tell her he liked her or even kill his feelings for her? How did Jihoon do it? He said his attraction was just physical, the only time Haneul really saw her in a sports bra was when she was in the practice room or if it was a part of her outfit for the stage or music video. Very rarely did she do that with the other boys in the house. Maybe she was told not too. Jihoon probably said something to her to get her to stop but she did wear fitted tanks around the house like the guys. She was frustrating but he didn't think his feelings for her was just physical. Jihoon was subtly trying to tell him to give up his feelings for her because it may interfere with the band. He thought about the consequences as well but he also really liked her. Her smile, and laugh. The way she danced goofy or the way she took charge during practice to get everyone on the same beat and make sure their movements were fluid. He liked how she stayed up late trying to produce more music with him for the band. He liked how she encouraged the guys to do their best and also have fun during a performance, she reminded them to behave or even the way she called him Oppa. Y/N knew him, at least more than she knew Zico. What made her so infatuated with him? It just pissed him off. He didn't listen to Jihoon he headed to see Y/N at the practice room. Through the window of the door, he could see Zico and her talking. He watched as his hand made its way up her arm and to her upper back. It annoyed him that she would try to deny that she wasn't interested in him but then she let him touch her. Whatever he said in her ear made her more flustered. The cute face she made had irritated him further than he should've been. He turned around and went out the building. "Fuck." he said irritated with himself. He stood outside fuming for a moment before the doors to the building slid opened and they walked out together with his arm around her again. When she saw him she loudly said, "Haneul!" and came over to hug him as if she hadn't given him the silent treatment earlier. He smiled at her and hugged her back especially because he could see the slight annoyance in Zico's eyes when she slipped from his hands. She looked up and said, "Sorry I made you upset last night. I guess I had sometime to think about it and I was in the wrong." Oh, so that was why Jihoon told him to wait. A girl that admitted when she was wrong, that was kind of funny. Although, honesty, she hadn't done anything wrong. She was just blind to how he felt and perhaps that was a good thing. "Hey we're going to get something to eat. Zico do you mind if Haneul oppa tags along?" "No not at all the more the better." he said. He could read his tone and could tell he didn't want him to come but Y/N completely missed it. "I need your help on the mix anyway so we can work together for the next song." she said. Haneul nodded and she headed to her car, Zico walked up to Haneul with a smile. "She's cute isn't she?" he said. "She's very pretty." Haneul answered. "She's a great rapper too you both are but even you must realize going out with your band member isn't a wise decision." Zico said. "We're not going out but as her friend I think you should be careful about how you put your hands on her. Wouldn't want her getting the wrong idea that you actually like her." "Maybe that's the point." Zico smiled. He walked over to her car and leaned over to say something to her. For someone he respected as a rapper, he really annoyed him. Zico was plainly aware of the fact that Haneul wanted Y/N and he knew it would be easier for him because she already liked him and they weren't band mates...
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