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I'm sorry it's taken a couple days to do this part. this week has been so crazy for me. anyway this is going to be a fun chapter and I admit I threw Kooki birthday in there as well lol. I'm hoping we can catch up with real life time as to put story back on track, maybe get us to post more regularly lol. let's try Sarah! oh and sarah helped me out a bit with this chapter and wrote a little bit so thank you @SarahVanDorn! I had to revise for time wise but that about it! lol alright on to story!
Deciding it was better to have Kooki take care of sarah when she wasn't feeling good seemed like a good idea, even when jenni went to their work and told Kooki to go, it was still a good idea. All the way until she was left alone in the room with all the boys who started discussing plans for Kookie’s birthday that week. Jenni sat by Namjoon just listening to these crazy ideas they had of surprise parties, taking him into the middle of no where to camp for the night, to going to a fancy hotel just to rent out an entire room and say no one showed up for him but them. It bordered on mean jokes. That was when she thought it was a bad idea to be there. She didn’t want to hear these crazy idea’s of theirs for a birthday party. "You've been silent, don't you have any ideas or thoughts on what our plans are?" Jimin asked. "Hmm oh I do" she said "What do you think? " he asked, "I think you're all idiots" she said with a shrug. "What? Why?" Jimin questioned looking hurt "Oh come on, camping I can see you guys messing around and leaving him behind, hotel thing that's just mean to have a big empty room and tell him no one showed up but you guys, I think the safest you said was taking him boating but again I see someone falling off the boat or worse yet the boat breaking" jenni pointed out a few things, "Fine then we'll leave namjoon off the boat and there won't be anything wrong with that one" Jimin said. "Hey, I'm sitting right here" namjoon said taking offense at that. "It's okay Joonie then it'll just be me and you on the shore where we can play in the sand" jenni said cuddling into his side. "We really can't leave you two alone without you two going at it like bunnies can we?" Jin questioned. "It just shows how much I love him" jenni said namjoon chuckled and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Moving on, What about just doing something low key?" Jenni said but got horrified looks from everyone. "Okay nevermind" she said and shut her mouth. "It has to be big, did you see what the fans did? Kooki got a bus with his name on the side. How awesome is that? " Jimin said. “Hey what about go karts?” Suga suggested. “karaoke!” J hope said. “We could make a song for him!” J-hope said. “make a song for him?” Jenni questioned “that's what your focusing on?” Namjoon asked her confused. Jenni just shrugged. “I can see go karting being fun and karaoke isn't a bad idea, oh we have a wii at our place we can do karaoke and dance” Jenni put out there. “that's better than renting a room at a place, I like that!” Jimin said. “What about a song for him?” J hope questioned “we can come up with something for him” Suga said. “he's turning twenty that's a big deal for him” he added. “So you figured out plans. Now can I steal Joonie away and go play” Jenni asked “go ahead” Jin said pulling something out of his pocket. “just make sure to use these” he was holding out a string of condoms in little foil packets. “You are so mean! How can you just assume-” Jenni made an outburst that namjoon shut down fast. “we'll be taking those thanks buddy! “ namjoon grinned taking the packets. He winked at Jin and pocketed the condoms. “that was not how that joke was supposed to go” Jimin commented. “Does that mean your going to use them all?” J hope questioned moving forward to stand in front them “Maybe you'll need a few more” he got an evil look on his face “don't you dare” Namjoon narrowed his eyes. He scrunched his face and then started showering them with little foil squares. He danced around them in a crazy dance and was saying something about safety and protection. All of a sudden Tae came into the mix, for a moment he danced around with J hope than stopped and started picking up the packages. “No, they have to have a baby. I want a baby” Tae said Jenni couldn’t help covering her face either to cover up her laughter or her embarrassment, she really wasn't sure which one since she felt both. “there will be no baby” Jenni said after a moment. “You know it would be my baby not yours tae” Namjoon said at the same time. He gave jenni a look at her response. “You want me pregnant? “ she looked at the him in horror. He looked shocked. “I don't want to be a mommy right now. I have a bunch of things I still want to do” Jenni whined then stopped. “Wait we are not having this conversation right now. Way to early to talk kids” Jenni stopped and stared at him. “True we got time” Namjoon said after a moment. “Good, now let's go I want to go explore” Jenni said “Don't be shy exploring that body of his” Tae said teasing. “Your are horrible!” Jenni said sticking her tongue out at him before leaving the room. Jenni and Namjoon ended up walking by the bridge and river before going into a bookstore they had gone into a long time ago. They didn't do much and Namjoon kept his hood up the entire time so no one would recognize him. Sunglasses at night just didn't fit so he had left those off, at least for her sake since she took them off right away saying no. When the night was over he walked her back to her house and ended up staying. They talked about the books they got than ended up laying on her bed together reading.
