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Warning: Language, Violence Words: 6395
A/N: Hey guys! A while back @KeilyMaltez made a card with the picture above which I love. (It's so accurate lol!) @LemonLassie tagged a few of us writers to turn this into a story. You can click here to see her card :) I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. The story below is what I ended up with. Hopefully you enjoy it! Happy reading!!!
***The entire story is through Jungkook's POV*** “Oh my baby is growing up,” mom cried while she squeezed me in her arms. “Mom, don’t stress too much. I love you.” I squeezed her in my arms as I looked up at my dad. He smiled sweetly at me while patting my shoulder. “Do well son,” he smiled while pulling mom from my arms. “I will dad I promise.” “If you need anything,” mom said again as dad was dragging her out of the apartment, “Do not hesitate to call me.” “Okay, okay mom. I love you. Be careful getting home.” I waved toward them watching them leave. “Stay out of trouble!” Mom yelled before dad shut the door behind them. Letting out a heavier than expected sigh I looked around the room. I clapped my hands and smiled. “Time to unpack!” It had taken a lot of convincing, but I got my parents to agree to let me live on my own while I attended university. The main reason why they agreed was because my apartment would be ten minutes away from the school, meaning I had more time to study.. Even though I was nervous I was also incredibly excited to start this new adventure. I started unpacking the boxes in the living room and getting the furniture positioned the way I wanted when I suddenly heard a crashing against the wall. I looked up at it confused narrowing my eyes slightly. ‘Am I hearing things? There was a loud bang right?’ Shaking my head I decided to ignore it and went back to unpacking when the noise hit again, this time a lot louder. I hastily ran to the wall placing my ear against it worriedly. “You son of bitch!” was screamed from the other side followed by the loudest thud making me jump back. I started to panic wondering if the person in the apartment next door was okay. I sprinted out of my apartment toward the neighbor's door. The door swung open seconds before I got there and a young boy was thrown out, hitting the ground. “Come back when you have the money!” An angry voice yelled then shut the door. I quickly made my way to the boy to make sure he was okay. “Hey kid are you okay,” I asked kneeling down to him. I tried to help him stand but was quickly rejected as he slapped my hand away. “Who are you calling a kid,” he spat. Baffled by his attitude I pulled back to get a better look at him. His face was a mess. Blood coming from his mouth, his nose, bruises on his cheek. I could only image what the rest of him looked like. “What are you looking at dick? Why don’t you mind your own business!” He stood up wiping his mouth and turned to walk away. “Hey you shouldn’t walk around like that!” He flashed his middle finger at me as he continued walking, disappearing down the stairs of the balcony to the street in the summer rain. With a heavy sigh, I walked back to my apartment and continued to unpack my things. The entire time I couldn’t help but get the image of that kid out of my mind. Did he live there? Was he okay? Why was he so beaten up? So many questions were running through my mind. I made myself some ramen for dinner because I didn’t have much else. I stood in my living room blindly staring at the wall, I couldn’t help but wonder if the kid had come back home. “I hope this isn’t going to be a regular thing. It will get annoying otherwise.” The weather was getting colder as winter approached. Living in my new place was easy, though it did get lonely sometimes. The neighbors would cause a ruckus every once in awhile but it was nothing compared to when I first moved in. I had seen the kid a few more times since then. Sometimes he looked worse than that day and others he looked normal. The first time I saw him wearing something other than ripped jeans and baggy shirts I almost didn’t recognize him. He was actually really handsome. I had tried talking to him a few times but he always ignored me. The more times I saw him the thinner he looked. It made me worry so every once in awhile I would leave food outside of his door. It was one of the coldest nights in December and I was wrapped up in a blanket. Sitting on my couch, I was laughing at the variety show I was watching. Suddenly there was a lot of noise coming from the other side of the wall. As the noise grew louder I lowered the volume on the TV. Someone was yelling but I couldn’t understand them. The noise was growing louder and louder as I walked closer to the wall to make out what was being said. I jumped when I heard a knock at the door. I hesitantly opened the door as the kid from next door came bursting into the room closing and locking the door behind him. “Hey what are y-” I started before he covered my mouth. “Shut the hell up,” he said with intense eyes. Suddenly the noise next door got worse. The door was kicked down and gunshots fired. I felt myself grow white. I pulled the boy’s hand from my mouth but he aggressively put it back. He put his finger to his lips telling me to be quiet. His gaze was much softer than earlier as I looked down at him. