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Alright Everyone lets start Saturday with A-Tom~
Now we all know how Idols change (By change I mean grow and stuff) throughout the time of being an Idol, so today I thought I would show you all how A-Tom has grown and developed, shall we~
A-Tom pre-debut
A-Tom in 'Doggs Out' Era
A-Tom in the 'Amadeus' Era
A-Tom In 'Arario' Era
A-Tom in 'The Beat' Era
A-Tom now~
I noticed this a while ago and i'll never forget this but he went through a lot of hair changes. He probably has matured but not to worry, he is still the same dorky goofball we all know and love.
Sorry If the gifs don't work, my computer is being stupid. Thanks again I hope you enjoyed :D
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Topp Klass:
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OML his eyes stay the same 😻 so pretty ughhhhhhh he's like a cute cat~