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There are 3 kinds of people...

The 'unbelieving' one

The 'Internally screaming' one

The 'I've completely lost my sanity what else can happen' one

I think I'm Suho...I'm a perfectionist so every time they put me with a bunch of lazy ididots I end up insane...I just stand there laughing at my own misery

What about you guys? How do you react to losing?

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I'm both Yixing and Kyungsoo
a year ago·Reply
im all 3
a year ago·Reply
Depending on who its around, it's between Suho and D.O, but most usually it's D.O xD
a year ago·Reply
i am Yixing lol
a year ago·Reply
Lay is me, I am Lay lmao
a year ago·Reply