The weekend went by fast after that and all of a sudden it was Monday morning and jenni and sarah were on their way to work at 3 30 in the morning. Kooki and Namjoon had spent the entire weekend at their place just hanging out with the girls. That morning Kooki hadn't wanted sarah to leave the bed and Jenni had walked in on an interesting scene to tell sarah they had to go. Kooki had been holding on to her foot as she tried to hop away from him.she was telling him to stop and let her go but he wouldn't and had ended up finally pulling her back to go crashing on him. Jenni had silently closed the door and called out she was heading out. The morning show went by in a breeze. People were calling in asking them about who won at the panic room, instead of waiting to talk about it in the afternoon show they talked about it in the morning and brought up how they went trampolining after. In between the shows they went out with the boys before going back into work. There was very little activity Monday or tuesday and when thursday came Sarah was super excited. “Okay I really have to wish Kooki a happy birthday on air! Can I? Oh please jenni!” Sarah asked as they set up for the morning show. “Well duh, you do realize it pertains to kpop and we have a show that mostly revolves around it” Jenni spoke slowly to her. Sarah glared. “Jenni do not speak to me like I don’t know that. Oh Hey I can totally announce his birthday and have callers come in to wish him happy birthday! He better be awake and listening because its now going to be dedicated to him” Sarah got off topic making Jenni laugh. She started messaging him on her phone right away. “Why dont’t you call him?” Jenni asked. “Oh Its Thursday in the afternoon with have an idol group, what is this? Have you heard of 4Ten before? It’s some girl group” Jenni questioned looking at her paperwork. "Wait were doing it a day later then we thought" she said confused “Never heard of them. Kooki isn’t answering! Call Namjoon and see if he’ll wake him up” Sarah said. "Oh yea we couldn't get them in yesturday so boss man changed it to today, remember we just talked about dramas and road trips yesturday " sarah laughed as she reminded her “Oh okay i guess i forgot about that. and only if you do the honors of asking the questions for the interview will I call him to wake up kooki” Jenni said. Are they listed?” She asked looking at her papers. “OKay yea, oh we only have an hour with them, wait theres only four of them? Hmm Okay now call Namjoon” Sarah put the paperwork down and stared intently at Jenni. “Okay fine” Jenni said pulling her phone out and dialing Namjoons number. He answered after the third ring. “Panda why are you calling?” He sounded like he was still asleep. “Kooki by you?” Jenni asked. “Why are you asking for him?” He grumbled. Before Jenni could answer Sarah grabbed the phone from her and started telling Namjoon to put kooki on the phone. A minute went by before she started talking again telling Kooki to listen to our show this morning for a surprise! When she hung up the phone and handed it back on she grinned. “He’s going to listen Oh and I’ll apologize to namjoon later for making you wake him up” She said and Jenni just shook her head. “No worries, I call him at the most craziest times lately and he calls me when I’m in the middle of drama’s. It’s just as important as sleep is to him” Jenni said. “Hey one minute! Are you starting with happy birthday wishes or are we going to talk about drama’s for a bit? We did just watch the newest Scarlet heart last night” Jenni said. “And we are on” She grinned. “What’s shaking up Seoul this morning!” Sarah called out. “My heart is shaking that’s whats up Diamond!” Jenni laughed. “Omg I died last night and than came back alive just watch episode two of Scarlet Heart! This drama is so freaking amazing” Jenni went on. Sarah chuckled. “ Really Ruby? Really your wanting to discuss drama’s this early in the