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As a bunch of us may know, Jackson from GOT7 was recently in a car accident caused by sasaeng fans (crazy obsessed fans) in China on the way to the airport. This person even has video of Jackson in pain Witnesses have said Jackson got out of the car and walked up to the fans (who crashed in to him) and asking if they were alright. Not only was this idol hurt, but he was concerned for his fans. Later after landing in Japan, he went to a local hospital, and was said to have minor injuries.
Fans all over twitter are asking Jackson to take it slow and don't harm himself even more. Unfortunately a review on YouTube by Hallyu Back reads comment saying "Jackson TT TT his back look like it hurt a lot & keep holding on it...TT TT when he was going down the sub stage Jinyoung supported his arm... His complexion looked bad. He absolutely shouldn't be standing on stage..." This fan was attending the 1st of the 3 day performance (were GOT7 performing) and it seems Jackson has more than a minor injury. This is tweet from tweeter.
A protest is going on. A bunch of people believe that Jackson and other Artist are being mistreated and have formed a protest. I've listed two ways to get to these links if you desire. Even though Jackson may be hurt, he still waves to his fans, and loves every single one.
Hopefully another Update on his condition will appear soon. For all the GOT7 fans and single member Fans, I hope everything turns out okay, and He makes a full recovery. A few sources below ⇩ ⇩ ⇩ @emealia
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I like your cards
Thank you so much!! I'm trying to get sources and facts before posting! I am super freaking new to this xD