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Lol @alexcattura & @watermage I think we need to take a break if not will completely flood Vingle with Fairy Tail Ship cards xD

Lol sorry to anyone in advanced who feels like its too much xD I just love Fairy Tail so much and so do they!

@SherlynDorador thank you so much & Aime it's the feels that's why I'm posting so much. (๑ŏ ω ŏ๑)
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@watermage sameeee!!! FairyTail is my life
a year ago
Its not too much I LOVE FairyTail too and I love it when u ppl post a whole bunch of stuff of FairyTail!!!!
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@Aime @Mikrena Gomen nasai! Today is my only day off and I was internet creeping pretty hard and kept finding great FairyTail fan art and I couldn't stop😅❤️
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@SherlynDorador Aww Yay! Im glad you think so!❤
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Fairy Tail is my favorite
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Mine too💙
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