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Before you go any further let me just say there will be spoilers in the card for Plastic Memories, Angel Beats and for the new anime Orange! Day 12 is Saddest anime scene! I couldn't really just pick one so I picked 4 based on my personal favorite!
1st off is the death scene of Isla from Plastic Memories! This anime will make you cry the whole way through but the ending scene is by far the most heartbreaking! Like Your Lie in April you already know what's going to happen even before it does but the way this was carried out was just hit me extremely hard. Could you imagine going on a ferris wheel ride with the one you love knowing that by time the ride is over she will be gone. Tsukasa has my respect and admiration for going through this!
Kakerus letter to his future self in the anime Orange. This is another that will make you feel through out the series. But what really struck a cord with me was the end of episode 3 when in the future time line while reading their time-capsule letters. They read all theirs but when they got to Kakerus, who was killed in an accident, they find out a shocking truth. That it wasn't an accident but suicide. The letter was basically an apology and a goodbye to his friends. (this letter was written in high school 10 years before, and he died just a couple years before they read the letter. In short...he planned for suicide long before his death because he felt responsible for his mother's suicide.
Most of us know this one, Yui last scene in Angel Beats. We all knew she was going to disappear but not like! After finally having her #1 wish realized to fall in love with someone who'll marry her even though in the real world she was paralyzed and couldn't even more on her own. Hinata didn't care, said that they would've meet regardless and that her would've loved her then as he did now only just to see her vanish right before his eyes!
Kanade final scene from Angel Beats as well! It was really hard to pick between Kanade and Yui scenes that's why I picked both! This this one!! From holding the girl you love in your arms one second to having her disappear right then and there is just cruel to Otonashi and to us! The part that really hit me the hardest was when the moment she disappeared and Otonashi was grasping at the air for Kanade who was no longer there!
Oh man, I nearly cried just making this card! To me these were the saddest scenes I could think of right now! Well I'll leave it at that beforw I really do start crying! Tagging below (if you want to be added just let me know!) @hikaymm @AimeBolanos @otakudemon10 @biancadanica98 @belakttocs @SAMURXAI
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I read the manga for Orange do I already know that's sad, and I plan to watch the anime after it finishes airing. I watched Angel Beats and yes that's sad. I started Plastic Memories but only the 1st episode.
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I cried in the 1st episode of Plastic Memories so I think I will cry more with this one.