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This is seriously like my second favorite anime, honestly I don't even know why xD anyways this card may contain *SPOILERS* about the new episode so please don't continue if you don't want it to be *SPOILED*
I new what the outcome of the episode would be, I mean it's pretty obvious but, I don't like the judges reasoning. The winner was the one with their own unique cooking style or something. Honestly I think Soma has the most unique cooking style and his dish simply proves that so, the judges shouldn't have said that because there is nothing that special about fragrance cooking, so the dudes a master of spices, and that's awesome, but Soma's cooking style is far more unique, he always comes up with the weirdest stuff and it almost always tastes good. . . idk it's my personal opinions. I just feel like he lost for the wrong reason or something xD
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True, totally agree