morning?” Sarah questioned. Jenni just shrugged. “What better time to discuss it. We did just watch drama’s two hours ago” Jenni reminded her making her laugh. “That’s true. Me and Ruby got to finish watching Beautiful Gong Shim and start watching W and Scarlet heart. I bet everyone who is an Exo fan tuned into Scarlet heart. I loved him in it. Ruby who was your favorite prince?” Sarah asked. “Well we saw them half naked in the bath, which oh wow” She whistled, or attempted. “What was that noise?” Sarah questioned. “Air! Air coming out of my mouth because I can’t whistle but at this moment I so wish I knew how” Jenni started normal and ended in a whine. Sarah whistled. “I don’t like you! Okay actually I do, whistle in my place for me. I say hubba hubba and you whistle” Jenni said. “The fourth prince oh hubba hubba” She breathed heavily and Sarah whistled but ended up being turned into a burst of giggles. “Are you a little slap happy right now Ruby? Because honestly wow” Sarah said. “Probably, one hour of sleep yea I think I am slap happy but that’s okay I’m more entertaining this way and things around me are entertaining. Hey Drama’s I started watching a short one called nightmare teacher, holy cow do not watch it right before bed it will give you nightmares” Jenni let out in one breath and than sucked in air. “I think that’s why it’s called nightmare teacher. Geeze Ruby that should be a hint” Sarah laughed. Sarah and Jenni talked about the drama’s they brought up for a couple more minutes before sarah couldn’t contain it and called a halt to drama discussion to talk about Kooki’s birthday. “I don’t know if everyone knows or not, I really hope you do but I want to make a shout out to Jungkook from BTS and say Happy Birthday Baby! I love you!” Sarah said making Jenni chuckle. “I love you Kooki! Happy Birthday!” Jenni said next. “Do you think anyone is awake to call in and wish him a happy brithday?” Jenni asked. “Well considering we just got a bunch of callers so I think so” Sarah said. She pressed a button and they went through several people saying Happy birthday. They got through six calls before they got to a question for the girls. “I want to say happy birthday Kooki! And ask if you think he is listening” The male on the line questioned. Jenni stared at Sarah as sarah started to grin like crazy. “Really?” Jenni said in a serious voice. “Really, your seriously questioning that?” She asked. “He could be asleep?” the guy said. “Or wishes he was a asleep?” Jenni said. “And miss all these birthday wishes? No I’ve been enjoying them” he said. “Can you please just say thank you to everyone! Ah Kooki HIiiiiii!” Sarah went a little crazy and was even waving her hands in the air. “Oh gosh she went nutty! Kooki do something!” Jenni said holding onto her mic. Kooki chuckled. “Did she scare you or entertain you?” Jenni questioned. “ Entertain, no worries j-Ruby I like Diamond, hard for her to scare me” Kooki said. “Eek, I love you kooki! You are amazing” Sarah said. “Okay okay we get Diamond loves you” Jenni laughed than winked “did I just blurt that out? “ Sarah asked “”oh yes you did” Jenni grinned “Well thank you Diamond I love you too and your show and all the people that have wished me happy birthday! “Kooki said covering it up. After that he hung up and the girls finished their show talking about having a special guest in the afternoon. When the show was over Jenni reminded Sarah that they were doing something for kooki’s birthday that night. Kooki was waiting for her downstairs with Namjoon. “It was awesome that you got to hear all those people wish you happy b-day” Jenni told him. “Yea thanks for that sarah” Kooki said grinning at her. “Okay we’re leaving you two, I have a few things I want to do with Kooki for his birthday” Sarah said pulling at Kookie's arm. He was grinning like mad and let her guide him out the door. Namjoon wrapped his arms around Jenni and pulled her close to him.
