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Pouting is my Favorite anime expression. All at once a character looks cute, funny, and grumpy. It's seriously the most adorable expression ever, you just can't take their anger seriously when they make a face like this <3 Anime: Free!
Hinata makes so many cute and funny expressions but his pout is definitely one of my faves <3 Anime: Haikyuu!
I love Megumi's pout it's so grumpy and cute xD Anime: Food Wars!
Alice has the best pout out all the Food Wars, characters though xD Anime: Food Wars!
So cute xD Anime: Myriad Colors Phantom World
Love this little girls pout it's so adorable, and it always works on her older brother xD Anime: Charlotte
this one is simply hilarious, and we're all thinking poor Natsu and his motion sickness xD as we laugh Anime: Fairytail
I have no idea what anime this is from but it's simply adorable xD Anime: . . . idk someone please tell me xD
Nami doesn't look as threatening when she's pouting but beware she's dangerous when she's mad xD Anime: One Piece
I love Luffy's pout so much xD it's so cute and funny xD Anime: One Piece
This is probably the most accurate in similarity to what I'd look like if I was pouting, I seriously hug pillows like that all the time especially when I'm upset xD Anime: I also don't know this one, so if you do please let me know in the comments ^^
In the end I have one last important thing to say, I feel that it applies to anime always "When in doubt, pout!" ;) clever huh? JK lol but seriously you know you love the pout just as much as I do xD please let me know if you enjoyed this card, hope it made you smile and made your day just a little bit better ^^ Anime: Gosick
the girl with gray hair and the black/red eye patch her name is Laura Bodewig and she comes out in Infinite Stratos
Thank you ^^
the pout that you said describes you is from Tanaka-kun is always listless
I knew the art was familiar I still have to watch that one, Thank you ^^