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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff (I can't promise no smut but I doubt it will show up in this story) Chapter 2 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
Y/N's POV You're French vanilla coffee warmed you up. You were finally able to change out of that suit and get back into comfortable clothing. Soo-Young was annoyed with you for flirting with Kyungsoo but you couldn't help it. You could picture his face as a handsome prince silent, curious and well educated and you could see him looking out this window of his castle, looking down at his garden. Or perhaps he was a young boy that had gone through a tragedy. He stared out this window looking at the single rose that was left in the cold weather, he admired its beauty even as it withered away. So many things you could work with when it came to Kyungsoo. His gentle face was the perfect vision of what this character would represent in your book. The idea you had so far just based off the name you picked was that these windows your main character looked out of were super thin, so fragile that they could be easily broken. It would parallel the main character's personality, easily broken. This was still an idea in the making but this book could focus on loss. Loss of time, loss of youth, loss of love. Any one of these things could make a good subject for you to focus on while you removed the clutter from your brain. You wrote in your notepad, your cardigan tied around you again and your hot coffee's scent filling your nose as you scratched out ideas. You were waiting for Kyungsoo to show up, he said he would and you hoped he did because you really needed someone like him. You could tell he was easily flustered but you didn't know if it was by people in general or just you because he was a fan. It still slightly baffled you that he had made the connections from your past books to your current ones. If anyone else noticed they never said anything. You put small Easter Egg hints in the books especially in your longer running books. The Ravens Anthem trilogy had one particular symbol from your Graveyard Bells book written a year before the Ravens trilogy. The symbol was the broken key. Although it was of huge importance to Graveyard Bells storyline, it was really in The Ravens trilogy as a Easter egg but you described it the same way you described it in Graveyard Bells so audience would get it. It was fine that no one knew the references, it was mainly for you but the fact that Kyungsoo noticed was impressive. The idea of getting to know this guy was exciting to you. Your hand worked faster pointing out symbols: withering roses, cold winter, frost bite, ice crystals, black and white photos. You just started writing down any words that you could use later on. Your notebook was a cluttered mess when you looked up and saw Kyungsoo. His glasses were gone and his book bag was gone. He had pushed his hair back and looked around. His blank stare as he looked around to find you had you in a trance. You smiled at him as he turned to the other side of the cafe and saw you. His smile was small but the smile made him look like a doll. He reminded you of the porcelain doll you wrote about in the China Prince. The main character, a little girl named Lu, had a porcelain doll that her father sent her from China. It was set it maybe late 1800s her father was British her mother was Chinese. She lived in this large Victorian home with her father's servants but no one in that house saw her as her father's daughter, she was just a servant. So when she went up to the attic to sleep she played with this little porcelain doll that came to life when she kissed his cheeks three times. He was still porcelain and fragile but he would talk to her and tell her stories of all the things he'd seen. He was a prince from China cursed by magic to become the porcelain doll he was, hence the name of the book China prince. That was a more emotional book for you because of what happened to the prince later on. A few personal things came out in that book. Lu was the character you related to the most during the time you wrote it. Your writing changed as you changed and grew up. You offered him the seat before you and smiled at him when he sat down. "No more books for me to sign?" you said with a smile. "Uh- no I wouldn't be able to choose which book I'd want you to sign next anyway." he said. "You're really cute Kyungsoo, although I suppose men don't like to be called cute. I'm sure you can be handsome too." you smiled. He chuckled and shifted his eyes, "I'm sorry, am I being too blunt? I'm normally not like this with guys but I find you so interesting. I asked you out so I could get to know you a little more. I'd like to base one of my characters off of you." His eyes got bigger as he looked at you in surprise. A smile cracked on his lips and he chuckled a little. "Really? That's awesome." "That's about the first bit of excitement I've seen you show me." you laughed. He smiled and looked at the notebook on the table. You picked it up and handed it to him. He looked at it and carefully took it out of your hands. The anticipation and excitement on his face made you smile. You'd never seen someone so excited about books before. He looked through your notes and the endless biographies of characters from past stories. This was only a recent note book but so many pages had been filled up with work you didn't use. "You have the characters from Penny's garden in here!" he said with a smile. "Yup I wrote that six months ago." "You had the white rabbit from Black-Red eyes in there but here's something I didn't get, if Yoochan's snake scale could open the gate how come the white rabbits eye couldn't?" he said looking up at