"Happy birthday kookie!" Sarah said hugging her boyfriend. "Thanks I'm glad I get to spend it with you." "Yea...I have a question." "I have an answer." Sarah loved when people answered like that and was smiling like an idiot. "Can I drive your car today? I want to drive you to a few places." "Can you drive? " "Don't be silly of course I can drive." Sarah laughed. Kookie reluctantly allowed her to drive. Sarah and Kooki were going to do random things until the afternoon show. Sarah sat in the driver's seat with a smile on her face. She started the car and looked at Kookie who was buckling up. "Alright here we go!" Sarah said and shifted gears and took off. she was weaving between cars and going fast. "Sarah slow down." Kookie said "But I'm driving like they do in the dramas." "What drama?" He asked "City hunter." "Ok first of its not real they aren't actually driving that fast, and second it's an action drama. I don't want to die on my birthday." With that Sarah slammed on the breaks and parked the car. "Ok we're here." She said hopping out of the car. She had brought him to a toy store. She wanted to buy him a cute Keychain and when she found the perfect one for him she gave it to him. They then walked around the area really because kookie insisted that they needed to walk around enjoy the nice weather. But Sarah knew it was because she had scared him with her driving. Sarah looked at her phone and saw the time. "Kookie we need to get back home." "Why?" "Well we do have plans with the guys tonight so well see each other later but before that I still have work in the afternoon." "Fine." He said making sure he had the keys in his hands and he drove them back to Sarah's. while they were waiting for the elevator Sarah slipped her hand in his and scooted closer. He smiled. The elevator opened and they walked in and were in the corner. Sarah went to kiss him when someone else walked into the elevator. Sarah turned. " Oh hello mrs. Park." "Hi Sarah. how are you today?" "I'm good just celebrating my boyfriends birthday today." "Oh well I'm glad to see your not getting frisky in the elevator." "Why do you say that?" "Well, Your Roommate and her....boyfriend were getting busy in here, I caught them." Sarah tried to hold her laughs "Oh I am so sorry." She said and Sarah turned to Kookie and they were both trying t hold in there laughs. Finally they made it to Sarah's floor. "Bye Mrs. Park" both kookie and Sarah said waving to her. They waited till she was in her apartment before they started laughing. "Now we aren't the only one scared by those two." Kookie said still laughing. "Hey Kookie." Sarah said grabbing his hand and he instantly stopped laughing. "yeah?" Sarah moved closer to him and nulled her face into his neck. She would randomly kiss and nip him. He put his hands on her waist and made a noise that made Sarah smile. She moved him against the wall by her apartment door. He pulled Sarah closer and that caused a moan to pop out of Sarah's mouth because she could feel him against her. Sarah forgot what Jenni had told her earlier and fiddled with the door still kissing kookie, when he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around him and was sticking Sarah's key in a lock when the door flew open. “Oh Crap” The door shut right away. Sarah stopped and looked at the closed door. “Did that just-” “Yea baby, there’s people inside” “And they opened the door on us?” “Yes they did” “Okay that was strange” With that sarah went to open the door again and peaked in. “What are you people doing?” Sarah asked walking in. “Practicing Karoke” Jenni said from further into the room. It was only Jenni and Namjoon inside. “Joonie heard you at the door” She added. “Ah okay, what song did you sing?” Sarah asked sitting on the couch with Kooki. “Hmm oh I was singing some of Lady Gaga’s songs. I didn’t know I knew all the words to bad romance and it’s been years since I listened to her” Jenni laughed. “Please don’t tell me you tried that Disco Stick song of hers” Sarah looked at her horrified but jenni laughed. “Oh I was going to save that for later. I want to see the boys reaction to it” Jenni said. “Omg, I’m totally singing it with you” Sarah said all of a sudden making them both giggle. “What have you two been up to?” Jenni asked. “Not much, we went on a drive for a while and walked around” Sarah said. “Oh we bumped into Ms. Park” She burst out laughing. “She