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Ok this was a hard one. Frist I was going with Aizen from bleach because he literally fool everyone in the Soul Society but I was thinking an other charcter did something like this but he didn't fool a society he fool everyone in his home town but one person who knew but couldn't prove it that's right Light Yagami.
Not only did light fool every he messed with people brains by passing the death note around. He even made a shingami kill L. Plus he literally did not care what he had to do to complete his goal.
Well that's day 9 next is favorite fighter.
Aizen! I was fishy about him cuz of his attitude but when he "died" I thought he died. lol, blew my mind.
I was really fishy of him when I frist saw him too.
isn't light an anti-hero (I good guy that achieves his/her goals through illegal ways) (a utopia by killing all bad guys)
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Oh ok he was in the beginning of the show but then later on he started to kill people left and right
ya but in the series I think he is meant to be viewed as a "bad" guy. I loved him and hated what happened to him (trying not to spoil anything). @AnimeFreak484