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that's right, it's September 3rd which means I have 10 DAYS left of living in Seattle. ★10 days to pack the rest of my belongings and move to another country. ★10 days to clear out my apartment of anything my roommate doesn't need me to leave for him. ★ 10 days to enjoy local burgers such as Dick's drive through. No $1.95 hamburgers in Seoul! ★ 10 days to visit all my friends and say good bye. ★ 10 days to enjoy Seattle night life for the last time.... I have 10 days left in America.
this was me on Thursday as reality hit me in the face knowing that on Friday I'd be saying goodbye to my best friend as she prepared herself for her trip to Hongzhou, China. I was literally in a last minute panic and questioning my ability to survive in another country. Several people came to my aide as I bawled my eyes out facing so many mixed emotions with this big move. And honestly, knowing that BB was in the hospital was adding to my stress and fretting. Nothing anyone could do or say could calm me down or comfort me.
Yesterday I attended PAX, a gamers convention, with my best friend and her little sister as a last rendezvous in Seattle. Well, I'm going to meet up with a dude at Bumbershoot tonight to purchase a Monday pass off him cause one of my favourite gamers is having a Q&A panel. Also, Friday I was so fatigued I couldn't thoroughly enjoy myself.
Finally received my acceptance certificate! now I can head to the Korean embassy Downtown and send in my paperwork for my student visa AND get my drivers license renewed (which is two months over due).
Finished designing my bag for school....
got my mask, dad wallet and fancy laptop bag!
most of my life is packed in these 3 bags.
this is what I'm going to look like arriving in Korea....
@Nadinerzz is going to help me on Thursday to clear things out of my apartment and sort through clothes. Also, she promised me lunch. how about Dick's?!
I have my personalized luggage tags and shoes (no I don't plan to wear the shoes while travelling, I don't want them to get ruined).
And for those of you who know me well know I am a very shy and awkward person until I A.) get to know you or B.) I'm drunk... for kicks and giggles take this test and see where you are on the spectrum!
*sigh* the count down has officially begun, ladies... and gentleman.
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I wish you the best of luck!! Never be afraid to ask for your help while you're there! They're all very warm and welcoming and you only need ask :) Also, sorry I haven't been following closely, but one think I liked that I did before hand was write down some key phrases so I could whip them out whenever I talked to someone and I didn't know how to ask them ^^
Good luck! Stay strong and do your best to adjust to this big change. You are giving me strength to work towards this huge change as well! Please update on how everything is going and if you ever need a pep talk or anything, I'm always here to try to help. 화이팅!!!
I want to wish you luck. I'm sure you'll do fine. I'm looking forward to seeing your journey as Batista in Seoul ☺
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Awesome! are you planning on staying in one place?
dude this you're stuff is amazing! you must be terrified! but you will do great! you'll feel overwhelmed the first few months I think but then you'll bloom! 화이팅!!! ^^~
Let's get all the expats together yayayayayaya
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