told me about how she walked in on your and Namjoon making out in the elevator” she finished. “How do you know who she is?” Jenni focused on that with a slight cry of outrage. “Because she’s our neighbor” Sarah said like it was a fact. “I didn’t know her name. Oh god, please tell me she caught you and kooki too” Jenni said making her laugh. “No she didn’t, unlike some people we can control ourselves” Sarah said. “So you waited until you were outside your own door to start making out?” Namjoon questioned. “Very little chance someone would see us” Sarah said. “That didn’t happen, still saw you” Namjoon chuckled. “Babe it’s almost time for you to go to work” He turned to look at Jenni. “Oh gosh it is Okay, we have to go a little early since we have an idol group coming in” Jenni said. “Who is it this week?” Namjoon asked. “4Ten” Jenni said. “Are they good?” he asked. “I made you listen to them earlier, that girl group that we watched youtube videos of” Jenni reminded him. “Oh yea they were okay” he nodded his head. “We should get going. Um were still on for six o’clock right?” Jenni asked standing up. “Yea just meet us at the Dorm later” Namjoon said. “For what?” Kooki spoke up. “You’ll see” Sarah grinned at him. After that the boys took them back to work and they set up for the show. There was an hour before the group of girls came in and than it went by very fast. They played one fun game with them and made sure to ask about panda’s and tigers before letting them leave. The rest of the show they listened to music and made random conversation about what songs they were listening to. After work they went home to change, Jenni made sure that they both stuck with pants verses skirts or dresses seeing as they would be driving go Karts.
When they made it to the dorms they aimed outside for a minute before they came down to them. “Did you see Kooki has a tour bus with his name on it!” Tae asked coming over to them “alot of people like him” Sarah said. “let's head out, we got our manager coming with and a couple other people is that okay?” Jimin asked. “it's his party if he wants them to come than that's fine” Sarah said as Kooki came out with a girl hanging her arm over his shoulders. “it's just a bunch of stylists and crew.” Jimin said, “Hmm fun” Jenni said. “Hey when are your birthdays?” Jimin asked randomly. “mines already past for the year, I was back in February “ Sarah said. “mines in december “ Jenni said as she observed namjoon taking a picture with some girl and than taking a self in with her on his cell phone. “Can I ask who they are? “ Jenni asked pointing in namjoon and kooki’s direction. Jimin looked over at them. “Oh some of the back up dancers. We were practicing with a few of them, especially namjoon. Cause you know he needs it” Jimin grinned at that last line. “Hey “ Jenni took offense in namjoons place then laughed “he's gotten better at learning dances” she smiled making him shake his head. “Yea, still needs it broken down so much more than me” he said. Sarah bumped his shoulder with her hand. “Your amazing though so who can compare!” Sarah said “Hey my bestie! Yours is over there somewhere “ Jenni said wrapping her arms around his upper arm. Jimin just laughed at the gesture. “Jen jen I think that move got your boyfriends attention “ Sarah said able to see behind them. “So? “ Jenni said “he's coming this way, so is Kooki! “ Sarah said happy. “I want a picture with the birthday boy” Jenni said letting go of Jimin. When the two joined them jenni pulled Kooki to her and said happy birthday to him and snapped a picture of them together. Kooki was amused but Namjoon didn't look to happy. “What's wrong with you?” she questioned looking at him. “Why are you ignoring me?” he asked. “I wasn't I was saying hi to the birthday boy” Jenni said confused. He looked at her for a moment and than let out a breath and shook his head with a little grin on his face. “right my klutzy panda, you wouldn't get it” he said gesturing for her to go to him. “I don't get what's happening “ she said staring at him. “But I feel kind of jealous” Jenni said as if in thought and tilted her head “I think. Should i be?” Jenni asked. Sarah chuckled next to her. “Jenni you have no idea how to feel jealous” Sarah said “not to mention you should feel stable in your relationship “ she told her. “Yoongi!” Jenni got distracted as another person joined them. “Wait I