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Go here please.
Everyone...Please pray for @BBxGD . She has cancer and needs our help right now more than ever, and she doesn't deserve anything she is going through right now. So please just take five minutes to pray for this lovely person, because she is amazing.
@BBxGD is an amazing person! She was so nice and sweet to me when I first met her on here. She has kids and I believe is a lovely mother, and I really do not want them to go up and not have a mother by their side. I only have my mom in life and she is the world for me. I wouldn't know how to live without her, and I don't want those kids to not have a mother. BB needs our help and she need everyone that she can right now! So please, please help!! She is so amazing and I need her in this world and I'm sure others do, so please help out!
(Share that please!) @BBxGD get better please...You are so amazing and I just want you to get better. Everyone does. No one wants this for you. I need you, Jiyong needs you, your kids need you, and so does your Vingle family! Please, please get better soon, are your going to make a twelve year old girl cry her heart out. All my prays go to you, and I know there are many other people that are praying right now, so please hold on, and don't ever get up. I know you are tough, but this is some scary stuff, so don't think for a minute that you're going to die, because you are not. You are strong and beautiful and you need to live. I'm selfish, so I need you alive no matter what, so you better not die on me!!! Please get better soon...
Dear God, @BBxGD needs your help the most. You are the only one who can do what we can't. Save her. I know I'm a bad kid and all, but please save her. I know I don't believe that you can actually save a life or do something for someone. I know I don't believe in your powers, but I'm asking if you really do have any, please please please save BB! She is a lovely person and I know you see that, so why don't you help her out a little....She needs you more than anyone, so please just do this one thing....
Thank you all for reading this card, and pray for @BBxGD . She needs all of our help, and we need to pray until she gets better! Because I know that she is going to get better, so don't doubt. Don't worry, but pray still. Because if this backfires in my face (which it will not), I know our prayers will do something and save her!! Share this card and pray please. More people need to see this!
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BBxGD keep fighting your a strong fighter and I look up to you tbh your the only person who has made me cry and smile a lot I'm worried yes but I have faith and a wonderful Vingle family to pray with me. I look up to you and with being the maknae of my family your like my big sis and I don't want to lose you GD is somewhere praying for you I'm sure so just keep fighting okay Saranghae 😘 #NoVipIsAlone
*hug* God is hearing yours and everyone else's prayers right now~ Even though we can't see him. I know he is there carrying her through this rough path. Have faith.
I sent out a tag for her on Twitter last night and I'm keeping her in my thoughts even today, I hope things go well for her and her family