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Hey everyone!!!!!!! I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Just wanted to drop off a one shot for you guys. I hope you all enjoy!!!!!! And since it's Mark's birthday, why not continue the celebration????
You had everything in your mind set up for your boyfriend of 2 years. You thought to yourself that you planned everything down to a tee. Little did you know that the universe had something else in mind. Mark, if you don't get down here you're going to miss your surprise!!! You yelled. You started pacing the floor, nervously waiting for him to come down the stairs. You glanced at your watch and you suddenly hear footsteps coming down the stairs. About time, you said wrapping your arms around Mark giving him a huge hug. I was hoping that you haven't got caught up composing your latest song. I actually already had it finished before you got here, wanna hear a sneak peek?? You knew that you had to go but you thought to yourself what harm would it do to hear a sample? You felt your head nod yes and in an instant, Mark was dragging you up the stairs. I hope the other members will like this song. It's a little different from what we normally do and I hope it will work with our new comeback. You were so engrossed in the song that you didn't realize how fast the time went by. You looked down at your watch and saw that you guys were way over the time that you was supposed to be at. You spring into action and said to Mark that we really have to go. You dragged him down the stairs only to be greeted by the sounds of thunder outside. As soon as you opened the door, you see a downpour of rain began. All your planning, all your though for the perfect birthday gift, completely gone down the drain. You feel your eyes water up and felt tears roll down your cheeks. Mark takes you in his arms and pulls you into a tight hug. It was then when you started to cry. When you finally calmed down enough, you looked up at Mark with red puffy eyes and stated that this day was ruined. Ruined, how he asked. I had everything planned for you. I was going to take you to the art show downtown that I knew that you wanted to go, then I had a picnic lunch at a nearby park and then a stroll along the beach at sunset, but all that's gone to waste because we missed the show and it raining like crazy now. You started to pull away to wipe your face but Mark held you close. After a minute he lifts up your chin and looks at you dead in the eyes. You had all this planned for me? You shook your head yes. Mark then gave a giant smile and kiss on your forehead. The fact that you had my birthday planned out for me is thoughtful. Although it's the thought that counts, I'd rather spend it with you. Your heart swelled 10x of it's normal size. You felt your eyes water up as tears threaten to fall again. You looked up at him with a smile on your face and you knew that his birthday is going to be just fine. Then, an idea pops in your head. Since we can't have a picnic outside, why not have it inside, you asked. I was wondering when you were gonna ask said Mark. The two of you gathered everything needed for a picnic. After getting everything set up for your impromptu indoor picnic, you snuggle up next to Mark. He then drapes his arm around your shoulder and whispers thank you for making my birthday a special one. You kissed his cheek and stated that you would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I'm glad you enjoyed. Hopefully next year the universe will play in my favor cause I'm planning on something better next year!