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I stood frozen staring at the door as my breath hitched, the knocks now becoming fists on the door. “Shit,” the boy cursed pulling me to the kitchen making me sit on the ground hiding behind the counter. I ripped his hand off of my mouth, “What the hell is going on?” Terror took over as I looked toward the boy. The boy smiled at me so sweetly I felt myself growing calm. “Just stay here and stay quiet. Whatever you do, don’t leave this spot. Do you understand,” He asked still smiling at me. I nodded too scared to say anything. He got up and ran around the counter just as my door was kicked open. “Where’s the money kid,” one deep voiced man asked. “I don’t know it’s my father’s business not mine,” the kid said back surprisingly calm. Just then I heard a gun click. ‘Shit, is he going to be murdered in my house!?’ “Don’t play with us kid. We know who you are. Now tell us where the money is and we won’t kill you.” ‘Dude! Tell him where the money is! Get them out of my house!’ “I’ll give you one more chance kid. Tell me where the money is and I won’t kill you.” “Fuck you! You’re going to kill me anyway.” I winced when I heard the gunfire followed by a small scream. I crawled around to the edge of the kitchen and saw the kid laying on the ground holding his shoulder. “Stop playing this game! I don’t like killing kids unless I have to,” The stranger yelled as he reloaded his gun. “Now tell me where it is and I won’t kill you. This is your last warning.” The clicking of the gun cocking echoed in the apartment. I was about to run out to the living room when I suddenly heard the kid yell. “Pier 12!” BANG! I squeezed my eyes shut at the sound. I heard the strange man leave the apartment as I slowly opened my eyes. Too scared to see if the kid was dead or alive I sat in the kitchen unable to move. I sucked in a deep breath and moved my gaze around the corner of kitchen. The kid was lying on the ground, blood seeping out of his shoulder. “K-kid,” I stuttered as I slowly crawled to him. To my relief he slowly opened his eyes and looked up at me with a pained smile. I must have been holding my breath because all the air came out of me at the same time. “Oh my god, I thought he killed you.” He winced as he spoke. “Nah. Just fucked up my shoulder.” “But what about that last gunshot?” “Probably just to scare me.” I looked around and saw a bullet hole in my wall. I moved closer to the kid and didn’t know what to do. With his hand bloodied he grabbed a hold of me and pulled himself up. “Can you check and see if the bullet went straight through my shoulder?” I nodded, “Shouldn’t we take you to a hospital though?” “Only if the bullet didn’t make it all the way through.” I scanned his shoulder but there was so much blood I couldn’t tell what I was looking at. Suddenly feeling sick, I sprinted to the bathroom. Barely making it to the toilet I started to vomit. The kid started laughing when he heard me. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and quickly returned to the kid. “Really? You threw up?” He continued laughing as I squatted next to him. I went back to look at his shoulder, feeling sick again. “I-I can’t see anything there’s too much blood.” “Okay, help me get my shirt off.” I could feel my face grow red with embarrassment when he requested my help. Sirens suddenly started sounding outside in the distance causing my heart to race again. “Shit,” the kid said, “We need to get out of here now. Quick help me up.” He grabbed onto me as I helped him stand. He ran back to my bedroom and threw the window open with his free arm. “Wait what are we doing? Don’t we want the police to help us? You’re not suppose to flee from a crime scene” I questioned trying to wrap my head around everything. “Those aren’t cops. Now come on.” He jumped out of the window landing in the grass. The sound of the sirens grew closer forcing me to make a decision. I watched as the boy started to run away from the apartment building and into the darkness of the night. ‘Shit.’ Quickly putting shoes on, I grabbed two coats from the closet and jumped out of the window. I hit the ground ungracefully and stumbled as I tried to stand. I had no idea where the boy had run off to. Night had fallen making it difficult to see. I started running in the general direction I remember seeing him go hoping to catch up to him. After running a short distance, I stopped to catch my breath. Nobody would have seen me anyway, it was pitch black. I looked down at my phone to check the time and noticed it was just past midnight. Someone suddenly grabbed my phone from my hand. “What the-” “You can’t have this on. They can trace you.” “Kid! I found you.” I felt so relieved. “I brought yo-” “I’m not a kid god damn it! I’m 20 years old already. Why does everyone keep calling me a kid?” “Oh sorry. You look so young. You’re actually older than me.” I felt myself smile. “Here I brought you a coat. It’s cold out here and you’re wearing short sleeves.” The boy snatched the coat and I could barely see him as he struggled to put it on. I took it from him and held it up. He looked up at me annoyed but slid his arm in one of the sleeves as I rest the other side on his shoulder. I walked around to face him zipping up the coat closing it around him. The coat was bigger than expected on him. It was kind of amazing to see the size difference between us. “Cute,” I said smiling and rubbing his head before realizing what I was doing. He pushed me back with his good arm and yelled at me. He started walking away and I ran after him. “Where are we going?” “To the hospital.” “Shouldn’t we have waited for the cops then? They would have taken care of you.” “ I told you those weren’t cops.” “What do you mean? There were sirens and everything.” He suddenly stopped walking and let out a sigh. His body seemed to be wearing down. “You seriously can’t be this stupid can you?” I stood there not saying anything. He shook his head at me. “Stop asking questions and follow me. Okay?” “Can I at least know your name?” “Jimin. Now let’s hurry. I’m bleeding too much.” He started running again back toward the city. I really didn't want to follow him but it seemed like the best option. ‘Maybe I should be carrying him since he's injured.’ “If you need me to-” “Just shut up and run.” We arrived outside of an old brick building in one of the worst areas of town. Jimin’s breath was heavy and slow, his skin pale. “I thought we were going to the hospital,” I asked confused watching him stand there staring at the door. “We’re here” his voice fades as he started to collapse to the ground. “Jimin!” I ran up and caught him feeling his cold body in my arms. “Jimin!” I slammed my fist on the door yelling for someone to answer. A man answered the door looking down at you holding Jimin. His eyes widened when he looked at Jimin’s face. “Holy shit Jimin! What happened to you!?” the man exclaimed. He took Jimin out of my arms and slammed the door in my face. I slammed my fist on the door a few more times demanding I be let in, but no one answered. My worry for Jimin continued to grow as I sat on the stairs outside of this unknown building. I wasn’t sure why I was so worried about Jimin. Hell, I had only just learned his name a few minutes before we arrived at this place, yet here I was sitting and waiting for someone to let me into this place. I leaned my back against the door and pulled my legs close to me to try and get warm as I shivered uncontrollably. The night air was freezing and I wasn’t wearing the proper clothing. ‘How did I end up in this mess?’ I felt my eyes getting heavy, the adrenaline finally wearing off. ‘I can’t fall asleep out here. I’ll freeze to death.’ Someone slapped my face waking me up in a panic. “Idiot.” I looked over and saw Jimin with his arm in a sling. Filled with relief I screamed his name, “Jimin! Omg you’re okay!” I grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. I quickly let go when I heard him wincing in pain. “What happened? Where are we?” I asked confused looking around. “You were suffering from hypothermia. Don’t worry about where we are.” he sighed as he walked around the room. “Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go do something. We’ll make sure your apartment is put back together and you’re protected. Sorry to get you mixed up in all of this.” Jimin walked out of the room. “Wait Jimin,” I called but he closed the door so quickly I doubt he heard me. I sat up in the bed I was laying in realizing I was also wearing different clothes. The stains from Jimin’s blood were no longer present. In the chair next to the bed the jacket I lent to Jimin was cleaned and folded, along with my other belongings. ‘I wonder how long I have been in here.’ I put on my shoes on and one of the coats preparing to leave the room. I cracked the door when I heard a conversation between Jimin and another man. “You can trust him. He doesn’t know anything.” Jimin said. “Why did you bring him here? You know we can’t have outsiders in here.” “I know I’m sorry. But he helped me and if he stayed back there they would have killed him.” “Since when do you care if people live or die?” I was shocked at the sudden question. ‘Shit... am I involved with some kind of gang now? I shouldn’t be listening to this.’ I stepped away for a moment but curiosity got the best of me. I moved my ear closer to the crack in the door to listen more. “You know I haven’t killed anyone and I will continue not to. That’s not my line of business. My job is to get rid of the bodies you guys create. Yet you made me take that money. Why did you get me involved in this bull shit?!” “Because your dad instructed us to send your ass out there. He was probably hoping you would get yourself killed.” Without thinking I came bursting through the doors, both of them turning to look at me. “Ah, you’re awake! Glad to see you are feeling better,” the strange held his hand out to me which I grabbed it slowly. “Name’s Zico. Our doctor Jin did a good job of taking care of you.” I stared at him confused and looked over at Jimin who smiled over at me. “Sorry to have left you outside. But you know,” Zico said laughing to himself. I awkwardly smiled at him nodding as I took my hand from his. Jimin came up and pulling me away from Zico’s sight and to a different room. Slamming the door Jimin looked up at me worriedly. This was the first time I had ever seen him up close and really be able to look at him. His face had a few marks from fighting but if you took those away his face as perfect. I felt myself growing calm when I looked down at him and didn’t understand why. “How is your shoulder,” I asked out of worry. “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I need you to listen to me very carefully,” he said as he moved closer to me lowering his voice. “You can’t trust anyone here except for me okay? I promise I won’t let them hurt you.” I know I hadn’t known Jimin for very long but I trusted him. His eyes were caring and honest. I nodded in response as he smiled up at me. My heart started racing as my cheeks grew warm. His eyes flicked to the ground then back at my own as his own smile grew larger. “Okay now listen. I’m going to take you to a place where you should be safe. I have to go take care of a few things and then I’ll come back to get you. Okay?” “But what are you doing Jimin? You’re not going to get hurt again are you,” I asked, placing my hand on his good shoulder in concern. “Don’t worry about me.” “I always have.” It suddenly felt like I was confessing to him and I was unsure why. I had always worried about him ever since we met, but he always ran away from me when I tried to help. “I know.” Jimin averted his eyes but he couldn’t hide the embarrassed flush from his cheeks. “Let me worry about you this time. Now follow me. We need to hurry.” Jimin ran out of the room and met Zico’s gaze. “Don’t be stupid,” Zico said disapproving of Jimin’s actions. I ran into the room I woke up in and grabbed my belongings, handing the extra coat to Jimin. We ran out of the door as I followed Jimin through the streets. It was still dark outside so I guess I wasn’t out for too long or I had been out longer than I thought. We ran for about fifteen minutes at a fast pace before arriving outside of a white brick building. My breath was ragged from the run but Jimin’s was calm and quiet, he must have been in great shape. “What is this place,” I asked through my breaths. Jimin was pushing me inside not answering me closing and locking the door behind him. He grabbed my hand and drug me to the back of the house and into another room with a bed. “Okay, stay here. You should be safe. I’ll come back for you, do you understand? I will let you know I’m here so don’t open this door for anyone other than me.” He looked so serious while he talked and I would nod in response unable to form words. He pointed at the closet, “In there, there is a secret hiding spot that only I know about. If you hear anyone coming in here you immediately go into it. Like I said if it is me coming here I’ll let you know and if you are hidden I will know where you are.” His eyes looked so worried leaving me there alone. It was amazing to think that he cared so much considering we hadn’t spoken to each other until recently. “Okay Jimin. I will wait for you. But where are you going? Why aren’t you staying with me,” I asked feeling myself sadden. “Okay, I will come back for you.” Jimin suddenly lightly kissed my cheek before looking up at me. “Thank you for everything… I don’t think I know your name.” “J-Jungkook,” I stuttered, still flustered about the kiss on my cheek. Jimin smiled to himself, “Jungkook.” He turned