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Hey guys!!! I'm here with another FanFic Appereciation card. Sorry this is a day late, I didn't get off of work until 6pm and I did my weekly cleaning so I can have a free day Saturday. Anyways!!! Today's Author: @Matokokepa FanFic: A Little Exo Group: Exo Description: In the the story Exo are at a hotel after having a concert. Baekhyun went to go get drinks for Chanyeol and him when he see a lady outside of Exo hotel rooms. The mysterious lady leaves Exo a dream that they all share but when they wake up they find themselves in an unknown place and everything is big. What happen to them is that there were skrinked. After freaking out, a girl come in with a food of tray. She gives them clothes. She tells Exo that her grandma made them small. When she leaves and comes back she finds them trying to escape so she tells them to nap. When Sehun and Baekhyun wakes up they go explore and gets saved by the grandma from a cat. When the grandma tells them to wake up the other, they do and goes back to the grandma. They learn that its the girl birthday and they are her gift. As they look around, Baekhyun finds a journal of the grandma's and has Jongin read it because it was in English. What I think: This fanfic has a nice twist to it. I enjoy reading it because its different from other exo fanfics I have read before. I can't wait to see what happens at the end. So I hoped you all enjoyed this little review. I'm not very good at summerizing. Please go check out this fanfic. JKONICS: @kpopaddict16 @MaritessSison @MomoChamie @RandomName  @sarahdarwish @Animezkpopgirl  @Jaysbae13 @SuniWilcox @HurdKpop @MayraYanez @conversehigh @AmberRelynn  @SindyHernandez @AvisSpirit @CLAKPOP @AngelaDarkness @Eliortiz13 @MeghanJorgina My Ex's & O's: @Kpossible4250 @Rina143 Triple F: @JenniCinneman @twistedPuppy
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