you. "Do you remember the first half of Black-Red eyes? Damien told Gi that either the white rabbit's eyes had power or the black rabbit's eyes had power." "Yeah but by the end of the book the white rabbit's eyes had been used." "Yes meaning after that the power went back to the black rabbit's eyes." "So Penny's gate really is connected to Black-Red eyes?" he asked with an even bigger smile "Penny's gate takes place five hundred years after Black-Red Eyes. Damien and Gi don't even exist anymore. Essentially it's the same world but a different problem on a much bigger scale." you explained. He smiled big, his lips looking like they were in a heart shape. He looked back down at the note book. Flipping through the pages, "Kyungsoo oppa. Why are you a fan of my writing? You don't think I'm just a face do you?" He looked up at you with big eyes and shook his head. "I think you're- very beautiful, however I became a fan from your first book China Prince. When the doll broke and Lu seemed to lose everything- I don't know I just- felt it." "Perhaps me and you share the same pain." you said. Kyungsoo looked up at you with a blank expression and your eyes shifted to the table. You chuckled at yourself, shooing away the growing pain that always came with that memory. You stood up, "I really like this coffee shop it's very homey. Let's walk around though, show me some places you like to go." He nodded and stood up handing you your book back. You placed it in your bag and grabbed his hand. He laughed and his eyes got wide like he couldn't believe you were holding his hand. You rarely ever grabbed guys hands first. You felt like if you didn't make a first move though he wouldn't either. He held onto your hand even when you asked him if it made him uncomfortable. He just seemed more surprised then anything that he was holding your hand at all. He seemed to relax after a few moments. You walked together asking him to take you to places he'd like to go for fun. You could get a feel of what kind of guy he was by the places he hung out. His friend that came with him earlier was at this small bar that did karaoke. You heard Kyungsoo and Jongin sing together like they were pros. You watched him with big eyes of your own. When he sat down, "Whoa you're so good!" you said. "Isn't he? I told him to go audition with me at SM." Jongin said. "Oh you should, you have a really good voice!" you said. "Hey maybe then you'll finally be on Y/N's level huh?" Jongin wrapped his arm around Kyungsoo's neck. Kyungsoo gave Jongin a look that said he was going to kill him in his sleep. You laughed, that was a scary face but you could use that for his character. "Hey Y/N be honest you'd go out on a date with Soo wouldn't you?" Jongin said. "Are we not already on a date?" you smiled. "You think this is date?"Kyungsoo looked at you. "Am I wrong? My mistake, are you seeing anyone. I hope she won't be upset at me." you smiled. "Kyungsoo doesn't have a girlfriend because he's got a huge crush on you." Jongin said laughing. Kyungsoo smushed Jongin's face with his hand and said, "You've had enough to drink." Jongin laughed, he was a bit drunk but he seemed to be trying to give Kyungsoo some confidence in asking you out. You laughed and said, "Kyungsoo are you single?" He looked at you and nodded, "Me too, we should go on an official date sometime." you said. "Isn't the guy supposed to ask the girl?" Jongin butted in. You chuckled, "I didn't ask him I just made a suggestion." "Kyungsoo ask her out! Or I will." Jongin said. "Jongin be quiet." Kyungsoo said. Jongin shrugged and said, "Hey Y/N do you want to go out sometime?" "Jongin!" Kyungsoo said annoyed. You bit back a laugh, the look on his face said that he was upset. You sighed and let your head rest in your hand. "I would love too Jongin but I had my hopes set on Kyungsoo I apologize. I don't want to force him into doing something he doesn't want to do. Besides he has my number he can call me and ask me anytime." "Wow she rejected me so politely." Jongin said. He looked to Kyungsoo who was shaking his head at him. He seemed to be dozing off, Kyungsoo sighed and said he'd have to get him back home. You called the car around to pick you all up. Kyungsoo gratefully took the ride so he didn't have to heave Jongin's heavy body all the way over to their apartment. You got out with Kyungsoo to help him with Jongin even though he told you he didn't have too. He had two other roommates, one came to the door, he had a sharp jawline and looked young but also like he didn't want to deal with anyone let alone drunk Jongin. Could he be a knight of a castle or a strict gate keeper you thought in the back of your head. You knew for sure who Jongin would be. The care free best friend that said wise things at some of the most inconvenient times. The young one helped Jongin stumble into the house while Kyungsoo stayed behind with you. He closed the door, you assumed so they wouldn't hear anything. He looked at you and was about to say something and then stopped for a second. You smiled at him, "He's normally not like that. He must've had a bad day." Kyungsoo finally said. "He seemed pretty lively to me. I like him I hope to get to know him when he's sober." you smiled. There was an awkward pause between you two and so you went into your bag and pulled out your note book and put it in his hands. "I'll need this back but since you're such a big fan I'll let you keep it for a while." you said. He looked at the book with happy eyes and he stepped up to you, "Y/N would you like to have dinner with me?" You chuckled, "Is this a date?" you asked. He nodded, "Absolutely, text me the time okay." you said You started to turn around when Kyungsoo grabbed your hand. He pulled you back and pushed the hair from your face before