and left the room. He must have had a key because I heard a clicking once the door was shut, but there were no locks on the door on my side. I sat down on the bed placing my hand to my cheek. ‘What the hell was that? Why did he do that?” I laid back on the bed putting my hand to my chest. It felt weird on my finger tips to feel my heart race because of a guy. I chuckled to myself and rolled over putting both hands on my heart. “You’re crazy Jungkook,” I sighed to myself. I don’t know at what point I feel asleep but I was awoken by a sudden crash outside of my door. I sat up so quickly my head started to spin. “Search everywhere!” someone yelled from the other side. I flew off the bed and toward the closet opening the door to be met with Jimin’s clothes. ‘I thought he lived next door.’ I shook my head trying to find the hiding spot he was talking about. ‘There’s no time to think about that right now.’ I heard someone trying to open the door to the room. “This room is locked! They must be in here!” ‘FUCK! Where the hell is this room Jimin spoke of!?’ Just as I finished my thought I found what I thought was the hideout. I pushed on the wall and it popped open. It was so small, I wasn’t sure if I was even going to fit in there. It made sense that Jimin was able to fit, but I’m a decent size bigger than him. Pounding on the door started and I looked back out of the closet, watching the door jump. I looked at the tiny hiding spot and wedged myself in it. I was sitting with my knees shoved into my chest. It was so uncomfortable being in there but if Jimin said it would save me that all that mattered. As soon as I closed the door to the hiding spot the door to the room burst open. I cupped my hands over my mouth to try and hide my heavy breathing. My heart was racing for a different reason this time. ‘Please don’t find me, Please don’t find me.’ I could hear the rushed footsteps of the people outside and the crashing of material items being thrown around. The sound of someone ripping clothing off of the closet rod let me know someone was closer than what I wanted. “There’s nothing in here sir. Maybe they left through another entrance.” A pounding on the wall cause me to jump in my spot. I stopped breathing out of fear what would happen next. “Search one more time. I want Jimin’s head. That fucker is going to die tonight.” The blood drained from my face instantly. I swear my heart also stopped. ‘They’re going to kill Jimin?’ I listened as the men left the room and started searching the rest of the building again. I wanted out of this tiny space now, but I needed to wait until they were gone. Who was Jimin? Who are these people? How did I get involved in this? So many questions were running through my mind as I started to panic while waiting. The sudden smell of smoke startled me. ‘They’re burning the place down.’ I panicked unsure of what to do. Surely they wouldn’t set the place on fire while their men were still inside. The smoke started to get worse as I bust the door down to the hideout. My face was met with a thick black smoke causing me to choke. I brought my shirt over my nose and mouth and felt my hands along the ground. I could feel my hand getting cut on the shards of glass and porcelain on the ground as I tried to find my way out. Flames danced around blocking my only exit from the room. The sound of the flames burning the building was terrifying and panic only set in worse. I stood up and started looking for a window in the room but there weren’t any. The more I looked for a way out the more I realized this place was a prison. The cough started again because I was inhaling too much smoke so i went back to the floor to debate my options. “Jungkook!” My head perked up at the sound of my name on his lips. “Jimin!?” “Jungkook are you okay!?” Hope filled my being as I stood up and ran through the flame blocking the door. The heat singeing my skin. I saw Jimin near the main door as I ran up to him embracing in my arms. I didn’t realize how scared I was until I saw him. I felt tears build up in my eyes as I squeezed him in my arms. He felt so small in my embrace but he provided so much comfort. He quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the burning building. We ran a few blocks away before turning down an alley as he stopped to look at me. “Did they hurt you?” he asked, his eyes filled with concern. I had managed to calm myself and nodded at him. “I want you to come with me somewhere. So I can end all of this.” Jimin held my hand guiding me somewhere before I ripped my hand out of his. “No Jimin! I’m tired of following you. I’m not going anywhere else! Ever since I let you into my house shit has been happening non stop not to mention my life has been at risk more than it is ever