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thnx for the game and the tag @MadAndrea
Why is sunbae picking on me ~T_T~
It's hard enough for me to pay attention in class yet seungyeon-ssi isn't helping lol
You always have one, but as my hoobae I'll give you some though we all know if you take out gum in school it's not lasting the day
Lol Sunbae is a bully, why are we even in the same classes, sunbae is 6 yrs older and we are in college
Omg really why does seungyeon-ssi even come to class lol he's the kid that just comes for the class credit
this is really making me think seungyeon-ssi doesn't really care about school
Aww, Oppa and me are childhood friends, we're 2 yrs apart but our birthdays are 3 days apart which is nice
Oppa is so nice to me, maybe he can beat up sunbae for me lol
Oppa wants to be more than childhood friends and I don't know what to do
omg Oppa too, I don't know what to do (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)
I feel some type of way bc wenhan and sungjoo are obviously fighting for my attention lol such a hard choice to make ~T_T~
I hear a drama in the making
ikr lol
This was absolutely perfect! Yixuan the jerk, Seungyoun the slacker, and the two love rivals XD