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So in a previous card I asked everyone to give me an idea on what we can do to lift Hoseoks spirits up. I've received really good ideas that I think we all can do. So I'll list them down and whatever you chose to do is what you chose to do. But a small reminder, some of the ideas will need requirements so it's not a huge conglomeration of wtf. I want to keep this to a twitter/inatagram thing, as stated by one fan, bts always checks twitter, but that doesn't mean you can't load it onto instagram and send a little love to them threw that. so here we go!
@salo and @LunaCordero made a very good suggestion that I'll personally be doing. We all know that Hoseoks favorite color is green, salo suggested that we, as his fans, submit a twitter video, with the color green incorporated in it. It could range from a green T-shirt, green fingernails, a green beanie, shoes, pants, maybe even bracelets. Anything is possible if you have it. But, if you don't have any green accessories, you can always do fanart. The point of the twitter video is to support Hoseok and tell him how much he means to us.
@jacksomB had a good idea as well, and I'd love to do this one. The idea was to send a little love from all the states. An example would be like Missouri or Mississippi, Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, all these other states that they have yet to get to see, send bts, or just Hoseok, a hat, or key chain, scarf, anything with the state on it, and maybe a little letter with it. Whatever you plan to send, make sure you state what state your from, so they know that most, if not all, states love them!
And I stated before, as an extreme example, that we could do a billboard or something, well if you want to personally do that, go ahead. I didn't literally mean it, but if you are seriously considering this, I mean, staying up late to know the exact cost, then your dedicated. I was just giving an example. But either way I just wanted army to know, that no matter who your favorite is, don't forget to spread the love. And I also want to ask everyone, when you go onto vlive to see the members, and you see someone asking for the others, put an end to that ish. What happened was horrible and no one needs to feel like that. Thank you army! and please send this to every army that's willing to do these things. We wouldn't be called army if it wasn't for the mass numbers, and the mass support and love we give to our boys! If you have more suggestions on how to spread the love, please comment them. I'd love to see them!