supposed to be! So don’t tell me to go anywhere else with you! I’m going home!” I screamed at him watching as his expression went from shocked to angry. “You think I want to drag you everywhere!? You think I like putting your life at risk? You want to go home? Well guess what that home has been destroyed. Every person except for you is dead. Why? Because I took you with me. I didn’t want you to die okay!” “What do you care if I live or die? You don’t know me. You didn’t even know my name until just a few ago.” “Because I love you damn it!” I stood shocked at his response. His face was flushed red and his eyes serious, but soft. “What? That doesn’t make any sense.” “You think I didn’t notice you? Your constant hovering over me, the food you would leave out side that assholes apartment, I noticed everything. I knew they were going to be attacking that man soon and the whole building too. I didn’t want you to get hurt.” His eyes were toward the ground as he took in a large breath. “Please Jungkook, just follow me. I promise I’m not trying to hurt you. When this is all over, I’ll stay as far away from you as you want. I won’t bother you again. I... I just want to make sure you are safe.” I pulled him in close and held him. I didn’t understand fully what was going on or what his words meant but I just wanted to hold him. “Okay,” I said into his hair, “I’ll trust you Jimin.” He pulled away from me and nodded, serious again and started running. Outside of yet another building we stood outside the door. The building was huge and in the city center. There were a number of people walking around in the streets now who all gave us weird looks. My clothes were slightly burnt and Jimin looked as if he was a delinquent, granted he was, but we definitely didn’t fit in. “Alright let’s go,” Jimin said as he stepped through the doors. As soon as we walked in two men walked up to us and guided us to the elevator. One pushed the button for the 47th floor, the top floor. The elevator never stopped at any other floor which made me nervous. “Now listen Jungkook. Stay standing in the back. What ever you do don’t say anything. Okay?” I nodded. Jimin took in a deep breath and shook his arms as if he was trying to get rid of the nerves. The elevator doors opened to an office that was designed in everything expensive. Jimin walked out and I followed just a few steps and stopped as Jimin had instructed me to do. “Jimin! My boy! It’s so great to see you. How are you doing?” A man asked from the other side of the desk in the center of the room. His smile looked painted on as he grabbed Jimin squeezing him in his arms. I wanted nothing more than to rip Jimin from his arms. “Hey dad,” Jimin said, not returning the embrace. ‘What? Dad?’ “How is my son doing? You’re looking great! I see they let you out of your room. I do hope you are behaving yourself.” “Fuck you.” The man gave a swift punch to Jimin’s abdomen causing him to hunch over and clench his sides while let out a few coughs. “It appears you haven’t learned your lesson yet have you Jimin. You’re so much like your mother it pisses me off.” Suddenly a man grabbed my arms and started dragging me forward. The more I struggled against them the tighter their grip became. “Let go of me!” I struggled while they brought me a few feet behind Jimin. Jimin turned to look at me in panic. “Now Jimin,” his dad started as he start to put rings on his fingers. Jimin’s eyes widened at the sight of his father. He started to move but another man, much larger than him, took hold of his arms holding him in place. I was forced to my knees as I looked up between Jimin and his father. My heart started racing as I looked at Jimin. “Dad please don’t hurt him! He didn’t do anything!” Jimin screamed, spit flying from his mouth and tears forming in his eyes. I watched as he tried to free himself from the man’s grip but his father suddenly pulled out a gun and pointed it at Jimin’s head. “Now son, if you don’t want him dead I suggest you stop struggling.” “Jimin,” I started, my voice shaky and scared, “I’ll be fine. I trust you, remember?” Tears started to fall from my eyes knowing this could very well be where I die. It didn’t make much sense how I got involved in this mess but if I could find hope in something, it would be Jimin. Jimin looked down at my crying face and he mouthed the words, “I’m sorry.” His father handed his gun to a man standing next to him and removed his suit jacket. With a swift hit my face was instantly stinging. I had never felt such pain in my life. The blood was seeping from the cuts created by the rings before I knew it I started crying. My face was hit again, this time on the other side, the pain searing through my whole body. I felt my eyes getting heavy and the taste of