he placed his lips on yours. Your eyes widened, his soft lips against yours made you the flustered one. He pulled away his empty hand sinking into his pocket and his eyes avoiding you. You stared at him, a smile forming on your lips. "Look forward to hearing from you Kyungsoo." you said. You turned around and hurried into the car. You sat back against the seat releasing an exhale. You smiled when you touched your lips. Your heart was pumping and it wasn't even a deep kiss. "Is everything alright young miss?" your driver, Soojung, asked. "Yes I'm fine. Can you take me to the penthouse?"you said. "Of course." Your finger was still lining your lips....Your first kiss...... You walked into your penthouse to see your niece crawling around alone. You dropped your bag and picked her up, "Hae-won what are you doing crawling around alone? Where's your father?" She was a year old you didn't expect her to answer but her head looked to the stairs. You figured it was worth a shot. You walked up the short steps but you heard some moaning. You opened the door just as the girl screamed, "Fuck yes Chanyeol!" "Chanyeol!" you yelled shocked. He looked back at you shocked. You covered your eyes and closed the door behind you. This was one of the things you didn't approve of. He was sleeping with someone in your penthouse while his baby daughter was crawling around the house capable of getting into god knows what. You were furious but nothing in you would allow you to yell and scream and tell him off no matter how wrong he was. The only plus side about all of this was that he wasn't doing that in your bed. You shuddered to think that maybe once he had. What the hell was your brother thinking?..... Kyungsoo's POV Kyungsoo closed the door to his apartment and stared at the floor. What in the world possessed him to kiss her? He even asked her out! What in the world? His blank stare at the ground didn't give away at the fact that he was screaming on the inside. His fingers touched his lips, he really kissed her. It wasn't a deep kiss but he kissed her. It was really foolish to get this worked up over a small kiss, he didn't even give her a proper one. That made it worse, "Soo, did you ask her out?" Jongin said. Jongin was standing upright on his own and looked perfectly fine. Kyungsoo looked at him annoyed, "You weren't drunk?" he said. "You know I can hold my alcohol better than that." "What were you thinking Jongin how could you say all those things?" Kyungsoo said. "Sorry, sorry but you weren't going to ask her out if I didn't. She obviously liked you couldn't you tell?" "That isn't the point?" Kyungsoo said moving further into the house to get to the kitchen. He could hear Jongin laugh, Sehun came in with Vivi in his arms and said, "What's going on?" "Kyungsoo asked out the lady who's books he reads." "The pretty one at the door?" Sehun asked. Jongin nodded with a smile. Sehun blinked and looked at Kyungsoo. "You asked a girl out Hyung? Don't girls normally ask you out and you reject them?" Sehun asked. "I do not reject them I politely turn them down." "Soo that's rejection you just used the nice guys version of it." Jongin laughed. "I can't believe you asked her out." Kyungsoo said annoyed. He took a sip of the water from the water bottle he just pulled out of the fridge. Sehun let down Vivi on the ground as he looked at Jongin, "Wait Hyung you asked her out too?" Jongin nodded, "She rejected me because she wanted to be with Kyungsoo. She said she'd wait till he was ready to ask her out. She's a bit blunt but maybe it's just because she likes you." Jongin said. "Leave it alone Jongin." "How can I leave it alone when you're going to take her out. Where are you going to take her? Some where fancy right?" Jongin said. "She doesn't seem like the type that likes fancy things. She asked to meet me at a coffee shop, she wanted to see the places I have fun at." "You're capable of having fun hyung?" Sehun chuckled along with Jongin. Kyungsoo rolled his eyes and walked over to head to his room. Jongin laughed as he called out Kyungsoo's name. Kyungsoo got back into his room and sat at his desk. He looked at the book she'd given him to look at. These were the handwritten notes of Y/N the best author he ever had the pleasure of reading. She actually wanted him to ask her out. She said she wanted to use him as a character in her story too. He smiled to himself, that was cool. She was going use him as a character. He flipped through the pages thinking about how she was in the coffee shop. She smiled and laughed at every gesture he made. She had a child like laugh that was sweet and cute. Her hair was soft, so was her lips. He shook his head 'keep your thoughts clean Kyungsoo' he thought to himself. He had flipped through pages not really reading just yet but looking when his eyes met the page that she had written his name on. She wrote multiple words, he had no idea what she was thinking. Did she think he was all these things or was this the character she wanted him to be. A king or prince, big eyes, big lips, smooth brown hair. Withering rose, glass window, garden, snow, rain, clouds. He had not idea what all these words were leading to. He didn't decide to text her until just before he went to bed. Today was a little awkward maybe he could ask Minseok Hyung to help him impress her. He was good with flattering women. Kyungsoo: If you're free Friday, would you like to have dinner at the Palace? He didn't realize it until he sent it that she had written prince under his name. That was a convenient place to take her. What was he thinking? He laid down in bed and sighed, "Come on Kyungsoo get a grip." he said to himself. What would tomorrow bring?
I'm really enjoying this one.....
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