like calling you Suga! It's like calling you a sweet name without actually having to feel weird about it to you with him standing next to you” Jenni blurted out. He stared at her. “Jenni just shut your mouth. Yoongi what are we all doing?” Sarah asked he directed his attention to her ignoring Jenni's out burst. “Korean BBQ then we'll go Go karting” he said. “We already were forced to tell him what we were doing for him “ Yoongi said. “Okay sounds good” Sarah said. After that the group of them got into one car as the rest got into another car and they were off. Dinner with everyone was interesting. They had a long table with food spread out for everyone to get to and there was lots of noise from all kinds of conversations. After they were done the party kind of broke apart and crew members and dancers left leaving the boys and jenni and sarah alone to go race and do Karoke. Finding a place was very easy and teams were formed to race against. Kooki of course drove against sarah as Jenni raced against namjoon and the raced against her best guy friend Jimin. After a few more races if was a free for all that they were all on the track and playing all round in the go karts. They went back to the girls apartment to decompress and have a little more fun with goofing around and Karoke but the minute they got back sarah took Kooki to her room claiming she had a special present to give him. Jin kept namjoon from taking jenni into her room claiming they were not smart enough not to fool around and scar everyone with Jenni's screams of ecstacy. It guilt ed jenni into staying out. A half hour after being home jenni started setting up the wii and plugging in the mic’s for Karoke when she was done she went and knocked on the door of Sarah's room J hope was behind her and told her to just open the door they wouldn't be doing anything, Kooki is innocent. Jenni opened the door just to shut it again, there was a yelp and and a scream of what the hell. “What are they doing open the door jenni “ J hope being curious. “No, we'll leave them until they come out, decent!” Jenni raised her voice. “You defiled my beautiful baby boy!” Jin cried out from his seat on the couch. “That scream will haunt me more than seeing them” Jenni said. “Hmm I think I could top scaring you” J hope questioned “You screaming?” yoongi questioned. “No by telling you I defiled her on this couch” Namjoon said from where he was sitting on the couch. The look of the three other guys on the couch was halarious but jenni still went bright red. In union everyone jumped off the couch minus Namjoon who was grinning at jenni. “You are so mean” Jenni said “Hey, there was a blanket under us not like I touched the couch “ “What did I miss? “ Sarah said coming out of the room. . . .
lol so what do you guys think, lol oh gosh I had to have the guys tease namjoon and jenni just a bit, altho namjoon so got them back later that night eek so embarrassing for jenni though, sigh, such a sacrifice lol jk. I wonder if sarah heard what Namjoon said or not, and what Jenni walked in on omg what did sarah give Kooki for his birthday???? Sarah tell us! @SarahVanDorn !!! okay so I had to go back and edit oh gosh I can't believe some of the stupid mistakes, bad me bad. but I fixed him in the first couple minutes
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heheh not what I was expecting.....oh the next chapter will be....hopefully we'll get back on track lol
@SarahVanDorn it wasn't what I expected this part just kinda happened out a thin air lol
hahahaha....it had me laughing. Now everyone knows everyone's personal business....and Kookie's turn for the condoms. Bet a few of the others are a little jealous too. Kookie and Joonie are getting some action and the others just have to live vicariously through them. I wonder if Kookie will get the 3rd degree from the rest of the maknae line about what was going on behind closed doors. I can see V, Jimin, and JHope wanting details. Jin and Joonie just shake their heads and walk away.
oh gosh. gotta get some girls for these other boys. and it is so kookies turn to get the third degree and Jin freaking oh and j hope now the one continuly interrupts lolv
Oh not Jin.....daughter has her heart set on him....hehehe
OMG!!! XD I can't stop laughing!!! I love how Namjoon told everyone about what he and Jen did on the couch!! XD imagining what their reactions were was priceless!!!