blood was filling my mouth. The guard holding my arms forced me to stand up and I was hit in the stomach. As soon as I coughed blood came shooting of my mouth and landed on Jimin. Jimin’s screams filled the room as his father continued to beat me. At some point I stopped feeling the pain and didn’t noticed when the man holding me dropped me the floor. I gasped for air hoping it would create some relief but it only made me realize how pathetic I looked. I looked up at Jimin’s father who was removing the rings from his fingers. I could hear Jimin’s cries as I gasped for air. Jimin’s father motion his hand and the man standing at his other side started hitting Jimin until he stopped crying. “You’re the most pathetic son I have ever seen Jimin. You’re a disappointment. I should have killed you with your mother years ago.” I slowly started to move myself closer to Jimin, crawling on the floor. “Now Jimin,” his father started again, “Tell me where you hid the money and I’ll let you go.” “I told them already. Pier 12.” Jimin’s voice was weak. “See that’s the thing. We sent men there and well, they didn’t bring me the money.” Jimin’s dad walked over to Jimin, raising his chin so his swollen eyes looked up at him. “Tell me the truth and I promise I’ll let you go.” “I gave it back to them.” Jimin’s face was shoved to the side by his father’s fist. “I’m sorry what did you say? You gave the money back to them? The money they took from me, you gave it back to them?” His father turned away from Jimin and let out a crazed laugh. “I’m sorry, I don’t understand. At what POINT did you think that was a good idea. I have been such a good father to you. I’ve treated you so well, yet you BETRAY me!” A gunshot fired and I looked up at Jimin worried it was him that had been shot. Jimin was staring at his father scared as I looked him up and down. ‘No bullet holes. Thank god.’ I heard a body hit the floor and it was on of the men that had been standing near Jimin’s dad. A pool of blood started forming on the floor from the lifeless body. “Look what you made me do Jimin. You made me lose my temper and shoot him.” Jimin’s father said flinging his gun around as he spoke. “Now son. Enough with the jokes,” he pointed the gun at Jimin, “Where did you put the money?” Jimin didn’t say anything as he stared at his father. “Fine, I’ll shoot him next.” The gun was pointed at me and I started to panic. “No stop!” Jimin screamed. “The money is at Pier 12! It’s on the second floor, room 214, top left drawer. It has a fake bottom, the money is under that! I promise. Please don’t hurt him.” His dad let out a happy breath and pat Jimin’s shoulder. The man holding his arms back let go of Jimin and left with the other to the elevator preparing to leave. “I knew I could count on you Jimin.” His dad smiled at him and started to walk to the elevator as well. He turned around and looked at Jimin again before the elevator doors closed, “Oh yeah I forgot something. Say hi to your mother for me.” Before I even knew what was happening I felt a sudden burning on the right side of my chest. I was standing in front of Jimin and I don’t remember getting here. I put my hand to my chest and pulled it away seeing the blood on my fingers. “Jungkook!” I fell to the ground again and Jimin was sitting next to me. I could feel his fallen tears as they dripped on my face. My own tears started to fall as I laid on the ground. “Jungkook, oh my god. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know this was going to happen. I’m so sorry.” “Shh, it’s okay. You’re safe.” It hurt to speak, but I didn’t want to see Jimin cry. “Don’t talk Jungkook.” Jimin placed his good hand on the bullet wound on my chest applying pressure. I winced at the pain and choked slightly. Jimin placed his forehead on mine as he cried. I weakly brought my hand up to his cheek. “J-Jimin,” I spoke weakly. He pulled his head away and looked at me. “Did you mean it,” I asked. He looked at me confused. “Did you mean it.... When you said... you loved me?” “Yes. I mean it. I have loved you for a long time Jungkook. I had been protecting you ever since you moved into that apartment. I love you.” His tears started falling harder now. It was getting difficult to breath. It felt like I was drowning. “Jimin...” my breath was heavy and choked. My tears falling slowly as I stared up at his face. ‘Even with marks on his face, he’s beautiful.’ I took my other hand pulling away his hand from my chest. “Jungkook, I need to-” he started. I squeezed his hand in mine and looked up into his eyes, my other hand pressing more into his cheek. I suddenly felt at peace looking into his eyes. ‘He is perfect.’ “It would have been my dream to love you.”
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