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what other anime's were quite deceiving from their intros for all of you
I think I'd say Madoka Magica, for obvious reasons if you know anything about that anime, and Free! I like Rage On, but it's pretty intense for a slice of life anime about swimming... Also I think one of my recent Naruto EDs deserves a mention because it's all perky, but the animation is all Madara wrecking shit with a kind of "shonen hero" smile on his face! I mean, if it had been Naruto in his place doing exactly the same things with the same expressions, I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but since it was Madara, it came off as kind of ironic and comical (I think this was the intent). It just kinda made me chuckle every time I finished an episode! 馃槀
@SymoneBelcher XDDDDDDD always
@CandyApple22 He's still bae tho
Gakou Gurashi
(School Live!) in case i spelt it incorrectly 馃様
blood c i didnt think that anime would become so dark